Marine Biologist Researcher

About Marine Environmental Consultancy & Research LLC (MECR)

MECR is a Doha/Qatar based company providing quality environmental and analytical services to industry, government, and individuals.

MECR's main area of expertise is in mitigation and marine habitat development for seagrass, corals and mangroves.

MECR can also provide onsite environmental aspects monitoring (marine water, air, groundwater, flora/fauna, soil, ) in conjunction with interpretative consultation services as well as sampling and analytical services.

Required qualifications

Masters of Science (MSc) degree in any marine related science:

  • Zoology
  • Fisheries
  • Biology
  • Marine Biology

Required competencies/skills

  • SCUBA diving certificate
  • Flexible (working hours) and motivated
  • Resilient to stress and able to meet deadlines
  • Able to work independently and under minimal supervision
  • Team player
  • Computer literate (all relevant MS Office applications)
  • Excellent communication skills to both internal and external stakeholders
  • Eager to learn and to familiarize himself/herself with the AJEC field of expertise

Work location

  • Mainly Doha/Qatar
  • Future assignments within the GCC region are possible

Work regime

  • Contractual basis : 8 working hours per day
  • Six (6) working days per working week, normal scheduled day off will be Friday


  • Perform research with assistance of team and supervised by Dr AlJamali.
  • Prepare and publish a minimum of 3 articles per year.
  • Research is focused on seagrass, coral or mangrove or artificial coral reef.

What does MECR offer ?

  • Contract
    • One (1) year with three months' probation period
    • Yearly contract renewal upon positive assessment
    • Yearly salary increase upon positive assessment
  • Salary
    • For basic profiles (with some relevant experience) :
    • 5000 QAR
    • All salaries are exempt from tax deductions in Qatar
  • Accommodation
    • Company will provide suitable accommodation
    • Accommodation is based on bachelor basis
  • Transportation
    • Company will provide suitable means of transportation to/from the various work locations
  • Annual leave
    • One (1) month of paid annual leave per year
    • One economy based to/from ticket to home country airport
  • Training
    • Diving courses to obtain required PADI diving certificate (if required)
    • Familiarization in seagrass, corals and mangroves relocation works (including scientific data collection, data processing, report preparation, )
    • Familiarization with specific marine measuring/analyzing equipment
    • Marine benthic taxonomy
Required Documentation for Applicant:
  • College Degree Certificate (This document should be documented and assessed by the following before coming to Qatar):
    • University or Ministry of Education
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Qatar Embassy
Other "Need to knows"
  • Strong preference for candidates on bachelor status
  • Preference for candidates that are immediately available
  • Experience is not a must, but for sure an advantage

To apply for this job please email:

To get more knowledge about MECR/AJEC please visit our website

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