Sedimentary geochemistry (M/W)

Reference: PV-2019-008
Department/Office: Département des Ressources Physiques et Ecosystemes de fond de Mer
Unité de recherche Géosciences Marines
Laboratoire Géodynamique et environnement Sédimentaire
Duty station: Brest, Bretagne, FR , France
Deadline for applications: 11/11/2018

The Institute and the recruiting departement

French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea, Ifremer, through its research work and expert advice, contributes to knowledge of the oceans and their resources, to monitoring of marine and coastal environments and to the sustainable development of marine activities. To these ends, Ifremer conceives and operates tools for observation, experimentation and monitoring, and manage the oceanographic databases.

Created in 1984, Ifremer is a French public institute of an industrial and commercial nature. It is supervised jointly by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Marine Affairs.

Ifremer undertakes research missions, offers expert advice and acts as a funding agency.

Ifremer performs targeted applied research to address the questions posed by society (climate change effects, marine biodiversity, pollution prevention, seafood quality etc.). Results include scientific knowledge, technological innovations, and systems for ocean observation and exploration. Partnerships may be public, private or a combination of the two.

Ifremer works in a network with the French scientific community, also collaborating with international partner organizations, in the frame of several national and international projects, including contractual activities.

Description de l'offre:

Host structure

Research at the laboratory of Geodynamic and Sediment record (LGS), part of the Marine Geosciences Research Unit (GM), IFREMER, focuses on the evolution of continental margins through geological times, from rift initiation to development of ocean basins, and including late Quaternary to modern sedimentary processes. The research emphasis within the laboratory encourages interdisciplinary interactions spanning across the following disciplines: geology, sedimentology, geophysics and geochemistry.

This new position at the LGS laboratory aims at further investigating source-to-sink dynamics at continental margins, using proxies for sediment provenance, transfer dynamics and erosion processes. This will be conducted through analysis of marine sediment records and discussed in the wider context of past climate variability and global geodynamic changes.

Background and main tasks

The candidate will be part of the LGS laboratory team, trained in geology and specialized in inorganic sediment geochemistry.

The selected candidate should have a strong publication record and a demonstrated hands-on experience on the use of geochemical proxies and in mass spectrometry analytical techniques (e.g. MC-ICPMS, ICP-MS, TIMS).

He/she will carry on sediment provenance studies, using radiogenic isotopes (e.g. Nd, Sr, Pb) and elemental compositions (e.g. ICP-MS, WD-XRF, XRF core scanner);

  • He/she will bring and/or further develop novel geochemical proxies aiming at investigating and quantifying past erosion and weathering processes on continents, and/or constraining sediment transfer times at margins (e.g. non-traditional stable isotope systems, U-series).
  • He/she will participate in projects that support the LGS team’s research effort on source-to-sink related studies.

Specific activities

  • He/she will be involved in / and develop research programmes related to national and international oceanographic cruises;
  • He/she will acquire, analyse and interpret geochemical and isotopic data;
  • He/she will develop novel geochemical proxies in sediment geochemistry;
  • He/she will write scientific publications in peer-reviewed international journals.


Internal: This position involves close collaboration with other colleagues at the LGS (geologists, sedimentologists, paleoceanographers, geophysics), and encourages participation in current projects within the laboratory on source-to-sink studies and related sedimentary processes at margins.

External: The successful candidate is expected to develop future research collaborations at national and international level (e.g. organic tracers, cosmogenic isotopes, terrestrial environments).

Profil recherché

PhD or equivalent in sediment geochemistry.

Additional post-doctoral experience is preferred.

Required qualifications and skills

Qualifications and skills:

  • Expertise in sediment geochemistry and analytical chemistry (MC-ICPMS, ICPMS).
  • Solid laboratory experience.
  • Training and aptitude in interpreting marine sediment data related to coring and drilling.
  • Background in geology.
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • Strong publication record in the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Personal skills:

  • Motivated, well-organized, and responsible.
  • Willing to take initiatives.
  • Willing to work at sea and in a multi-disciplinary environment.
  • Ability to innovate and develop novel scientific approaches.

Full time.

  • To work in clean laboratory.
  • To participate in oceanographic cruises.

How to apply for this position

Deadline for applications: 11/11/2018

All applications are processed exclusively via our website. Interested candidates can apply by clicking the "Apply Now" button.

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