Postdoctoral Researcher (TV-L 13) for the development of a 3D Geological Model of Northern Bavaria

The GeoCentre Northern Bavaria in Erlangen is looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher for up to 3 years in the groups tectonics and sedimentology starting September/October 2022 in collaboration with the Landesamt für Umweltschutz.

The aim of the project is to develop a detailed sedimentological, petrophysical and tectonic model of the post-Variscan geology of northern Bavaria including detailed cross-sections and 3D visualization. This includes a basin, compaction and fault analysis, stress inversion studies, structural balancing as well as the development of a complete geological history for the area. The work will be done in collaboration with two PhD researchers in sedimentology and tectonics.

The candidate should have experience in geological mapping, construction of cross sections and 3D geological models. Knowledge of the German language is a must because of close collaboration with the Landesamt and reporting in German (in written and oral form). Experience in GIS-applications is essential and

experience in 3D-modelling software like SKUA-GOCAD is a plus.

The candidate will be expected to expand an existing geological data-base, to undertake targeted additional mapping projects based on literature and map data and to combine multiple geological and geophysical data-sets into a new 3D interpretation of the study area. In addition, close collaboration with and regular reporting to the Landesamt is essential in addition to presentation and publishing of the study internationally.

We are a large sedimentological and tectonic team in the GeoCentre Northern Bavaria with a fully equipped petrophysical, rock-cutting and thin-section laboratory and numerical facilities.

Please apply online with a CV and Letter of Motivation to

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