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Geologist based in Slovenia, with experience in research (MSc in the USA, PhD in Japan). Looking for a challenging and dynamic opportunity in and outside research/academics world-wide. Fields of interest: Karst. Sea-level change. Carbonate islands. Water geochemistry. Paleoclimate. Exploration (mineral resources, mining). Mineralogy. Other. Contact Blaž Miklavic at posted 10 July 2019
An integrated in Geoinformatics pass out student from Central University of Jharkhand, India. Having an experience in handling Remote Sensing data. Well versed with GIS software's and R programming. Looking for PhD positions. Field of interest- Aerosols, Urban, Remote Sensing, Climate. Click here to contact Shravani Banerjee by email posted 1 July 2019
A recent graduate with in a Master of Geosciences and bachelors in Marine Geography, based in Oslo, Norway. Experienced in data analysis, hydrographic surveying and geomatics, GIS. Fields of interest: Oil and Gas, the energy sector, surveying and meteorology. Contact Edward Harrison at, or contact through linked in posted 14 June 2019
An young meteorologist based in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, currently studying severe thunderstorms over South America for obtaining MSc degree. Looking for opportunities world-wide. Fields of interest: Radar meteorology, Lightning detection, Precipitation microphysics, Storm and cloud dynamics. Contact Pedro A. S. M. Ribeiro at,; Linkedin: ; web: posted 09 May 2019
Extreme event specialist with over 8 years of research and industry experience, proficient in statistical analysis and numerical weather prediction modelling, an expert in Matlab & Excel, familiar with R, Python, Fortran, JAVA and C++ with a research degree from the UK, presently employed in a prestigious organization in India is looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity in the EU, U.K. and USA. Fields of interest: Statistical modelling, numerical weather prediction, parametrization, climate change, statistics and physics of thunderstorms and tropical cyclones. Contact Kopal Arora at,; web: posted 29 March 2019
A final year PhD student at Imperial College London looking at climate change impacts on food webs with molecular techniques. Looking for a research opportunity preferably in Switzerland, Spain, Portugal or Italy. Field of interest: Climate Change. Food Web Ecology. DNA Sequencing & qPCR. Functional Response. Contact Bruno Gallo at: posted 25 January 2019
UK-based, polyglot, 10 years experience in prototyping and using optical gas sensing platforms, signal processing, seismic full waveform inversion, some Bayesian inference, some geochemistry, strong project management skills, good communication and scientific writing skills. Fields of interest: applied optics, atmospheric processes, gas remote sensing, applied geophysical problems, machine vision, volcanology. More info: posted 26 january 2018
A Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change and Climate Variability, Urban Climate Change Resilience, Urban Resilience, GIS & Remote Sensing Specialist brings him with more than 13+ years wide experience at both national and international levels including South Asia, South-East Asia and European nations. He holds master's degrees in Geo-information Science for Earth Observation, Environmental Modelling & Management (GEM); Urban & Regional Planning and Geography. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Please click here to contact Lalit Dashora by e-mail. posted 8 january 2018
Looking for a challenging career that demands to apply my professional ability and skills so that organization benefits along with the broadening and enhancing my knowledge and skills. Being a MSC.graduate student of Meteorology My areas of interest : Climate studies, Monsoon studies, Ocean Atmospheric coupled modelling. Please click here to contact Shyno Susan by e-mail; LinkedIn profile: posted 1 june 2017
Completed Integrated post graduation in Climate Change Adaptation from Kerala Agricultural University, India, I am interested in carrying out long term research in the field of climate change in relation to agriculture food security and waste management, focusing on its impact, adaptation and mitigation strategies that enable to reduce the stress on allied sectors under the changing climate scenario and looking for higher research opportunities world-wide.
Please click here to contact Iwin K. Augastian by e-mail. posted 20 may 2017
First class BSc Oceanography graduate specialising in mathematical modelling and data analysis. 18 months' work experience in the defence industry in a technical role with project management and team leading experience. Looking for a technical role with customer facing and team working opportunities. Currently living in Bath, UK and willing to travel throughout the UK and Europe, starting as soon as required.
Please click here to contact Jennifer Cocks by e-mail. posted 2 may 2017
An atmospheric remote sensing researcher based in the Netherlands looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity. Fields of interest: Physical modeling such as the rain drop inertia effect. Retrieval techniques such as optimal estimation. Radiative transfer modeling and turbulence (/ EDR). Satellite trace gas retrieval techniques such as DOAS. Currently I am finalizing my PhD research and I am interested in postdoctoral research. I am also interested in setting up my own research, which can be performed with a grant.
Please click here to contact Albert Oude Nijhuis by e-mail. posted 26 april 2017
A geology/geochemistry graduate, with a PhD in palaeoclimatology and excellent science communication skills. Looking for opportunities to study and communicate environmental issues in the UK. Fields of interest: Palaeoclimatology (proxies), Science Communication, Environmental Issues.
Please click here to contact Robert Andrew Jamieson by e-mail; or via LinkedIn at posted 14 december 2016
An atmospheric chemist based in India, with over 3 years of experience in various aspects of atmospheric sciences. Looking for an interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Mass spectrometric analysis. SOA formation. Bio-aerosols.
Please click here to contact Dr. Prashant Rajput by e-mail. posted 10 october 2016
Published early career South African researcher with three years experience in project management, science communication and fundraising. Looking for international PhD post in fields of interest or exciting employment opportunity. Fields of interest include: Climate vulnerability and adaptation, ocean governance, sustainable harvesting practices, human and marine ecology interactions, and science communication. Please click here to contact Willem Malherbe by e-mail; Web posted 29 september 2016
A recent MSc graduate, with multiple publications. Projects on the paleo-climatic reconstruction of the Eocene of Jamaica, as well as the biogeography of Gondwana, and its function as a land bridge up to the Miocene. Published in the Swiss journal of Palaeontology, PALAIOS, and Ichnos. I am looking for junior research or PhD positions worldwide. Fields of interest: Paleontology. Paleoclimatology. Biogeography. Molecular phylogenetics.
Please click here to contact Conrad van den Ende by e-mail. posted 14 september 2016
A geographer based in Caracas Venezuela, with over 9 years of experience in several aspects such as GIS, work with communities, cadastre, human geography, field work and environmental issues. Post Graduate Diploma in environmental management and an unfinished Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering. Skills in environmental laws, waste management, atmospheric contamination, between others. Looking for opportunities world-wide.
Please click here to contact Henry Martínez by e-mail. posted 14 september 2016
An Information Technology Professional based in Abuja, Nigeria, with over 7 years of experience in various aspects of Meteorology, Climate Science and Computing. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: PhD Positions in modelling, Lecturing, Data Analysis and Information Technology. Please click here to contact Bamidele Oloruntoba by e-mail. posted 30 july 2016
A South African M.Sc graduate in Environmental & Geographical Sciences, specialising in palaeoclimatology, with a focus on marine environments (B.Sc Hons in Oceanography). Looking for exciting PhD opportunities in palaeoclimatology/ palaeoceanography, or work experience/internships in the fields of natural sciences and popular science writing. Please click here to contact Robyn Granger by e-mail; web posted 27 july 2016
A Ph.D research student based in Cheshire, UK, with experience in various aspects of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing image processing techniques. Experience in ArcMap, ENVI, Beam, R, and Matlab. Fields of interest: phenological remote sensing, land use change, big data analysis, climate change, renewable energy mapping.
Please click here to contact Gill Mountford by e-mail; web posted 15 july 2016
A geo-information and earth observation scientists, with 3 years of working experience in geo-information applications on environmental monitoring and management. Current works and research focus on applications of remote sensing and GIS technologies in agro-ecosystems monitoring and food security, vegetation mapping and monitoring. Other fields of interest include mitigation and adaptation of agriculture and environmental resources to climate change, and other climate change related projects. Personal values include discipline, inter-personal skills, ability to work under pressure, enthusiasm in working in multi-cultural and interdisciplinary environments.
Please click here to contact Maurice Mugabowindekwe by e-mail. posted 9 july 2016
A PhD geoscientist from South Carolina, USA, currently in Islamabad, Pakistan, with 35+ years of progressive experience, accomplishments, motivation administration, leadership and unparalleled financial management in academics (i.e. university level) and industry (i.e. resource consultant services), related to Mineral and Water Resources, GIS and RS technologies, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Climate Change Analysis, Natural Hazard and Disaster Management and Mitigation, Petrology and Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Eco-Hydrologic Modeling, having a strong publication record (>120), looking for a challenging opportunity world-wide.
Please click here to contact Omar Khattak by e-mailfor detailed resume. posted 7 june 2016
I am a scientific computing developer/researcher based in Sao Paulo - Brazil, with over 8 years of experience developing and researching high performance computing and scientific computing code in C/C++, Fortran, Python, Matlab and R. I am looking for opportunities in numerical optimization, numerical simulation and model validation in Meteorology and Engineering.
Please contact click here to contact Jesse Americo by e-mail. posted 6 april 2016
Atmospheric scientist with a PhD from Victoria University, New Zealand. Highly motivated and capable with 10 years of international research experience and more than 20 publications in top peer-reviewed journals. Experienced in numerical modeling, data assimilation and measurements of various atmospheric species. Current research interests include biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nitrogen and atmospheric transport of trace species. Open to new challenges. Currently based in Luxembourg.
Please contact click here to contact Rona Thompson by e-mail. posted 3 april 2016
A statistician residing in India with 1.7 years of experience in predictive modelling and forecasting with an IT company. Looking for opportunities in Earth and atmospheric science domain, climate and rainfall prediction.
Please contact click here to contact Zeba Ansari by e-mail. posted 12 february 2016
A master student in meteorology based in Beijing China, with over 7 years of experience in various aspects of atmospheric study and research. Looking for a challenging and interesting PhD position world-wide in 2016. Fields of interest: Land-surface Processes. Agrometeorology. Plant Ecology. Natural Hazards. Please contact click here to contact Minzheng Wang by e-mail. posted 6 february 2016
A development professional with over 9 years experience. 5 years for UN and other international development agencies (IFAD, UNDP, GEF, SIWI) of which over 3 years of field experience in Tanzania, Mali, Kenya, Palestine and Sudan. 4 years in private sector in England. Based in Rome, Italy. Available worldwide. Sustainable Natural Resource Management, Green Technologies, Environmental Governance, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Team Leader, Project Management, Project Evaluation, Project Proposals. Please contact click here to contact Mr)Wietse Michiels by e-mail, web: posted 20 january 2016
A physical geography graduate based in England, having applicable knowledge in certain geographic and environmental fields. Possessing a proven ability in having a clear, logical an analytical mindset with a rational approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. Available to work in most regions of England. Fields of Interest: Soil Science, Hydrology, Renewable Energy, GIS, Environmental Sciences and Atmospheric Sciences.
Please contact click here to contact Carl Whyte by e-mail. posted 8 january 2016
A PhD in the field of Geoinformatics with 5 years experience in remote sensing of vegetation, use of synthetic aperture radar data (SAR), ground truth collection, open source tools like Postgres/PostGIS. Looking for a post doctoral position world wide in the fields of: climate change, environmental modelling, polar ice studies, land use land cover analysis, oceanographic sciences.
Please contact click here to contact Dr. Varunika Jain by e-mail. posted 14 december 2015
A Ph.D. physicist based at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland with 11 years of experience in high energy particle physics. Seeking exciting research opportunities world-wide in applied physics, geophysics, remote sensing, environmental science, and climate change. Fields of interest: Experimental particle physics. Data analysis. Data visualization. Particle detectors. Data acquisition. Electronics. Software development. Remote sensing. Environment. Please click here to contact Derek Strom by e-mailor find me on Linkedin at posted 22 september 2015
BSc Biology and MSc Environmental Sciences graduate seeking a challenging opportunity to build upon my experiences in southern England. BSc thesis working with insecticide resistant invertebrates and MSc thesis working in a laboratory investigating nutrient transfer through marine food webs. Interests: Environmental biology, climate change, consultancy, waste management, environmental monitoring.
Please click here to contact Robert Gloyns by e-mail; Web: posted 16 september 2015
A scientific data analysis researcher based in the Washington DC metro area with 3+ years experience programming in languages IDL and FORTRAN 77/FORTRAN 90. Experience with optical and infrared CCD imaging. Proficient in use of Windows and Unix/Linux based platforms. Looking for research analysis full time position or internship in Astronomy/Physics/Space Science/defense fields. Country of residence: USA. Please click here to contact Lauren Brewer by e-mail. posted 14 july 2015
A professional geoscientist based in IAU University, with over 4 years of experience in various aspects of tectonic and seismic hazard. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Seismic Hazard analysis, Tectonic, Climatology, Earthquake engineering. Please click here to contact Hadi Jarahi by e-mail: web posted 14 july 2015
I am a recent graduate in BSc Mathematics (First Class, University of Exeter), looking for an exciting permanent job or internship in the areas of Meteorology, Climatology or Climate Change. Experience in application of Mathematics of Climate Change, and research of climate processes. Currently located in Bristol, UK, but available to work in rest of UK and EU. Please click here to contact Isabella Capel-Timms by e-mail. posted 25 june 2015
A climate change researcher based in Enschede, The Netherlands, with 10 years of experience in various fields of Geo-informatics. Looking for challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change. Climate Change policy and plans. Climate Change Services. Qualitative and Quantitative Research and Analysis. Land Administration. Land Policy. Socio-Technological Innovative Concepts for the Geo-information Management. Geospatial Data Products and Applications. Please click here to contact Adish Khezri by e-mail. posted 17 june 2015
A physicist (meteorologist) based in Darmstadt, Germany, with over 4 years of experience in applications of remote sensing in geoscience and training in remote sensing. Looking for a opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: application of satellite data in forecasting, training in remote sensing, spectral channels. Please click here to contact Ivan Smiljanic by e-mail. posted 1 june 2015
Recent MSc. graduate of Hydroscience and Engineering based in Jamaica with emphasis on climate change adaptation and mitigation; natural resource preservation and management. Results oriented and driven to establish optimal knowledge products. Envi-MET microclimate model and BROOK 90 hydrologic model proficient. Looking to collaborate with organizations, across the globe, whose visions revolve around environmental resilience and sustainability for human and ecosystem wellness.
Please click here to contact Stephanie McGill by e-mail. posted 29 may 2015
I am an enthusiastic young scientist based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania with over 4 years of experience in various aspects of climatology. I'm looking for an interesting opportunity for young researchers world-wide. Field of interest: climatology, climate change, hydrology. Please click here to contact Adrian Piticar by e-mail; web posted 28 may 2015
A professional researcher with a PhD degree in coastal engineering and more than 6 years experience on the numerical modeling of coastal waves, currents, tides and storm-surges for a board ranged topics from sea level rise, coastal inundation, wave climate, wave energy in research programs and engineering projects. Seeking a research opportunity worldwide to deepen the understanding of coastal processes.
Please click here to contact Ning Li by e-mail. posted 26 may 2015
An atmospheric scientist currently in Fort Collins Colorado, with over 5 years experience in atmospheric chemistry, meteorology and global modeling. Looking for an exciting opportunity in Sacramento California or bay-area. Fields of interest: microphysics, SOA, lightning chemistry, particle growth, meteorology and forecasting.
Please click here to contact Stephen D'Andrea by e-mail; web posted 19 may 2015
A climate scientist with 7 years of experience doing data analysis and modeling of the ocean. Looking for a challenging and interesting job, possibly interdisciplinary, that draws on my expertise in physical oceanography. Willing to relocate worldwide. Specialty fields: parameter estimation and uncertainty quantification (Bayesian), data assimilation (4DVAR), using models to understand data and vice-versa.
Please click here to contact Sarah Zedler by e-mail. Currently located in Austin, TX, USA. posted 11 may 2015
A finishing Ph.D. student at Columbia University, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory is looking for a postdoc / assistant professor research position starting September. Expertise includes stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry, stratigraphy, and trace elements. I am looking for a position that will include research in paleoclimate or astrobiology.
Please click here to contact Anastasia Yanchilina ( for a full resume by e-mail. posted 16 march 2015
Postgraduate marine scientist, MSc Ecosystem-based management of marine systems, with valuable experience of coral reef ecology and management in the Red Sea. Looking for a challenging opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: coral reef, community structure, water quality analysis. (University of St Andrews, Scotland). Please click here to contact Aziz J Mulla by e-mail. posted 4 march 2015
A current Environmental Scientist for REPSG, Inc based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reliable understanding in field sampling process and sampling regulations. Recently graduated West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a B.S in Geoscience: Earth Systems. Looking for a position that will give me an opportunity to see different parts of the country and call upon my extensive educational background. Interests in geomorphology, sedimentology, meteorology, planetary geology, and oceanography.
Please click here to contact Jared Christian by e-mail. posted 06 January 2015
A fresher, currently JRF at Indian Institute of Remote Sensing from India. Bachelor in Information Technology and M.Tech in geomatics engg.(civil engineering) with first class degree each. Looking for a PhD opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Remote sensing in cryosphere/hydrosphere, hydrological and weather forecast modeling. Please click here to contact Sangita Kumari by e-mail. posted 29 december 2014
I am an enthusiastic BSc Geography graduate based in Reading UK, who is responsible and reliable. I am very keen to begin a career in remote sensing. I am looking for challenging and interesting entry or graduate level opportunities UK wide. Fields of interest: Climate Change. Urban Heat Mapping. Monitoring Vegetation. Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets. Environmental Monitoring.
Please click here to contact James Gillespie by e-mail. posted 13 november 2014
A recent geology graduate with a PhD in paleoclimatology based in the United Kingdom. Looking for an interesting and challenging position in biostratigraphy or geochemistry world-wide. Fields of interest: stable isotope geochemistry, trace metal geochemistry, micropaleontology, biostratigraphy. Please click here to contact Sam Bradley by e-mail; linkedin: posted 24 october 2014
A recent M.Sc Climate Change graduate looking to advance into an academic career through a PhD. I am based in Ireland and so can work anywhere in the EU but also open to any exciting opportunities worldwide. Fields of interest; palaeoclimatology, palaeoenvironmental change, examining controlling factors of benthic foraminiferal distributions, carbon sequestration in saltmarshes, measuring ecosystem responses to climate change. Please click here to contact Shane Curran by e-mail.
posted 26 september 2014
A post-graduate glaciologist currently based in Milton Keynes, UK (available worldwide), with 5 years' experience via a BSc in 'Geography' and MSc in 'Quaternary Science and Climate Development'. Looking to develop my skills and knowledge regarding ancient and modern ice sheets through a PhD alongside professional industry experience, with a particular focus on Antarctica and Greenland. Field of interest: Ice sheet dynamics, Quaternary Science, Luminescence Dating, Climate Change, Remote Sensing, ArcGIS.
Please click here to contact Michael Cullum by e-mail for more information and full CV.
posted 15 july 2014
Studied physics, finnishing up PhD in Geophysics. Looking for new challenges in Belgium. Fields of interest: polar sciences, climate, computer modelling.
Please click here to contact Antje Fitzner by e-mail, web
posted 8 july 2014
An undergraduate student archaeologist-palaeoecologist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland due to graduate with a 2:1 (Hons) in July 2014. I am looking to make my first step towards a long career anywhere in the UK or Ireland. Areas of interest include general Quaternary science, tephrochronology (thesis topic), Ice-age megafauna, geology & environmental/climate science.
Please click here to contact Laura by e-mail for a detailed CV and references.
posted 19 june 2014
An Environment Engineer working in "Environment Impact Assessment-Environment Management Planing" of Mining & Hydroelectric Power Projects with over 2-3 years of experience, in the Areas of Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Ecology Biodiversity, Socio-economy. Fields Interested: Meteorology, Air Quality Modeling, Air Pollution, Energy etc. Presently in Dehardun, Uttarakhand, India. Looking for opportunities anywhere to meet my areas of interest. Please click here to contact Pooja Ghildiyal by e-mail, web:
posted 18 june 2014
I am a master's Graduate in Energy Engineering with 2 years of professional experience in the field of concentrated solar power, climate change and policy recommendation studies for India. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Solar Energy, Climate Change, Power Sector and Environmental Engineering.
Please click here to contact J. Varun by e-mail.
posted 26 may 2014
A researcher in soil science from India based in South Korea. Presently pursuing Ph.D in soil biogeochemistry. Looking for interesting relevant post-doctoral research level opportunity worldwide. My interest is in soil GHG flux under climatic and environmental changes. I employ techniques like gas chromatography, TOC analysis, microbial biomass analysis to examine soil GHG fluxes and the factors associated. Fields of interest: Soil respiration, soil greenhouse gas emission, soil organic carbon, soil microbiology.
Please click here to contact Mohammad Moonis by e-mail.
posted 12 march 2014
Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences (MS in Physics) based in Los Angeles, CA with more than 5 years of experience in modeling (Regional climate, NWP), data analysis and some experimental meteorological observations. Looking for positions available in Los Angeles area. Interest: Regional Climate, Sub-seasonal prediction, NWP, WRF expertise, air-quality modeling.
Please click here to contact Om Tripathi by e-mail.
posted 6 march 2014
Post graduate Sustainable Management of Natural Resources student with global work experience. Looking for a position within the United States ideally with sponsorship, but can undertake the first year of employment without. Fields of interest: General environmental sciences, sustainability, ecology, climate change and renewable energies.
Please click here to contact Phill Bunce by e-mail - all queries welcome.
posted 19 may 2013
Senior Research Fellow in IISC, Bangalore, India with over 4 years of experience in various aspects of Meteorology - experienced in High performance (clustered) computing, scientific programming using Fortran77/90/95/C/C++,parallel computing on Linux clusters using MPI and/or OpenMPI, weather/climate modelling (Regional Ocean Modelling Systems), working with large datasets and Linux system administration. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide.
Please click here to make contact by e-mail.
posted 10 april 2013
A newly graduated PhD with a main research interest in using signals from space geodetic techniques, i.e. GPS and VLBI, in order to study geodynamic phenomena and atmospheric processes with a specific focus on variations of the water vapour content from sub-diurnal to decadal time scales. I have over 6 years working experience in data processing, simulation, modelling and statistics. Looking for an opportunity for either academic or industrial jobs.
Please click here to contact Tong Ning by e-mail.
posted 14 march 2013