Researcher in Geology-Sedimentology Short period

Reference: PV-2019-046
Department/Office: Département des Ressources Physiques et Ecosystemes de fond de Mer
Unité de recherche Géosciences Marines
Laboratoire Géodynamique et environnement Sédimentaire
Duty station: Brest, Bretagne, FR , France
Deadline for applications: 21/03/2019

The Institute and the recruiting departement

French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea, Ifremer, through its research work and expert advice, contributes to knowledge of the oceans and their resources, to monitoring of marine and coastal environments and to the sustainable development of marine activities. To these ends, Ifremer conceives and operates tools for observation, experimentation and monitoring, and manage the oceanographic databases.

Created in 1984, Ifremer is a French public institute of an industrial and commercial nature. It is supervised jointly by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Marine Affairs.

Ifremer undertakes research missions, offers expert advice and acts as a funding agency.

Ifremer performs targeted applied research to address the questions posed by society (climate change effects, marine biodiversity, pollution prevention, seafood quality etc.). Results include scientific knowledge, technological innovations, and systems for ocean observation and exploration. Partnerships may be public, private or a combination of the two.

Ifremer works in a network with the French scientific community, also collaborating with international partner organizations, in the frame of several national and international projects, including contractual activities.

Description de l'offre:

The recruiting department

The Laboratory of Geodynamic and Sedimentary environment, within the Marine Geoscience research unit, leads fundamental and applied research on continental margins and basins and their sedimentary filling, from the initiation of rifts and the opening of ocean basins up to their latest stages of filling. The laboratory relies on the acquisition and interpretation of geological, sedimentological, geochemical and geophysical data. Its holistic approach aims at a multidisciplinary interpretation of the architecture of basins and their relations with external geodynamic and climatic factors at different time and spatial scales in order to elaborate stratigraphic and geodynamic models.

The evolution of the coastal territory is a major challenge for our modern society, which Ifremer will have to confront in the coming decades. These issues concern, among others, the rapid withdrawal of the coastline, the impact of extreme weather events, seasonal impacts, and the role of currents in the transfer of sediments, as well as growing questions such as those carried by the Renewable Marine Energies, the dynamics of the sandy stocks, the extraction of aggregates, or the anthropization of the coastal linear and its erosion products.

Within Ifremer's ambition and reflection, which integrates all the departments and disciplines, on the cumulative effects of the anthropic and climatic impact on the compartment located between the slope and the coast or In the mouths of rivers, the LGS offers a researcher position for a geologist-sedimentologist, specialist in short period studies.

This position of researcher aims to produce a better understanding of the morphological and sedimentary evolution of this compartment, on short historical time scales (from a few centuries to the processes), in response to climatic and anthropic factors (characterization of changes at high frequencies), interacting with local geological factors.

Main missions

He/she is a geologist specialized in sedimentology, in the studies of sedimentary transports (source@sink), sedimentary and weathering processes of the continental plateform.

He/she will bring new scientific constraints and will be able to lead a global reflection on the evolution of these "littoral" environments face modern and future natural and anthropogenic forcings.

He/she will strengthen the technical collaborations (measurement tools development) and scientific (geophysics, geotechnics, geochemistry, hydro-sedimentary modeling, biology, etc ...), internally at Ifremer and with the university partners and research organizations. external research.

He/she will strengthen the technical (measurement tools development) and scientific (geophysics, geotechnics, geochemistry, hydro-sedimentary modeling, biology, etc ...) collaborations, internally at Ifremer and with the universities and external research institutes.

Principal activities

  • He/she develops in the laboratory the characterization and the quantification of the sedimentary processes allowing a quantitative approach of the land-sea transfers.
  • He/she leads a brain storming within the LGS and Ifremer on the cumulative effects of anthropic and climatic impacts on the littoral zone, up to the slope;
  • He/she will have a contribution to the actions of support to the public policies
  • He / she proposes and integrates research programs involving sea-based campaigns on coastal and offshore vessels in the framework of regional, national and international cooperations;
  • In a holistic approach, he/she integrates acoustic (bathymetric, seismic, sonar) and sedimentological (sampling and analysis) data for high impact international scientific publications;
  • He/she participates in the evolution of tools, approaches and concepts of geology / sedimentology.

Collaborative work environement


He/she will collaborate strongly with the researchers of the Laboratory of Geodynamic and Sedimentary environment and of the Marine Geoscience research unit (geologists, sedimentologists, palaeo-oceanographers, geodynamicists, geochemists) . Within Ifremer, He/she will be involved in a strong collaboration with RBE and ODE departments, to lead the reflection on the cumulative effects of anthropic and climatic impacts in the coastal zone.


He/she will develop research projects within local (University of Bretagne Occidentale), national, European and international scientific cooperations and also with industrial partners, combining specially disciplines and expertises which are not developed in Ifremer

Profil recherché

PhD in the field of marine geosciences,
Professional experience appreciated (post-doctoral or industrial).

Fields of expertise

Technical expertise / know-how

  • Solid experience in geology/sedimentology of shallow offshore, and/or in processes of sedimentary transports.
  • Aptitude in the processing and interpretation of sedimentary data (seismic data, cores, drills).
  • Proficiency in English (verbal and written)
  • Publications in international journal

Personal qualities:

  • Self-motivated, organized, sense of responsibility
  • Leadership skills
  • Attracted to multi-disciplinary team work and ocean-going expeditions
  • The desire to explore new approaches in the field of basin geology and modelling.

Full-Time: Ocean-going expeditions.

How to apply for this position

All applications are processed exclusively via our website. Interested candidates can apply by clicking the "Apply Now" button.

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