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The Institute of Applied Geosciences at Graz University of Technology invites applications for a 5 years full-time University Assistant position for Mineralogy/Hydrogeochemistry to monitor and reconstruct the environmental conditions and reaction mechanisms during precipitation of solids from aqueous solution.

The field of research activity is focused on the precipitation of various carbonates under low temperature conditions in natural and man-made (geotechnical) environments. This comprises high spatial resolution investigations of terrestrial carbonate deposits precipitated over time to reconstruct variable physicochemical environmental conditions during formation/alteration, as well as forensic and process oriented studies on cement-induced (e.g. tunnel drainages), geothermal (e.g. wells) and (ancient) aqueduct scaling. Main aspects are referred to deciphering the detailed conditions throughout mineral formation and ongoing water-mineral/rock interaction by applying a broad set of analytical tools for mineralogical, chemical, isotopic, and microstructural characterisation, as well as hydrogeochemical modelling approaches.

Participation in interdisciplinary research projects on sedimentary diagenesis, geothermal applications and concrete-water reactions targeting basic and applied knowledge is highly encouraged. Moreover, the position involves teaching and assistance in courses for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in mineralogy, hydrogeochemistry, and sedimentary petrology.

We seek a highly motivated PhD student, graduated in geosciences/mineralogy/chemistry or related fields. It is very desirable to have experiences in geochemical and mineralogical techniques such as ICP-OES/MS, Raman, electron microprobe, SEM and/or Laser Ablation (MC)-ICP-MS. Knowledge of modelling water-rock interaction, stable isotope geochemistry (e.g. oxygen, magnesium, clumped), and/or experimental water-rock interaction are highly appreciated. Female applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.

The position is anticipated to start from June 1st, 2017. Applications including curriculum vitae and statement of research interests should be submitted by April 30th, 2017 to Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerald Zenz, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Rechbauerstrasse 12, 8010 Graz, Austria. Direct enquiries: Univ. Prof. Dr. Martin Dietzel, email: and Dr. Ronny Boch,

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