We wake up energized because we work every day to solve the growing global food problem. Our goal is to supply the unserved demand of Potash fertilizers across the world via a disruptive product that is sustainable, environmentally friendly, contributes to the reduction of undernourishment, and improves livelihoods.


Advanced Potash Technologies (APT) is a mining-meets-agriculture company that is aiming to deeply disrupt the $20bn global potassium fertilizer (potash) market via an impressive combination of talent from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a cadre of senior global finance professionals, and a previous $400+ million exit under their belts. Its technology derives from IP developed at MIT that has been successfully tested in the world's most respected agronomic facilities. The APT team is small and agile and is made up of former successful commodities entrepreneurs, global investors, and diverse scientific expertise. APT is now establishing its North American R&D headquarters and desires top technical talent to assist in the leadership and growth of its new research facility as it prepares to scale the technology towards industrial levels.


The technician participates in and contributes, under the direction of technical leaders, to the research and development efforts targeting the optimization of the hydrothermal fertilizer production process as well as studies that will inform pilot plant parameters. A strong candidate is expected to be self-motivated, with a track record of both successful working relationships and independent performance, in addition to significant lab or industrial experience. The candidate will have experience in trouble-shooting and problem-solving to ensure routine operation and data collection, and be familiar with basic methods of geological characterization, equipment and instrumentation, beyond the simple use of technical equipment. As APT is small and this position will interface directly with C-level executives, communication, an ability to understand and follow instructions, and organizational skills are critical to success.


The Technician shall focus on:

  • The operation of technical laboratory equipment in optimization and scaling research within APT's Boston laboratories under the guidance of senior leaders
  • Aiding in the development of process standard operating procedures (SoPs), in addition to testing and verifying SoPs
  • Monitoring of all standard lab consumables as well as preparation and standardization of chemical reagents for analytical use
  • Performing quality control tests, troubleshooting, and cleaning equipment and supplies
  • Care, operation, and maintenance of key laboratory equipment
  • Acquisition or manufacture of critical or spare parts and subsequent assembly
  • Adherence to APT's lab safety program and safe working practices
  • Contributing research data, accurately maintaining files, entering test results and generating necessary reports
  • Handling raw and processed materials, including shipping and taking a regular inventory of materials, equipment and supplies
  • Aiding in the preparation of raw and production of processed materials for routine chemical and physical analysis, and learning/assisting an array of material characterization techniques, including (but not limited to):
    • Preparation of ICP and/or AA samples
    • Preparation of thin sections and slides for optical and scanning electron microscopy
    • X-Ray Powder Diffraction
    • Particle Size Analysis
    • Surface Area Measurements
    • Leaching and Solubility studies

The Technician shall contribute to:

  • Generation of results for inclusion in internal and external documents including papers, patents, grant applications, and external parties (partners, contractors, financiers)
  • Assisting senior leaders in the assessment and procurement of laboratory equipment


  • Relevant technical experience in the areas of chemical/material processing with 3-5 years experience working in a lab or professional industrial setting
  • Ability to work in US (citizen, green card, existing visa) with strong written and verbal English communication skills and ability to follow instructions
  • Experience working in wet chemistry lab utilizing standard tools and chemicals
  • Experience troubleshooting instrumentation and equipment, including accompanying software


  • Experience working with high-temperature and -pressure equipment
  • Bachelors or equivalent degree from accredited university in science of engineering field would be looked upon favorably
  • Experience working with raw minerals and ores
  • Experience in sample preparation for characterization
  • Familiarity with and basic programming skills in a SQL database
  • Familiarity with occupational hazards, standard safety practices (pertinent to Federal, State and local laws, codes and regulation)
  • Possession of training and professional certifications would be viewed as a favorable quality


Environment: Ability to work within a standard chemical lab with the associated chemical hazards, safety protocols, equipment placement, and cleanliness standards

Physical: Occasionally required to lift or carry materials and equipment up to 50 lbs

Hearing: Comfort with wearing appropriate ear protection in procedures utilizing loud equipment

Breathing: Comfort wearing N100 or equivalent protective respirators in procedures that result in the production of fine powder


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