Faculty of Earth Sciences - Master's Degree Programs

Our MSc degrees offer advanced training in a specialist area of professional or cross-disciplinary practice in particular fields of Earth Sciences, and prepare the student to cope with the current challenges regarding the energy transition and sustainable development. These MSc programmes have the workload of European degrees, either 60 or 120 ECTS credits, equivalent to one or two academic years full time, respectively. They aim to encourage and facilitate mobility and the integration of graduates into the European job market. Learn more about the official master's programmes coordinated by the University of Barcelona:

MSc in Reservoir Geology and Geophysics

This is a 60 ECTS interuniversity degree taught by the University of Barcelona and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. It provides students with training in the main lines of Research, Development and Innovation currently pursued in the exploration and geological and geophysical characterization of geological reservoirs. This programme is fully taught in English.

Students will become familiar with the most modern techniques and tools currently used by the members of research teams involved as teaching faculty in the programme. These include the three-dimensional characterization of reservoirs and the analogical and numerical modelling of geological processes. The rapid spread of these techniques makes them fundamental to the effective characterization of structural systems and sedimentary reservoirs.

MSc in Mineral Resources and Geological Hazards

This interuniversity degree is taught by the University of Barcelona and the Autonomous University of Barcelona and consists of 60 ECTS. This programme is taught mainly in Spanish and offers two lines of specialization:

Geology and Ore Deposits Modelling: aims to provide professionals with in-depth knowledge of the magmatic, hydrothermal, metamorphic and sedimentary processes that produce diverse types of mineral deposits, and prepare them to apply this knowledge in exploration. Students will also acquire skills in the most modern quantitative methods for the the characterization and evaluation of mineral resources.

Geological Hazards: seeks to equip students with knowledge of the techniques used in mapping, analysis, modelling and evaluation of any danger or hazard posed by potentially destructive geological phenomena and processes. Students will also acquire skills in the methods and techniques currently employed in strategies aimed at mitigating geological hazards.

MSc in Science and Integrated Management of Water

This MSc programme provides multidisciplinary, specialized training in different key areas involved in the study and management of water, which is essential for life and plays a significant role in the sustainable development of our society. The course provides graduates knowledge and experience to become experts in the technical, social, economic, legal and other aspects of comprehensive water management.

This MSc degree is a 120-credit programme (two-year long) that provides multidisciplinary, specialized training in subjects such as the Water Cycle, Uses of Water, Water Treatment and Non-Conventional Resources, and Management of Water Resources, among others. It is taught in Spanish.

This programme offers two different lines of specialization: Water Resources in the Water Cycle and Uses and Treatment of Water. The curriculum also includes two industry placements at companies or public institutions. Practical activities include visits to public and private companies working in different areas of water management, field trips to the sites of current research projects or government studies, and laboratory experiments to develop skills that will enable graduates to join university research teams or corporate research and development departments in the future. In addition, students will carry out numerous laboratory activities to gain the skills required to perform chemical, microbiological and parasitological analyses of water, and to interpret the results.

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