PhD student position in petrology and tectonics

Department of Geology
UiT The Arctic University of Norway
N-9037 Tromsų, Norway
Application deadline: November 30th 2016

UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Faculty of Science and Technology, has a PhD student position vacant for applicants who wish to obtain the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD).

The position is attached to the Department of Geology and the appointment is for a period of four years.

The position's field of research and other duties

The research project covers the fields of metamorphic and magmatic petrology, geochronology and tectonics. The goal of the project is the reconstruction and comparison of the tectonic history of the North Norwegian Caledonides with the evolution of the Dom Feliciano Belt in southeastern Brazil and Uruguay. The focus of the research will be on the role of pre-collisional history of the studied regions on the orogenic evolution of the belts. The appointed candidate will work on the determination of timing and character of the rifting period preceding the orogenic evolution, as well as on pressure-temperature-deformation-time evolution in selected tectonic units of the belts. The project includes fieldwork in Norway, Brazil and Uruguay, as well laboratory work related to the thermodynamic modelling of the pressure-temperature evolution of metamorphic rocks, isotopic dating of igneous rocks (U-Pb dating of zircon) and isotopic dating of metamorphic minerals (U-Pb, Lu-Hf and Ar-Ar dating) connected with studies of deformation microstructures.

The successful candidate will dedicate 25% of her/his working time to duty work for the department. This may include teaching (e.g. supervision and evaluation of student exercises) at various levels.

Qualification requirements

Applicants must fulfil the requirements for admission to the faculty's PhD programme (cf. Regulation for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) at UiT The Arctic University of Norway). In addition, they must be able to document proficiency in English equivalent to Norwegian Higher Education Entrance Qualification, refer to the website about PhD regulations at UiT. The successful candidate must have a Master degree or equivalent in geology with a component of petrology/geochemistry and/or tectonics, and must have documented fieldwork experience associated with his/her master project. A hands-on experience with some of the above-mentioned isotopic dating techniques is beneficial.

The research work will be performed in collaboration with national and international partners, and progress and results are expected to be presented at international conferences/workshops, as well as published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Therefore, an excellent command in English, both written and oral, is required. Applicants not able to communicate in Norwegian or another Scandinavian language are required to learn Norwegian within a reasonable amount of time.

The project involves extensive fieldwork in Norway, Brazil and Uruguay, thus it is expected that the successful candidate is able and willing to conduct independent field campaigns. An ability to communicate in Portuguese/Spanish is considered an asset.

Emphasis shall also be attached to personal suitability. We value positive attitude, flexibility, and the ability to work independently and as part of a team.


The application must be submitted electronically via the application form available on and shall include:

  • Letter of application
  • CV (containing a complete overview of education, supervised professional training and professional work)
  • Names and addresses of three referees
  • Diploma and transcript from your Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Diploma and transcript from your Master's degree or equivalent
  • Diploma supplement for completed degrees
  • Documentation of English language proficiency
  • List of works and description of these (see below)

The list of works shall contain the following information:

  • author(s), the work's title
  • for articles: the journal's name and volume, the first and last page of the article, year of publication
  • for publications: publisher, printer, year of publication, number of pages

The full announcement and application procedure can be found her:

Further information about the position is available by contacting:

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