Three funded MRes positions with the Southeast Asia Research Group at Royal Holloway, University of London (2 in Myanmar and 1 in Borneo)

The Southeast Asia Research Group at Royal Holloway, University of London have three openings for MRes projects that will support our current research. The positions are fully funded for one year, including full analytical costs and a competitive stipend. Due to funding conditions, these positions are open to applications from UK and EU residents only. Project supervision will be led by Professor Robert Hall, Dr Amy Gough, Dr Juliane Hennig, and Dr H. Tim Breitfeld.

Project One: Sedimentary provenance and depositional environments from the Oligocene formations in the north of the Salin sub-basin, onshore Myanmar

The project will complement a recent study into Oligocene sandstone provenance from the south of the Salin sub-basin by extending the study to the north, around Old Bagan. It will consist of a field season to collect sedimentary data (e.g. logs, panels, sample collection) on the fluvio-deltaic deposits of the Shwezetaw and Padaung Formations. The samples will then be processed for provenance analysis at Royal Holloway to aid in the understanding of basin development.

Project Two: Miocene sediment provenance of the Pyawbwe, Kyaukkok, and Obogon Formations of the Salin sub-basin, onshore Myanmar

There are very few studies that consider the sedimentary provenance of the Miocene in the Salin sub-basin. The sediments suggest deposition in a fluvial to shallow marine environment with an exceptionally high rate of sedimentation. A field excursion to the basin will allow for a comprehensive sedimentary study of the formations as well as allowing for targeted sampling to complement samples already available. These, as above, will then be processed for provenance analysis to understand how the basin was evolving throughout the Miocene.

Project Three: Provenance of Neogene sedimentary rocks of the Miri Zone in Sarawak, NW Borneo

This project will examine the provenance of fluvial to shallow marine Neogene successions in the Miri Zone. The project is entirely lab-based and aims to study sandstone compositions and identify potential source areas. The rock samples were collected in October 2016 and are ready for analysis. The project will be linked to existing SE Asia Research Group projects examining the Neogene successions with of offshore Sarawak Basin and lower Neogene Sequences on land.

Please email for further information on the individual projects

How to Apply: Send an email Alice Christie ( including:

  • A academic curriculum vitae
  • Details of your BSc, including prospective grades and relevant courses
  • A cover letter detailing the project you wish to apply for, and your suitability for the role

Deadline: 6th April 2018

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