Senior Lecturer in Geophysics

at Geophysics Program of the Department of Earth Sciences,
University of Uppsala, Sweden

Uppsala University is the oldest university in Scandinavia and is well-ranked internationally. The Department of Earth Sciences is Sweden's largest and broadest such department, with about 260 employees, and includes subjects ranging from Geophysics and Geology to Palaeontology, Hydrology, Environmental Analysis and Meteorology. Research areas within Geophysics include earthquake seismology, applied geophysics (reflection seismology and electromagnetic methods) and geodynamics.

The Geophysics Program runs its own ~ 600-channel (cabled and 1C/3C wireless) reflection seismic instrument, a state-of-the-art 100-3C seismic landstreamer acquisition system, uses modern seismic processing and imaging software and develops innovative analysis, modelling, and multi-dimensional inversion algorithms for seismic, electromagnetic and potential field data, including e.g. airborne geophysical data and joint inversion methods integrating different types of data.

Important current research directions include acquisition and interpretation of reflection seismic data and development of seismic and other methods for studies of crystalline rock. These methods are applied to e.g. multi-disciplinary studies of a number of geological questions, geological storage of carbon dioxide, mineral exploration, and studies of near-surface structures for practical and societal applications. Further information about the department and program can be found at We now intend to strengthen the research and education within the applied geophysics part with a new senior lecturer in applied geophysics especially focusing on reflection seismic methods.

Informal enquires are welcome and can be directed to Prof. Roland Roberts ( or Dr. Ari Tryggvason (

Closing date for applications: 28-April-2017

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