Position offered (Institute of Geology of the CAS, 2019)

The Institute of Geology of the Czech Academy of Sciences (www.gli.cas.cz) is seeking experienced researchers, from post-doctoral to mid-career level, to fill up the position in a Department of rock physical properties. We invite individuals who will not only integrate into our existing teams but will also aim to innovate existing directions of our research and develop new ones, of high scientific and societal merit.

About you:

We are seeking a researcher with experience in laboratory rock mechanics/geophysics either from the experimental or modeling point of view. The ideal candidate has a PhD in a relevant subject (rock mechanics/geophysics) and an extensive background in application of laboratory rock mechanics to the current research topics. Ability to develop and use already existing MATLAB codes is an advantage. We are seeking an individual whose research interests and experience complement the research programs of current Institute of Geology scientists.

The successful candidates will have good communication skills in English (command of Czech is welcome but not necessary) and will be able to present and publish the research results at an international level. We expect the candidates to be able to collaborate both within and between teams. An ability to formulate innovative research projects with good prospects of being financed is an advantage, as well as vision and skills to build and lead a research team. In addition to academic experience, relevant industry experience and ability to attract industry partners will be considered an advantage.

About us:

The Institute of Geology is a public research institution focusing on fundamental research, but also strong in collaboration with various industry partners, strong in applied research activities in collaboration with various industry partners. In addition to specific collaboration of individual teams, the Institute is involved, on international level, in the large research infrastructures. Rock physical properties department is equipped by unique high pressure system for the 3D study of solid body elastic anisotropy on spherical samples, triaxial cell for high pressure, permeability and high temperature studies, 16 channel acoustic emission monitoring system for fracturing studies.

Practical information

This call is open to international applicants. The primary criteria in selecting the successful candidates will be their professional merit and the way in which they would contribute to the future development of our Institute and its teams.

Initial employment will be offered for a fixed term (1-2 years), with expected continuation of employment after successful assessment of results of the initial period.

Each application will be considered individually and selected candidates will be contacted by SKYPE. Applicants with current commitments, interested in joining us later, are encouraged to communicate with us about their preferences.

An applicant is expected to send a motivation letter, CV, and data requested by Application dossier, and, if possible, a letter of recommendation, via e-mail, to: navratilt@gli.cas.cz and copy to lokajicek@gli.cas.cz.

Applications close 6th November 2019, 12:00 of Prague time

Depending on the flow of applications, we will organize SKYPE interviews with selected candidates on 20th of November 9:00 - 15:00 of Prague time. The positions remain open until filled.

The application dossier must contain a structured curriculum vitae, data for the XLS spreadsheet and a text statement

Data specification for XLS table
First publication of the year
the year of publication of the first scientific publication listed in the SCOPUS database shall be given

H index and citations in WoS and SCOPUS databases
The number of all (ie since the beginning of the scientific career) citations (including self-citations) on WoS and SCOPUS

IF publikace

IF above 3.0 as main or corresponding author
IF above 3.0 as 2nd - 4th author
IF above 3.0 as another author
IF 1.0-3.0 as Principal or Corresponding Author
IF 1.0-3.0 as 2nd - 4th author
IF 1.0-3.0 as another author
IF below 1.0 as the main or corresponding author
IF bellow 1.0 as 2nd - 4th author
IF below 1.0 as another author

Technical books and chapters in books

  • number of authorship
  • main author of the book
  • another author of the book
  • author or co-author of a chapter in a book

Patents and industrial designs
the number of patents granted under a valid license agreement
number of other patents granted, industrial designs realized

Grants - principal investigator/co-investigator
the total amount of money received from the grant projects received by the applicant as principal investigator or co-investigator (not a team member) in the reference period.

Orders: the total financial amount of the contracts awarded shall be indicated

Teaching: the obligation to study must be indicated in the school syllabus with the code and name of the person concerned.

Work in the editorial board of an internationally recognized scientific journal.

International conferences: active participation in international conferences in the reference period is included. The condition is physical participation in the event and authorship of one of the contributions.

Organization of international conferences: membership in the organizing committee of international conferences

Grants submitted: if the applicant has submitted an application for a Czech grant or project in the evaluation period or at foreign or international agencies, even if unsuccessfully, he/she will fill in the field. Included can be also "recycled" projects (slightly modified and submitted again).

Leadership of students Bc. and Mgr.: successful defense of the student's title in the reference

Leadership of PhD students: student leadership in the reference period is counted, without the need for a successful defense.

Specification of documents for text report

List of grants and projects:

List of publications (in structure):

  • Original papers published in International Impact Factor (IF) journals.
  • Original papers published in international journals without IF but monitored in WoS database.
  • Original peer-reviewed papers published in foreign journals without IF
  • Original peer-reviewed papers published in non-IF national journals
  • Books
  • Chapters in books

Patents and industrial designs:

  • Patents granted under a valid license agreement.
  • Other patents granted, industrial designs realized.

Educational activity:

For lectures, seminars, etc. indicate whether it is a one-semester or two-semester course, approximately the number of lectured lessons during the calendar year, whether it is a basic lecture (course) or a selective lecture and exercises for them. It does not include individual isolated lectures or seminars.

  • Lectures at Czech universities (including lecture code according to the relevant lecture lists, if assigned).
  • Lectures at foreign universities.
  • Exercises, seminars, field courses.

Lecturing activities:

  • Invited Lectures.
  • Lectures / posters at international events (conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, etc. also in the Czech Republic).
  • Lectures / posters at home events (conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, etc.).
  • Lectures at foreign universities (individual isolated during a short stay).
  • Lectures at home universities (individual isolated).


  • Magazines, newspapers, books.
  • Television and radio broadcasting.
  • Other media and blogs.
  • Lectures for the public.
  • Exhibitions.

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