The School of Earth and Environment (University of Leeds, UK) invites applicants for the following PhD positions

The PhD projects (titles below) are part of the Panorama NERC DTP involving Earth and Environmental Science Schools at the Universities of Leeds, York and Hull. The DTP scholarships, allocated through an open competition, include the tuition fee, a living stipend, and a generous allocation towards research fees for the duration of the 3.5 year PhD study. These are available to UK/EU students. For details of the projects and application procedure for NERC DTP projects please refer to

While we are unable to offer studentships to non-EU international candidates, international candidates with sufficient independent funding are encouraged to contact the main supervisor of any project of interest. For international students there are also several, highly competitive international scholarships available across the university

Deadline: 7 January 2019. See

Theme 1: Applied Geoscience

Advanced fractal modelling of heterogeneous and anisotropic geological hydrocarbon reservoirs
Dr. Piroska Lorinczi, Prof. Paul Glover

Deep, dark and dynamic: Converted-wave seismology to explore the physical properties of Antarctic glacier ice
Dr. Adam Booth, Dr. Roger Clark

Enhancing oil recovery using nanoparticles
Prof. Paul Glover, Dr. Piroska Lorinczi, Dr. Zhongliang Hu

Field-based investigation of structural and geochemical variability of gold-bearing veins in the Klondike Gold District, Yukon, Canada
Dr. Taija Torvela, Dr. Rob Chapman, Dr. David Banks

Impact of karstic flow on Chalk aquifer function and water quality
Dr. Jared West, Prof. Simon Bottrell, Dr. Louise Maurice, Dr. Andrew Farrant, Dr. Chris Manning, Dr. Alister Leggatt

Investigation of the geothermal potential of abandoned coalfields in the Yorkshire region
Dr. Chrysothemis Paraskevopoulou, Prof. Quentin Fisher

Understanding, modelling and predicting landslides in high mountain areas (Norway) - is global warming increasing mountain hazards?
Dr. Antonio Abellan, Dr. William Murphy, Prof. Lars Harald Blikra, Dr. Jared West

Theme 2: Atmosphere and climate

Wavy Jets and Arctic Climate Change
Prof. Alan Haywood, Dr. Daniel Hill, Dr. Julia Tindall, Dr. Aisling Dolan, Dr. Jochen Voss

The ice age, oceans and climate: triggers of iceberg calving and rapid temperature change
Dr. Ruza Ivanovic, Dr. Lauren Gregoire

Theme 3: Chemistry of the earth

How did the first animals and plants change our planet?
Dr. Benjamin Mills, Prof. Simon Poulton, Dr. Rob Newton

Ironing out the carbon cycle: Carbon burial associated with iron oxides in Arctic shelf sediments
Dr. Christian März, Prof. Caroline Peacock, Dr. Johan Faust

Life and death of chemical reaction fronts - a field, experimental and numerical study
Dr. Thomas Mueller, Dr. Sandra Piazolo

Making wealth: Using detailed field analysis, novel experiments and high-end microscopy to elucidate how gold is "made"
Dr. Rob Chapman, Dr. Thomas Mueller, Dr. David Banks, Dr. Sandra Piazolo, Dr. Taija Torvela, Dr. Dan Morgan

Marine Micronutrient Cycling between Sediments and Seawater: What controls the concentration and isotopic composition of micronutrient trace metals in the global oceans?
Prof. Caroline Peacock, Dr. Christian März, Dr. Bhoopesh Mishra, Dr. Susan Little, Prof. Derek Vance

Melt inclusions as a record of mantle heterogeneity and melt-crust interaction
Dr. Jason Harvey, Dr. David Fergusson, Dr. Dan Morgan, Dr. John Maclennan, Dr. Eduardo Morgado

Ocean Sulfate and Earth's Surface Evolution
Dr. Robert Newton, Dr. Ben Mills, Dr. Tracy Aze

Rotten Rocks at the Heart of Black Smoker Systems
Dr. Andrew McCaig, Dr. Thomas Mueller

Theme 4: Evolution, palaeontology and biotic change

A predator-prey arms race in Mesozoic oceans
Dr. Alex Dunhill, Dr. Andrew Beckerman, Dr. Jennifer Dunne, Prof. Paul Wignall

The Red Queen versus the Court Jester: do biotic or extrinsic factors shape the reptilian tree of life?
Dr. Graeme T. Lloyd, Dr. Katie Davis, Prof. Paul Wignall

Theme 5: Palaeoenvironments and palaeontology

Finding your flow: using sedimentology, geochemistry and micropalaeontology to understand South Atlantic Ocean circulation
Dr. Tracy Aze, Prof. Mike Rogerson, Dr. Jason Harvey

Theme 6: Sedimentology, geomorphology and basin analysis

Field-based analysis of deep-water sedimentary successions: the Lauzanier system, Maritime Alps, France/Italy
Prof. Bill McCaffrey, Dr. Marco Patacci, Dr. L. Barufini, Dr. Marco Fonnesu

Spilling into confinement: submarine slope valleys as pollutant and carbon sinks
Prof. David Hodgson, Prof. Jeffrey Peakall

The fingerprint of environmental change in the aeolian sedimentary record: a field-based study in the south-western United States
Prof. Nigel Mountney, Dr. Na Yan

Tooled up, or fluted and booted? Using sole structures to improve flow and environmental prediction, and geohazard understanding
Prof. Jeffrey Peakall, Prof. David Hodgson, Prof. Jim Best

Where does the mud go in turbidite systems and why does it matter?
Dr. Marco Patacci, Dr. Marco Fonnesu, Lawrence Amy, Prof. Bill McCaffrey

Theme 7: Tectonics, volcanology and solid Earth geophysics

Assessing the risk of roof collapse in response to loading from volcanic ash with relevance to Ascension Island
Dr. Mark Thomas, Dr. Julia Crummy, Dr. Antonio Abellan

Geodetic evidence for lateral magmatic connections at Chilean volcanoes
Dr. Susanna Ebmeier, Dr. David Ferguson, Prof. Andy Hooper

How and why is deformation localised in continental crust?
Prof. Tim Wright, Dr. Sandra Piazolo, Dr. Greg Houseman

How does magma move through sill-complexes?
Dr. Craig Magee, Dr. William McCarthy, Prof. Douglas Paton

How hot is the bottom of Earth's mantle?
Dr. Andrew Walker, Dr. Chris Davies, Dr. Andy Nowacki

Iron Snow in Planetary Cores
Dr. Chris Davies

Magmatic mass transfer through deep crust: Field relationships, chemistry and rheology
Dr. Sandra Piazolo, Dr. Thomas Mueller

Martian volcanic systems: using surface strain indicators to investigate magmatically driven stress in the Tharis region, Mars
Dr. Emma Bramham, Dr. Mark Thomas, Dr. Paul Byrne, Prof. Sandra Piazolo, Prof. Douglas Paton

Measuring earthquakes across the global continents from space and seismological observations
Dr. John Elliott, Dr. Tim Craig, Prof. Andy Hooper, Prof. Tim Wright

Petrological & geochemical insights into subduction initiation- the case of Izu-Bonin- Mariana volcanic arc
Dr. Ivan Savov, Dr. David Ferguson

Predicting the next global geomagnetic reversal using machine learning
Dr. Phil Livermore, Dr. Chris Davies, Dr. William Brown, Ciaran Beggan, Chris Finlay

Seismicity and Structure of Subducting Slabs
Dr. Tim Craig, Dr. Sebastian Rost

Stratified or not-stratified or somewhere in between: Multi-disciplinary study of partially stratified layers in Earth's outer core
Dr. Sebastian Rost, Dr. Jonathan Mound, Dr. Andy Nowacki

The dynamics of magma storage and ascent beneath an active arc volcano (Villarrica, Chile)
Dr. David Ferguson, Dr. Dan Morgan, Dr. Susanna Ebmeier

The inner workings of the earthquake cycle: New insight from integrating geophysical observations and microstructures
Dr. Laura Gregory, Prof. Sandra Piazolo, Dr. Jessica Hawthorne, Prof. Ken McCaffrey

The Rise and Fall of the Lower Mantle: Modelling Thermal Conductivity in Earth's Interior
Dr. Stephen Stackhouse, Dr. Andrew Walker, Dr. Jonathan Mound

Using deep learning to better image earthquakes
Prof. Andy Hopper, Prof. David Hogg

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