Postdoctoral Position: The interplay between Global Climate, Monsoons dynamics and the India-Asia collision: Provenance and Stratigraphic constraints from the Cenozoic records of the Tibetan Plateau and Central Asia


The project is based at OSUR - CNRS, Rennes University, France.
The successful applicant will also gain experience during significant time in the field and at external labs.

Duration: 24 Months

Earliest starting date: January 2018


  • Dr. Marc Jolivet CNRS - Rennes University, France
  • Dr. Yani Najman Lancaster University, UK
  • Dr. Guillaume Dupont-Nivet CNRS - Potsdam University, Germany

Deadline for sending application: 10 November 2017

Include CV, interest letter and email address of 2 referees directly to:,,

This position is in the framework of the European Research Council (ERC) project MAGIC: "Monsoons in Asia caused Greenhouse to Icehouse Change?"

Join an interdisciplinary and international group of PhDs, postdocs and researchers focusing their expertise on solving one of the most fascinating question of Earth Sciences today: the interplay between global climate evolution, monsoonal dynamics and the India-Asia collision during the still enigmatic greenhouse to icehouse transition.

Central to your research will be to record mountain uplift, paleoenvironmental changes as well as major global climate events such as the Eocene-Oligocene Transition (EOT).

From sedimentary archives in Central Asia and/or the Tibetan Plateau, your research will include collection, analysis and interpretation of detrital geo- and thermochronologic, stable isotopic and magnetostratigraphic samples. The database produced will be used to reconstruct hinterland tectonics, paleoenvironments and paleogeographies from the various geochemical, isotopic, biomarker and sedimentological proxies in order to constrain climate and geodynamic models, in collaboration with other scientists involved in the project.

We are looking for candidates with a range of skills in the above areas.

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