PhD and Post-doc opportunities in the Rock Deformation and Texture laboratory

Fully funded positions for Ph.D. students and a postdoctoral research associate for research projects in the Rock Deformation and Texture laboratory in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Research at the Rock Deformation and texture lab focuses on high pressure and temperature deformation and recrystallization processes with implications to the upper mantle, lower crust, and subduction zones. The lab includes new Griggs-type and piston-cylinder apparatuses and includes international collaborations with highly prestigious labs in the US and Europe. Experiments are complemented with BGU's in-house EBSD system and other analytical methods.

The ideal Ph.D. or Post-doc candidates will be highly motivated, have demonstrated expertise in relevant disciplines (microstructural analysis, metamorphic petrology, numerical models) with emphasis on experience working in experimental laboratories (e.g., rock deformation, rock mechanics, and experimental petrology) with relevant publications (post-doc), and strong interpersonal skills. All candidates with a diverse range of applications experiences and backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

The interplay between water content, deformation, and annealing in the upper mantle

The first project, funded by the Bi-National (Israel-US) Science Foundation (BSF) is a joint collaboration with the Geosciences Research Division (Earth Section) at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego. The research will be including the use of state-of-the-art rock deformation experiments and analytical tools to relate the deformation/annealing of olivine with its chemical and volatile properties.

The mechanical anisotropy of amphiboles at the transition from brittle to plastic deformation regimes

Amphibole is one of the main minerals of the lower crust and an important constituent of the subducted slab interface as the metamorphic product of the subducted basaltic oceanic crust. The project funded by the Israeli Science Foundation (ISF) focuses on laboratory experiments designed to study the essential mechanical transition (brittle to plastic) of amphibole aggregates at various conditions.

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