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Geophysicist Excelling at Customer Engagement. Unique team member spanning roles and making everything work better. Excel at sales, business development, pre- and post-sale technical support, public presentations, managing client relationships, executing technical service projects, training, software testing, managing commercialization projects. Geoscience work is a team effort, and I enjoy working with teams. Petrel, Epos, GeoFrame. HOUSTON TX USA only.
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posted 8 October 2018
Professional petroleum geologist/geoscientist based in London, England, with 38 years of experience in various aspects of oil, gas and water exploration, testing, reservoir development and production. Looking for new and interesting opportunities world-wide. Skills and interests - geology, (local, regional and planetary), geomorphology, natural hazards, seismic/geophysics, risk assessment, economics, discovery and productivity.
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posted 14 May 2018
A business consultant based in London, with strong background in geosciences with over 13 years' experience in project management, B2B sales and technical analysis within the oil and gas industry. Seeking opportunities to transit into business and leadership development. Field of interest include strategy and innovation management, employee motivation and leadership training. Recent MBA graduate from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.
Please click here to contact Clement Otor by e-mail; web posted 2 november 2017
Indonesian Petroleum Engineering recent graduate with good analytical and problem solving skill. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide as an entry-level engineering position. Fields of interest: drilling, production, economic analysis.
Please click here to contact Nanda Hilyah by e-mail. posted 20 january 2017
Demonstrated leadership abilities in the government, private, and entrepreneurial sectors with a particular specialty in designing and leading change. Extremely strong business acumen specifically engineered for business growth and continuous improvement. Known and respected for the ability to generate buy-in across a diverse set of stakeholders despite ambiguity in strategic outcomes. Competently leads multiple initiatives while maintaining focus on the mission, vision, and values of the organization.USA-Northwest.
Please click here to contact Ed by e-mail. posted 4 october 2016
A professional geoscientist based in London, UK, with 25 years of international experience in upstream oil & gas. Strengths & interests are in leading integrated teams through early field developments, opportunity creation for replenishment of producing assets, and the technical and commercial aspects of new business development. Proven track record in turning around underperforming projects. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Please click here to contact Stephen Hart by e-mail; website: posted 29 september 2016
A Bachelor of Accounting, a Master of Applied Finance and MBA-International Business-15years experience Financial Controller, Finance Manager, Business Analyst, Financial Analysis. Areas of Expertise: Financial Management and Control, Business Planning, Budgeting, & forecasting. Financial Reporting and Analysis. Accounting Management including Working Capital and Fixed Assets Functions. Business Processes Improvement Developing Financial Policies & Procedures. ERP Implementation and experience. Looking for Gulf regions opportunities Please click here to contact Ibraheem AL Ramahi by e-mail; Mobile: +966 54 398 0739, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. posted 18 april 2016
A Professional Scientist with expertise in sustainable materials management, located in Wisconsin. Technical assistance and outreach/education for businesses and communities. Looking for interesting opportunity in the agriculture or non-agriculture sectors. Pacific Northwest (US) or British Columbia (Canada) preferred, but will consider other locations worldwide.
Please click here to contact Jonathan by e-mail. posted 17 april 2016
A double Masters degree (business and engineering) experienced building services engineering professional, with international commercial exposure. Worked at increasing levels of responsibility within the mechanical, electrical and HVAC engineering environment. Worked in plastics, oil and gas, raw materials processing industry, automotive, food and beverage, railway, healthcare, clothing, retail, and building and construction services. Cradle-to-grave project responsibility with P&L, tendering, technical, contract and financial management, personnel management, stakeholder management and shrewd negotiation skills. My lucid, positive, professional manner enables me to communicate effectively, whether with client or employer. Ensuring the highest degree of dependability, integrity and attention to detail. My management and engineering experience has further developed a diplomatic, "can do" attitude that encourages a results-oriented approach by the team.
Please click here to contact Rajeev Kumar-Rathor by e-mail. Web: posted 14 april 2016
I am a Geologist/ GIS Specialist currently completing a Masters of Business Administration in Australia. I have extensive expertise in Coal, Graphite, Copper and Gold and am looking for opportunities worldwide. My fields of interest are GIS, Geoscience, Remote Sensing, Mining and Exploration and Business Analysis.
Please click here to contact Owen Cunningham by e-mail, and my website is posted 4 april 2016