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A research palaeontologist based in Leicester, UK, with over 3 years of experience in Silurian and Devonian trilobite systematics, focused on Japanese faunas. Micropalaeontological experience of over 5 years, focusing on Mesozoic ostracods and foraminifera, as well as Carboniferous ostracods from Japan. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Palaeozoic palaeontology, palaeobiogeography of Eastern Asia, micropalaeontology, biostratigraphy, sedimentology, geoarchaeology.
Please click here to contact Christopher Stocker by e-mail; web: posted 3 october 2017
Professional archaeologist with over 20 years UK experience, including senior management/CEO roles. Seeking new challenges worldwide: professional or academic or a combination of the two. Specialisms include medieval, historical and industrial archaeology, community engagement, heritage management, consultancy and buildings archaeology. BSc, MA, PhD, FSA, MCIfA, good publication record. Please click here to contact Paul Belford by e-mail, or see my website. posted 24 august 2016
A just graduated Archaeologist based in Milan, Italy with a B.A. and a M.A. in Archaeology both with honours. I worte my thesis about the Roman British Archaeology during my Erasmus period at Warwick Univeristy in England. I took part a various excavations and surveys projects in Italy. Looking for an interesting opportunity in the U.K. Fileds of interest: Roman Archaeology, British Archaeology, 3D models programme, Archaeology of Architecture.
Please click here to contact Andrea Merlini by e-mail. posted 24 july 2016
Professional geoscientist based in Egypt, with over 5 years of experience in various aspects of petrology and minerlogy, geoarcheology and geotechnical engineering. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: General geotechnical engineering. Reinforced soils. Slope stability. Soft soils. geochemistry, archeology, enviromental geology.
Please click here to contact Mohamed Hegazy by e-mail. posted 21 july 2016
A professional archaeologist currently based in Winchester, UK but actively seeking work in Sweden (preferably in the Västra Götaland area). Fields of interest include modern commercial practice, Balkan metal Age metallurgy and later Northern European Prehistory. Please click here to contact William Illsley, BA, MA, PCIfA by e-mail, or web: posted 27 october 2015
Environmental geophysicist based in Milan (Italy) with MSc in Earth Science, PhD, academic research background and over 10 years of experience in the near-surface geophysical imaging with applications in the fields of hydrostratigraphy and hydrogeology, geohazards, georesources, polluted sites, abandoned mine sites, archaeogeophysical mapping, geomorphology, geoforensic activities and spatial analyses in GIS environments. Looking for a challenging opportunity in EU in the field of subsurface investigation and exploration service for engineering and environmental projects. Please click here to contact Mauro Mele by e-mail. posted 11 august 2015
A geophysicist based in Belgrade, Serbia, with one year of experience in various aspects of near surface geophysical engineering. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Electrical Resistivity, Magnetic and GPR method.
Please click here to contact Ilija Vasiljevic by e-mail; web posted 08 January 2015
An undergraduate student archaeologist-palaeoecologist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland due to graduate with a 2:1 (Hons) in July 2014. I am looking to make my first step towards a long career anywhere in the UK or Ireland. Areas of interest include general Quaternary science, tephrochronology (thesis topic), Ice-age megafauna, geology & environmental/climate science.
Please click here to contact Laura by e-mail for a detailed CV and references.
posted 19 june 2014
A recent graduate with a BS in Geography (GIS) as well as minors in Geology and History based in Harrisonburg, VA. No recent professional experience. Looking for an internship or entry level position. Fields of interest: enduring interest and love for the out of doors, ancient history and maps.
Please click here to contact Kathy Hardin-Walker by e-mail.
posted 6 april 2011
A professional archaeologist based in Argostoli, Kefalonia, Greece, with over 10 years of experience in archaeological excavations and restorations of ancient monuments. Looking for an interesting opportunity around Europe. Interested more in Hellenistic and Roman archaeology.
Please click here to contact Thanasis Dellis by e-mail.
posted 1 december 2010
Hello, my name is Graham Potts. I am a 2D and 3D artist of many years experience. Originally working as an illustrator using traditional methods, for the past few years I have been working mainly though not exclusively in the games industry, designing and creating environments, objects, vehicles, and any and all things as needed. I am interested in and available for work in the Archaeology and Heritage areas. Reconstruction and visualisation, particularly Architecture, Artefacts and Environments. Based in the UK England. CV, work samples and rates available on request.
Please click here to contact Graham Potts by e-mail.
posted 13 september 2010
Professional geoscientist/palaeobotanist based in the UK with three years experience in hydrocarbon research including literature reviews, report writing, presentations and field work. Looking for a change of direction and willing to retrain. Fields of interest: Archaeology, Plant Science/Botany and Soil Science. Available to work in the West Midlands area, UK. CV available on request. Please contact by e-mail.
posted 14 october 2008
Professional field archaeologist based in Yorkshire, UK, with over 7 years of experience in excavation/evaluation, including 2 years supervisory experience. Knowledge of DBAs, AutoCAD, EDM survey. BSc(Hons) 1st class (Univ.Bradford), will complete p/t MA in Archaeology & Heritage (Univ.Leicester) September 2008. Looking for consultancy opportunities in Yorkshire or Bristol areas. Fields of interest: Roman small towns; British prehistory; archaeology of ex Soviet states. Please contact Christine (Kat) Hopwood by e-mail.
posted 15 may 2008
A recent graduate of Quaternary Science (MSc Royal Holloway, UK) with an Archaeological background based in London. I have experience using biological proxies and stable isotopes to reconstruct past environment change especially from lake sediments and archaeological sources. Looking for work in UK and EUROPE. Interests: Geo- and environmental archaeology, Prehistory-Palaeolithic etc, Palaeoecology, Quaternary and Holocene research, Chironomids, pollen and plant macrofossils. Please contact Ana Nunes by e-mail.
posted 17 october 2007
Professional Corporate Anthropologist/Archaeologist and Art Historian (UT Austin) with a M.A. in Archaeology/Ethnographic Conservation (UCL London, England). Certified Paralegal, with a 2-year Diploma in Commercial Art. Diverse professional background: Investigator; Marketing for international and national companies/groups, i.e. Native American Tribal Councils; Archaeology Research Lab (also researcher and CRM assistant); currently working in the Petroleum Industry. Looking for a position as a Corporate Anthropologist. Contact by e-mail
posted 20 february 2007
Professinoal Archaeologist from Mexico, currently living in Erie Pennsylvania with experience of 5 years in fields such as Archaeology, some conservation, forensics and teaching languages (Spanish and English). Looking for opportunites in Pennsylvania or close by but wouldn't mind travelling. Experience mostly based in Northern and Western Mexico, I've also worked in Cyprus. Contact Jose A. Herrera
posted 11 january 2007