CMR Discovery Internship Program

We are seeking applicants for CSIRO Mineral Resources, Discovery Program’s student internship program for July 2017 to April 2018

CSIRO is offering a $6000 living allowance (not covering travel) over 3 months to support outstanding students (of 3rd year undergraduate or postgraduate level) working on projects in relation to CSIRO Mineral Resource’s Discovery Program. A minimum of 3 internships will be provided.

Projects available include:

  • Domaining XRF data for improved classification of rock types to reduce uncertainty
  • Geochemical signatures at the Calibre Cu-Au deposit in the context of regolith cover variation
  • Landscape evolution and its implications for Mineral Exploration Under Cover in the South Yilgarn Craton and Albany¡VFraser, Western Australia
  • Whole-core magnetization scanning software
  • An Atlas of the Petrography and associated Mineralogy of selected cores in the Australian National Virtual Core Library (AuScope¡¦s NVCL). Edition 1 - Ultramafic nickel hosts
  • Routine characterisation of Li-bearing micas using infrared reflectance spectroscopy
  • Evaluation of new generation portable X-ray Fluorescence analysers
  • Mapping chemical gradients in Late Archean volato-thermal Au systems
  • Uncovering Capabilities in Mineral Resources Through Smart Linking and Discovery of Geoscience Research Assets

To apply for an internship, please provide a full CV and a summary of your areas of research interest, including how they align with the goals of the CSIRO Mineral Resources Discovery Program, before 19/06/2017.

All interns must to be registered as a student at a university during the internship.

Interns will be expected to write a brief report communicating their research and give an oral presentation at the completion of the internship.

Inquiries and applications should be sent to Dr Alistair White (;

Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application within about 1 month of submission.

posted: 26 May 2017     Please mention EARTHWORKS when responding to this advertisement.