Geological Specimen Preparator

The Imaging and Analysis Centre (IAC) within the Natural History Museum, London undertakes cutting edge research across both Life and Earth Sciences in the fields of Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis; Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning; Confocal, Cathodoluminescent and Optical Microscopy; Inorganic Chemical Analysis and Molecular Spectroscopy. All this work is enabled by the Mineral Preparation Laboratory which is responsible for the preparation and mounting of specimens for analysis. In addition to inhouse research work there is also demand for sample preparation for external users of the laboratories, such as university researchers, and commercially funded work primarily for the geological sector. Due to increasing demand for preparatory services and increasing complexity of samples that need to be mounted, there is a need to extend the laboratory's output to facilitate the research and commercial commitments of the museum.

The study of geological thin sections for petrological study and description was pioneered at the NHM in the late 19th century, and we have been a leader in the field since that time. The role also provides an opportunity for a person interested in analytical research in Earth and Life Sciences to gain exposure to a wide variety of techniques while learning practical skills.

The role requires the receipt and documenting of, primarily, geological samples (rocks, minerals, ores, meteorites and fossils). Samples are prepared as 30-micron thin sections and polished thin sections for light microscopy (transmitted and reflected light) or thicker polished epoxy mounted blocks suitable for reflected light microscopy and electron beam imaging and x-ray a nalysis.

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