Post-Doctoral and Doctoral Researchers

In the framework of the new Cluster of Excellence "The Ocean Floor - Earth's Uncharted Interface", the MARUM - Center for Marine Environmental Sciences at the University of Bremen, is offering (under the condition of job release)

Post-doctoral positions in the areas:

  • Marine Glycobiology
  • Earth System Modeling
  • Regional Ocean Modeling
  • Seawater-rock interactions
  • Compound-specific stable isotope and radiocarbon analyses

Doctoral positions in the areas:

  • Paleo sea-level changes
  • Export and lateral advection of organic matter and the biological carbon pump
  • Oceanic bioproductivity in warm climates
  • Rates and patterns of adaptation to environmental change revealed by the fossil record of marine plankton

Detailed information on the individual positions and the application procedure can be found at the following link:

MARUM provides an ideal environment for early-career researchers to become excellent in their field of expertise and to develop their personal skills to further their career. MARUM offers plenty of opportunities for transdisciplinary exchange and collaboration across different disciplines in marine sciences. For further informations about the job enquiries contact

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