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Why You Should Consider a Career in Media

The media industry is one of the most lucrative and promising industries in the world. With many different sectors such as television, radio, publishing, gaming and online media there are a wide range of jobs available to graduates and those considering a change in career.

Booming Industry Growth

Many people say that some aspects of media such as publishing is becoming a dying art, this may be true to a certain extent as physical print has declined however many companies are resorting to new measures to make up for this. An example of this would be news publishing companies who have begun to move into new media and produced applications in which consumers can view news reports on their Iphone, on social networking sites or simply on their own websites. This new found interest in new media has spread through almost the whole of the media industry with almost every company having a connection to new media. This increase in interest and investment in this sector has created a huge number of media jobs with websites such as Facebook and Twitter employing a vast amount of people. With this boom in the media industry there are many new job titles being created that would have previously been unheard of such as "blogger" and it is known that the "App Economy" alone has created hundreds of thousands of jobs. This industry can only promise to increase in popularity and growth and in turn create new job prospects.

Career Progression

When choosing a career it is always important to know if you will have progressed in the sector a few years down the line. In today's society within the media industry it is not who you know but rather how good you are at your job that will determine your progression. You can start off at the bottom and make your way right up to a managerial role. Granted this will take time however the healthy salaries are sure to motivate anyone.

Good Salary and Job Security

The basic starting salary for most within the media industry is around 18,000 - 25,000 per annum however as you gain more experience you will gain more money. You can start to make your way up the ladder into a role with more responsibilities; if you progress to a senior or managerial role then you could be on a salary of up to 100,000+ per annum. These figures will depend upon experience, the company in question and where the company is based. In the United Kingdom many of the highest paying companies are based in and around the larger cities such as London and Bristol.

There are many benefits of working in the media industry, with promotion prospects and salaries high it should definitely be a field for those candidates to consider who are determined, motivated and interested in the industry. Within media there are many levels of entry, room to grow and develop your skills once established.

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posted: 21 February 2012     Please mention EARTHWORKS when responding to this advertisement.