Fachbereich Geowissenschaften - Institut für Geologische Wissenschaften AG Sedimentäre Systeme

Research assistant (praedoc) (m/f/d)

50%-part-time job
limited to 4 years
Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L FU
Reference code: Wiss. Mitarbeiter/-in SEDITION 2021

The research groups "Sedimentary Systems", "Cosmogenic Nuclides" and "Physical Geography" at the Department of Geosciences of the Freie Universität Berlin are jointly seeking a candidate for interdisciplinary research on the dynamics of erosion and vegetation in the western Mediterranean. The position is to be filled for 4 years starting from October 1st, 2021.

In the inter-institutional project SEDITION (Dynamics of EroSion and VEgetation in the Western MeDITerranean Region reconstructed by couplIng proxy data (cOsmogenic Nuclides, biomarker) with geomorphological evidence and modeling approaches), we will investigate the influence of human settlement history on vegetation and erosion in the immediate hinterland of three selected sites in the Western Mediterranean. Innovative methods (two cosmogenic nuclide systems, biomarkers, modeling approaches) will be used to characterize erosion rates and vegetation changes.

Job description:

  • Geomorphological/sedimentological field work in Italy, Spain and Tunisia
  • Quantification of erosion rates using cosmogenic nuclides
  • Quantification of paleovegetation and hydrology using terrestrial biomarkers
  • 2 semester hours per week (SWS) teaching at the Institute of Geological Sciences
  • Presentation of results at international conferences and in scientific publications
  • Working in a team with other PhD students, postdocs and staff members
  • Preparation of a doctoral thesis
  • The activity serves the scientific qualification


  • Completed university degree (MSc.) in geosciences


  • Sound knowledge of basic chemistry
  • Experience with chemical laboratory work
  • Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills and the ability to work both independently and as part of a multidisciplinary team
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English, and (if not already present) a willingness to learn German
  • Experience with cosmogenic nuclides
  • Experience with terrestrial biomarkers
  • Knowledge of statistics and geographic information systems
  • Interest in research on human-environment interactions
  • Modeling skills
  • Class B driver's license

Applications should be sent by e-mail, together with significant documents, indicating the reference code, in PDF format (preferably as one document) no later than September 20th, 2021 to Mrs. Prof. Anne Bernhardt: juliane.rohlmann@fu-berlin.de
On the given occasion and for the duration of the essential on-site operations by Freie Universität Berlin, we kindly ask you to apply electronically by e-mail. The processing of a postal application cannot be guaranteed.

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Freie Universität Berlin is an equal opportunity employer.

Freie Universität Berlin is an equal opportunity employer.