PhD position in meteorite research: 10Be/14C and 14C terrestrial ages in meteorites from hot deserts

Project: In recent years, we installed and tested an extraction line for CO2 from meteorites to study 14C/10Be and 14C terrestrial ages. We belong to one of the very few laboratories word-wide able to determine such ages. First, we will determine 14C/10Be production rate ratios for freshly fallen meteorites (already selected) to better constrain the initial ratios and with it our ability to determine very short terrestrial ages. Second, we will study terrestrial ages for meteorites from the Atacama Desert. Most have not been studied before for terrestrial ages, which are expected to be long. The long ages will be experimental challenging to measure but will help to better constrain long ages and will for the first time combine meteorite data with terrestrial surface production rates. Third, we will measure terrestrial ages for a variety of meteorites to better understand meteorite delivery to Earth. All the studies will be accompa-nied by upgrading the line to a partly automatic system to increase reproducibility.

Requirements: Applicants should hold a diploma or Master's degree in Physics or in a disci-pline relevant for meteorite research, gas extraction, and technical developments. The project requires profound analytical skills some motivation to work in an interdisciplinary environ-ment.

We offer: The Department for Space Science and Planetology at the University of Bern not only studies a wide range of cosmochemical problems but is also highly involved in the de-velopment of new and better instruments for the laboratory and for space missions. We offer a PhD position in a highly motivating atmosphere and in very well equipped laboratories. The position can be filled beginning 2021. The position is financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Your application: Applicants should submit a curriculum vita, a statement of research inter-ests, and the contact details of two to three persons we might ask for a reference by e-mail to

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