Full-time Faculty Position in Earth
System Science

Application deadline: June 30, 2017

The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (FCNM), at the University of El Rosario, Colombia (www.urosario.edu.co/facultad-ciencias-naturales-matematicas/Inicio/) is seeking to fill a position for a full-time tenure-track Earth System Science’s (ESS) professor who will take the lead in developing a new program and a potential department in this area.

Candidates are expected to have a Ph.D. in ESS, Environmental Sciences, Climate or Ocean System Dynamics, Bio-geosciences, or other related disciplines. We look for candidates who have demonstrated their contributions to the advancement of ESS with an outstanding publication record and research experience in subjects such as: dynamics of the biological, chemical, and physical processes in terrestrial systems with the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere, modeling of human-environment interactions, Earth system responses to anthropogenic changes, or similar subjects. Extensive interdisciplinary research and project management experience, teamwork skills, mentoring and fostering of faculty members, and success with extramural funding are also highly valued.

The successful candidate is expected to develop and direct our new Program in ESS and to complement our existing strengths in environmental biology and applied mathematics. The Director will provide outstanding academic leadership and strategic vision and direction to the program, in the recruitment and appointment of academic staff, in the mentorship of junior faculty and in the design of the undergraduate and graduate degrees. We are looking for an individual who can inspire the highest standards of research performance within the ESS program and the Faculty and who is interested in fostering linkages between the program and relevant external organisations in the field, as well as the Colombian and other Latin American governmental and international institutions.

While this leadership position necessarily entails significant supervisory and administrative duties, it is nevertheless designed to enable the director to continue with his/her research and scholarly interests: to carry out fieldwork, mentor graduate students, disseminate research results at international conferences, etc. The position will require limited teaching of an undergraduate or graduate course in ESS.

Universidad del Rosario understands Earth System Science as encompassing physics, chemistry, geology, biology, ecology, oceanography, atmospheric, environmental sciences and mathematics, transcending disciplinary boundaries to treat Earth as an integrated system based on the recognition that humankind plays a growing role in earth system processes. Earth System scientists are interdisciplinary scholars who pursue a deeper understanding of the physical, chemical, biological, geological and human interactions that have determined the past and present states of the Earth for a better understanding of human prospects and constraints on economic activity integral to the pursuit of sustainability.

The application must be written in English and include: 1) a detailed CV with a complete list of publications; 2) a research statement summarizing the candidate´s experience, interests and an outline of the research program that can be potentially developed at El Rosario (1-2 pages); 3) a vision statement describing the candidate’s vision for the ESS program (2 pages); 4) the names and full contact information of at least three references.

Salary is competitive for both local and international standards and will be determined by a

University-wide point system, based on research and teaching experience. Non-native speakers are strongly encouraged to apply and will be given one year to strengthen their Spanish communication skills and take an exam at the Multicultural and Multilingual Center at the University of el Rosario or take an international DELE B2 exam.

The starting date is negotiable and can be as early as August 2017. Please send your application by e-mail (facultad.cnm@urosario.edu.co) to Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Matemáticas, Cr. 24 No. 63C-69, Bogotá (D.C.) 111221, Colombia, no later than June 30, 2017.

For questions about this position and life in Colombia please contact Dr. Thomas Green (thomas.green@urosario.edu.co).

El Rosario is a prestigious University that typically ranks in the top five universities in the country and in the top 50 in Latin America. It was founded in 1653 and has a long tradition in the areas of Medicine, Law, Economics and Social and Political Sciences. The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics was founded in 2008, and has new and exciting programs in Biology and Applied Mathematics & Computer Science that excel in both teaching and research.

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