Post-Doctoral Researcher: offshore geothermal resource management

The Centre for the Environment at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and Providence Resources seek a post-doctoral researcher to contribute to a new project on offshore geothermal resource management.

Ireland currently imports almost half of the fuels needed to meet its electricity requirements. Energy generation accounts for approximately 60% of all Green House Gas and 93.5% of CO2 emissions in Ireland. In order to decarbonise the economy by 2050, Ireland needs to produce 1 million fewer tonnes of carbon per year, which would require a complete reversal of current emission trends. Offshore geothermal energy has not yet been fully explored and is currently underdeveloped. This project presents a highly innovative and potentially disruptive case study from the Lower Cretaceous Dunquin North carbonate build-up, in the southern Porcupine Basin off the SW coast of Ireland. The project will showcase the crucial role the geoscience sector has in addressing climate change and managing our natural resources. The project will de-risk exploration of the Dunquin North prospect for geothermal heat /energy production by exploring its viability in terms of (i) offshore geothermal energy potential and (ii) connecting to the nearest high voltage grid in the Shannon Estuary, some 275 km distance from the well site. The project will link geoscience, geological engineering and energy science in order help meet Ireland's decarbonisation targets.

Applicants must hold a PhD in a related discipline. Candidates with quantitative, interdisciplinary knowledge from subsets of fields including geology, geophysics, earth sciences, geological engineering and energy science. Interested applicants should submit a CV and two letters of reference to no later than February 20th 2019. The CV should be no longer than 4 pages and must include contact details, recent employment history, academic qualifications, industry experience (if relevant), publications and any other information relevant to the project. One applicant will be selected and assisted to prepare an application for funding through the Geological Survey Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship open call, with a deadline of March 21st 2019.

The postdoctoral fellowship is for a maximum of two years, with up to €75,000 total funding per year. The project must start between June and September 2019.

posted: 17 January 2019     Please mention EARTHWORKS when responding to this advertisement.