Graduate Research Position in Li Reactive Water Group in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Penn State University, University Park

Graduate research positions are available for Fall 2019 admission in Li reactive water group in the Dept. Civil & Environmental Engineering at Penn State. Li reactive water group has a history of supporting women and mentoring students from diverse backgrounds.

We are looking for motivated students who are interested in pressing environmental challenges that our society is facing today. Research topics include understanding temporal and spatial patterns of water quality and quantity in large rivers, remediation and natural attenuation in natural systems including soils, aquifers, and watershed. In particular, we are interested in advancing understanding on how climate change and human activities (e.g., land use, urbanization, mining, oil and gas extraction, agricultural operations) influence surface and groundwater quality. We use a suite of research tools, including lab-based flow and chemistry experiments, collaboration with field study teams, and a variety of modeling tools that can construct virtual reality and carry out numerical experiments. Ultimately we are interested in using and developing data-based forecasting models to facilitate management, decision making, strategic planning, and stewardship of water resources. We collaborate widely with researchers at Penn State, in institutions within and outside of US. Travelling opportunities to other parts of US and Europe (e.g., Switzerland, Germany, France) are abundant.

Students with background in engineering (e.g., civil and environmental engineering, chemical engineering, agricultural and biological engineering), hydrology (water resources), applied math, or geosciences (e.g., biogeochemistry, geochemistry, geography) are welcome. We particularly encourage students who are enthusiastic about interdisciplinary research, who are interested in rigorous sciences as well as broader society impacts, outreach, and education. Please feel free to direct your questions to Prof. Li Li, along with resume and transcript. The application website is Please apply to the Environmental Engineering program and mention Prof. Li Li as a potential advisor in your research statement.

posted: 04 September 2018     Please mention EARTHWORKS when responding to this advertisement.