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How to Obtain a Placement in Graphic Design

The graphic design industry is widely known as being one of the hardest industries to break into for newly graduated students. With many applicants for each job available it is important that you make yourself stand out from the crowd and gain as much experience possible in order to secure your dream job.

Many graphic design students try and obtain a placement before searching for a full time job. This placement is vital in developing your skills and experience of the real working environment within the design industry. The best placements are always very highly competed for, if you get a placement with a well respected company then this will give you an edge when you start your job search. For this reason you need to do all in your power to have a good chance of obtaining a good placement.

Your CV and Covering Letter

When applying for placements you must send a copy of your CV to many employers. It is a hit or miss process as only certain companies will be offering positions. At the same time it is important to apply to a number of different companies due to the high number of students applying. Your CV will be the most important factor so you must spend a lot of time preparing one which will show you exactly as you are. As well as the everyday run of the mill parts of a CV such as education and experience you must also make your personality and skills shine through. It is not simply a few pages of A4 paper, it is you and everything you have worked towards for the past few years. Employers wont be looking for the candidate who received the highest mark in their exams but the one who is the best graphic designer. Your personal statement must show your creativity, character and skills as this will be the clincher in most cases. To make your CV have the wow factor you must make it stand out visually, this is up to you how you do this and you must let your imagination run wild because as a graphic designer you would think that applicants would make an effort to make their application stand out visually.

Your Portfolio

Along with your CV you must attach a copy of a portfolio of your previous projects. Employers will wish to see what you have been doing previously whether it be at university or as a hobby. This is more important than any test results or degrees in most cases as it will show your raw talents, they need to have an example of your skills and creativity in order to help in the decision of whether or not you are suitable for the graphic design jobs vacancy.

If you are successful in obtaining an interview then you must simply back up everything which you have documented in your CV through what you do and how you come across. You must show your creativity and passion for graphic design and leave them in no doubt that you are the best candidate to work at their company.

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posted: 21 February 2012     Please mention EARTHWORKS when responding to this advertisement.