Ore deposit geology - UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Research project on the structural and hydrothermal evolution of gold mineralization at the Casa Berardi mine, Abitibi, Québec

General context and objectives

The Casa Berardi gold mine is located north of La Sarre, in Abitibi (QC). The deposit is hosted in Neoarchean sedimentary and volcanic rocks, on either side of the Casa Berardi fault. It contains several styles of mineralization, mainly quartz-carbonate veins, but also massive sulfides and auriferous disseminated sulfide zones. The mineralized zones are affected by regional deformation and the Casa Berardi fault, which have strongly contributed to modify their geometry. The objectives are to establish the stratigraphy and geometry of the ores zones that are in production, to define their evolution in relation to the deformation episodes recorded by the host rocks, and to analyze the effects on the veins and the mineralized zones. This project will have direct impacts on the understanding, exploration and development of the deposit, and on gold deposit models for the Abitibi greenstone belt.

Scientific approach:

Hecla is developing new underground workings at the Casa Berardi mine. These will make it possible to document the geometric relationships between the different structural fabrics and host lithologies, and the generations of veins, sulfides and hydrothermal alteration. Observations and site mapping will form the basis of the research project. This field dataset will be augmented by the acquisition of geochronological (U-Pb, Re-Os), lithogeochemical (whole-rock) and mineralogical (SEM, LA-ICP-MS) data, in addition to data resulting from recent mining and exploration work by Hecla.


The successful candidate is expected to possess:

  • A strong interest in structural geology and geochemistry applied to gold metallogeny ;
  • Skills for field geology and detailed mapping ;
  • Teamwork skills allowing to work in a mining exploration group, and within an applied research team ;
  • Fluency in English and/or French - oral and written ;
  • Ability to write scientific reports.

The successful candidate will be based in Montreal and must enroll in the Earth Sciences master's program at UQAM, in Montreal. He/she will be supervised by Prof. Stéphane De Souza (UQAM) and co-supervised by Dr. Patrick Mercier-Langevin (Geological Survey of Canada). Work and oral presentations produced as part of master's courses at UQAM, as well as the final dissertation, can be written or presented in English (exams, field trip reports, etc.), but the courses are given in French.

The project will start in summer 2022

Interested candidates are asked to contact Stéphane De Souza. Please send in your latest transcripts and cv, as well as the email address of two references that we may reach out to. The posting will continue until recruitment is completed, but don't delay!

Phone : 514-987-3000 #8920

posted: 16 March 2022     Please mention EARTHWORKS when responding to this advertisement.