Post-doc in Geophysics, reflection seismics

at Geophysics Program of the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Uppsala, Sweden

Innovative and cost-effective seismic methods are required to allow high-resolution imaging of structures hosting mineral deposits and also for their targeting at depths greater than 800 m. Maximizing the use of existing tunnels and boreholes around the mineralization is one way to obtain this. The geophysics program is currently running projects involving studies of major crustal structures of the Baltic Shield, urban geophysics, novel geophysical instruments and methods for deep mineral exploration, geological storage of CO2, and development of electromagnetic instruments and methods for near-surface and deep crustal-scale studies. The geophysics program runs its own ~ 700-channel (cabled and 1C/3C wireless), a state-of-the-art 120-3C seismic landstreamer acquisition system, and uses modern processing and imaging software. It is also well equipped with modern downhole logging equipment. The program also runs the Swedish National Seismic Network (SNSN), consisting of 65 permanent broadband stations, and has an extensive equipment pool for passive field studies. Further information about the program and the department can be found at

The post-doc candidate will conduct research within a series of EU funded (e.g., KIC EIT Raw Materials and H2020) planned projects inside and outside Sweden. A major component of the project involves combined active- and passive-source, in-mine and surface seismic reflection experiments to provide new cost-effective deep exploration technologies as well as instruments developed along with these types of surveys. The post-doc will also work within a larger research team including experts from different countries and is also expected to contribute to other external research projects within the program. The position is full-time for two years and may include up to 20% of other activities (supporting other fieldworks, field courses and teaching).

Informal enquires are welcome and can be directed to Prof. Alireza Malehmir (

Closing date for applications: 07-December-2017

For full details about duties, qualifications required, assessment procedures and how to apply visit:

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