ENIGMA Innovative Training Network: 3 PhD positions

European training Network for in situ imaGing of dynaMic processes
in heterogeneous subsurfAce environments

The ENIGMA Innovative Training Network offers 8 PhD positions (see the list next page) to talented and enthusiastic students holding a relevant Master degree (or equivalent) starting preferably before July 2017.

ENIGMA will train researchers in the development of innovative methods for exploring process dynamics in subsurface hydrosystems, in order to enhance understanding and predictive modelling capacities. ENIGMA is a consortium of high profile universities, research institutions and companies located in France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, USA and UK.

ENIGMA is seeking highly qualified and motivated students with a strong background in geophysics, hydrology, hydrogeology, hydrogeophysics, biogeochemistry, microbiology, soil physics or a related discipline.

The successful PhD candidates will conduct the research work in 2 or 3 institutions, in collaboration with industrial partners. She/he will have access to the most advanced field infrastructures across Europe and will beneficiate from the ITN resources to develop her/his research.

We are now inviting outstanding students to apply as PhD candidates!

Applicants should apply through the website with a motivation letter for up to 3 PhD topics (see website for further details), a CV with relevant documentation, and names of at least two referees.

We offer:

  • Cutting-edge research projects
  • A training program tailored to the needs of each student
  • Network-wide events with 5 Workshops and a Summer School
  • Friendly and multi-disciplinary environment
  • Attractive salary in accordance with the MSCA regulations
  • Excellent career opportunities

There will be a round of evaluation between July 09th 2017 and July 16th 2017.
Candidates can continuously apply until July 2017.

Candidates can apply even if they have not already finished their Master. They just need to graduate before September 2017.

Applicants should apply through the website https://enigma-itn.eu/

For additional information regarding these projects please email itn17011@earthworks-jobs.com

ESR1-PhD: This position has been filled

ESR2-PhD: This position has been filled

ESR3-PhD: Closing the observational gap between the hyporheic and meander scale
Supervisor: Philip Brunner, UNINE Neuchâtel (UFZ Leipzig, GEOTH Heiligenstadt)1

ESR4-PhD: This position has been filled

ESR5-PhD: This position has been filled

ESR6-PhD: Active Fiber-Optic DTS methods to monitor subsurface flow dynamics
Supervisor: Olivier Bour, CNRS Rennes (CSIC Barcelona, OSU Oregon, SILIXA)1

ESR7-PhD: This position has been filled

ESR8-PhD: This position has been filled

ESR9-PhD: This position has been filled

ESR10-PhD: This position has been filled

ESR11-PhD: This position has been filled

ESR12-PhD: This position has been filled

ESR13-PhD: This position has been filled

ESR14-PhD: Geologically constrained joint inversion of hydraulic, tracer and ERT data for process visualization
Supervisor: Jesus Carrera, CSIC Barcelona (UCPH Copenhagen, ACA Barcelona)1

ESR15-PhD: This position has been filled

1 Candidates will devote time to learn methods and/or do field work at co-supervising centers, in parenthesis.

posted: 26 May 2017     Please mention EARTHWORKS when responding to this advertisement.