PhD and MPhil Scholarships Available at the School of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Curtin University, Perth, Australia

We are seeking candidates for THREE international or domestic PhD Scholarships, and an MPhil scholarship to conduct research within the School of Earth and Planetary Sciences, in association with The Institute for Geoscience Research (TIGeR) at Curtin University. The topics cover:

Crustal evolution, geochronology, metamorphism, fluids, mineralisation and regolith development

The specific research projects will give ample scope to well-qualified and enthusiastic candidates to research a wide range of possible topics, from mechanisms of nano-scale fluid-mineral interaction to the growth and evloution of continents. The projects offer the opportunity to part of a team working on an exciting industry-partnered project, intended to improve our understanding of the controls on the geodynamic setting, evolution and mineralisation of the Fraser Zone, within the regional context of the Albany-Fraser Orogen and the global context of the evolving supercontinent Rodinia.

Applications are invited from potential candidates interested in the following topics:

  1. Crustal evolution, geodynamic setting and architecture of the Fraser Zone, Albany-Fraser Orogen, Western Australia (Lead supervisor: Prof Chris Kirkland)
  2. Conditions of metamorphism during the formation of the Fraser Zone, Western Australia (Lead supervisor: Dr Tim Johnson)
  3. Controls on mineralisation derived from sulphur isotope and geochemical evidence: the Fraser Zone, Western Australia (Lead supervisor: A/Prof Katy Evans)
  4. Formation of the regolith at the Silver Knight deposit, Fraser Zone, Western Australia (Lead supervisor: Dr. Mehrooz Aspandiar)

Candidates should have research experience in the form of a written thesis at BSc (Honours) or MSc level.

To apply, please send a CV and brief letter explaining your research interests and preferred choice of project(s) (including some rationale for that choice) as a SINGLE PDF file to Katy Evans at, Curtin University. The closing date is the 5th Jan, 2020. The candidates will be shortlisted interviewed, and the preferred candidates identified, in January, if possible.

The successful candidates will access state-of-the-art analytical facilities in the Advanced Resource Characterisation Facility, the John De Laeter Centre and the Australian Synchrotron, where Curtin is a foundation investor. Curtin is a dynamic, research-intensive University that has achieved national and international stature. Earth Sciences, and the sub-disciplines of Geology and Geochemistry, were awarded the maximum ranking of 5 in the recent Excellence in Research for Australia assessment. These factors, coupled with recent successes in ARC grants and University investment will ensure that students are hosted within a vibrant research environment and will receive exceptional training. Candidates can expect to work in close association with staff of the Geological Survey of Western Australia, and our industry partners on the project at the Creasy Group and IGO.

posted: 02 December 2019     Please mention EARTHWORKS when responding to this advertisement.