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Researcher based in Southern California, with over 5 years of experience in aquatic microbial ecology, from biology to chemistry, expert in environmental flow cytometry and cell sorting. Looking for a challenging opportunity world-wide, in academic or applied research, program management, conservancy, or science-policy.
Please click here to contact Agathe Talarmin by e-mail.
posted 15 april 2014
My name is Dr. Robert Laich and I am a professional Marine Chemical Ecologist with additional qualifications as a professional diver based in Munich, Germany. I have up to 5 years experience in the field of drug discovery and the isolation of novel secondary metabolites, additionally I have 3 years experience in sales and marketing. Preferably I am looking for a challenging position world wide in the field of marine science with emphasis on analytical chemistry. Please click here to contact Robert Laich by e-mail, and for further information, full CV and certificates.
posted 6 march 2014
Diligent scientist, based in Northern Ireland, currently in S.E. Wales to 21st of February. Degree in environmental science and a Pg. Diploma in management, innovation and change. Many years of geology related experience in the oil industry. Experienced in working in multi-disciplinary teams, with analytical, numerical and problem-solving skills. Currently looking for short term projects outdoors & glasshouse work, raising plants very early without heat, using "hotbeds" etc. in S.E. Wales. Expertise in nitrification, soils, composting and horticulture. Knowledge of environmental & sustainable development matters.
Please click here to contact Robert Taylor by e-mail.
posted 2 february 2014
Recently graduated MSc in Marine Science and BSc in Biology, currently based in Barcelona, Spain, seeks world-wide research opportunities. Experienced in laboratory and field work focused on ecology and bioenergetics of fish, energy density and lipid classes of fish, statistical analysis with R software. Fields of interest: Marine ecology. Pelagic ecosystems. Marine resources management. Modelling ecosystems. Fisheries science. Please click here to contact Sonia Sánchez by e-mail.
posted 24 january 2014
A conservation biologist based in Quebec Canada, with over 5 years experience in various aspects of biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods development. Recently graduated with a PhD in Human Ecology, and poses an excellent blend of talents in scientific research, conservation education, GIS and remote sensing, non-invasive genetics, project management, and establishing cooperative community relationships to improve wildlife protection. I am looking for a challenging opportunity worldwide: particularly interested in research and conservation projects in tropical (Africa) countries.
Please click here to contact Denis N. Etiendem by e-mail.
posted 20 january 2014
A recently graduated MS student in molecular ecology, with background in bacteria, viruses, insects and their diseases. Have also experience catching and anaesthetizing freshwater fish. Hard worker in the field and in laboratory settings. Can work worldwide. Previous fields of interest: environmental conservation, bee diseases, evolution of symbiosis. PCR. DNA sequencing. DNA Bar-coding. 4Peaks. MacClade. JMP.
Please click here to contact Dan Erickson by e-mail.
posted 3 june 2013
Post graduate Sustainable Management of Natural Resources student with global work experience. Looking for a position within the United States ideally with sponsorship, but can undertake the first year of employment without. Fields of interest: General environmental sciences, sustainability, ecology, climate change and renewable energies.
Please click here to contact Phill Bunce by e-mail - all queries welcome.
posted 19 may 2013
Soil scientist, ecologist based in Moscow, Russia, with 5 years of experience in Environmental Science. I would like to find PhD work in Germany. Fields of interest: Soil Science. Soil ecology. Microbiology. Wastes.
Please click here to contact Zukhra Gaynullina by e-mail.
posted 16 may 2013
Graduated as Ecologist and conservation specialist. At the moment i'm working as a technical environmental assistent at Port of Antwerp (Belgium) on the dredging activities. At the moment, looking for a challenging job world-wide. Good knowledge of geographic information systems, birds, landuse management, environmental survey and habitat restoration technics.
Please click here to contact Jan De Beck by e-mail; Linkedin:
posted 28 january 2013
Environmental Scientist with a first class degree and 1 years working experience as a conservation warden and as an assistant to Environmental Planning Manager seeks a challenging and educating opportunity based in Auckland. Would be willing to move within New Zealand for the right job. My main field of interest is ecological research and Air/Water quality but am open to opportunities. I'm enthusiastic, intelligent and reliable. Please click here to contact Rhiannon by e-mail.
posted 14 july 2012
Numerate marine ecologist – I am a published marine ecologist based in the UK who is just coming towards the end of his PhD (available end of October). I am an expert user of PRIMER who is researching climate change related variations in estuarine fish and zooplankton communities. I also have a good understanding of estuarine benthic ecology. I am looking for a challenging role in either research or consultancy and am available worldwide.
Please click here to contact Shaun Plenty by e-mail.
posted 22 august 2011
A professional ecologist based in Kiev, Ukraine, with 1 year of experience in developing new methods of wastewater treatment. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Wastewater treatment. Water-protection. Please click here to contact Vita Kotlyarova by e-mail.
posted 24 july 2011
A young professional geographer based in Buenos Aires, with 7 years of experience in various aspects of geography (GIS, environmental impact assessment, field work research and education). Looking for a challenging and dynamic opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: gis, remote sensing, environmental impact assessment, consulting, land use cover changes, landscape ecology.
Please click here to contact Maria Cecilia D’Angelo by e-mail.
posted 13 june 2011
Professional remote sensing and GIS scientist, with over 8 years research experience. Minor in Forest Engineering, holds a Master in Forest Sciences focused on remote sensing and GIS, PhD in Geosciences. Strong background in image processing and landscape ecology research. Eager to contribute in relevant research in RS & GIS applied to wildlife conservation. Fields of interest: artificial intelligence and object-oriented imagery information extraction, hyperspectral sensors, landscape ecology and conservation, forest monitoring.
Please click here to contact Naíssa Luz by e-mail.
posted 26 may 2011
Environmental consultant by training with over three years of experience in environmental impact assessment of infrastructures and town planning. Recently graduated with an MSc degree in Applied Marine and Fisheries Ecology at the University of Aberdeen (United Kingdom). Looking for a challenging opportunity worldwide. Particularly interested in: fisheries science, fisheries and aquaculture product certification, ecolabelling, environmental impact assessment, ecology and conservation of marine ecosystems. Please click here to contact Carlos de Castro by e-mail.
posted 29 march 2011
Portuguese marine scientist working in Pacific Grove CA, USA. Experienced in statistical modelling (spatial and temporal data analysis), climate variability/change research, high performance computing (Fortran, MPI, OpenMP, LAPACK), teaching. BSc in marine biology, MSc in maths&stats, PhD (2010) in hierarchical Bayesian methods applied to marine science. Interested in ecosystem modelling, ecology, sustainable fisheries. Available worldwide.
Please click here to contact Ricardo Lemos by e-mail, webpage and CV:
posted 21 march 2011
Marine Biologist currently living in Bechtelsville, PA with over 10 years living and working on tropical islands worldwide seeking challenging and interesting opportunity in tropics worldwide. Experience in marine biology, aquaculture, field work, electronics, conservation, remote sensing, boating, scuba.
Please click here to contact Ron Sjoken by e-mail.
posted 2 march 2011
A quantitative silviculture professional based in Santiago, Dominican Republic, with over 5 years of experience in various aspects of silviculture research. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Forest Biometrics, Quantitative Silviculture Research, Growth and Yield Modeling, Statistical Data Analysis for Forest Growth and Yield Modeling, Silviculture Practices and Modeling, Forest Inventory Design and Compilation. Please contact Santiago W Bueno by e-mail.
posted 18 february 2011
A conservation biologist based in Calgary Alberta, with substantial international experience. Eager to contribute exceptional academic credentials and significant wildlife conservation experience toward supporting a globally recognized organization in achieving goals and objectives. Hold a PhD, recent studies in GIS mapping and analysis, and an excellent blend of talents in scientific research, nature conservation education, project management, and establishing cooperative community relationships to improve nature protection efforts. Please contact Lawrence Baya by e-mail
posted 3 february 2011
Ecologist based in Brisbane, Australia with post-graduate qualifications and field experience. Looking for any ecology work within Australia, NZ or the UK. Experienced in a wide range of ecology including populations, communities, aquatic, soil sciences, water resources. Please contact Tim Carroll by e-mail
posted 1 june 2010
A UK based ecology graduate beginning a career and aiming to build professional experience in ecological consultancy and environmental protection. Academic achievements are underpinned by work place experience of project management and a successful track record in client relations and customer service combined with voluntary experience and practical skills gained through the Wildlife Trust. Seeking experience in Northamptonshire, and surrounding counties. Please contact Cameron Yuill by e-mail
posted 30 april 2010
I am a young biologist based in Grand Rapids, MI just finishing my BS in Biology. I am graduating with a 4.0 in Biology and a 3.78 overall GPA. I had a summer research experience at Michigan State University in Plant Genomics in ’09. Looking for an exciting opportunity in the conservation field nationwide. Fields of interest: Conservation Ecology, Conservation Genetics, Landscape Ecology, Wildlife Biology.
Please contact Elliot Sedlecky by e-mail
posted 15 april 2010
I am a recent graduate of Environmental Studies from Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona. My focus of study was in Agroecology. I am looking to work locally where I live in Vermont or possibly somewhere else nice. Fields of interest: permaculture, Hydro power and photovoltaics.
Please contact Tyler Hallam by e-mail
posted 25 march 2010
A postgraduate student due to graduate in September 2010, based at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK. Some experience of working on boats and extensive laboratory experience in the field of marine biology. Looking for graduate programs and research/job opportunities worldwide to start after I graduate. Fields of interest: Marine biology. Marine/terrestrial/coastal ecology. Conservation. Oceanography.
Please contact Jason Argent by e-mail.
posted 13 january 2010
University of Bristol (UK) Botany graduate seeks employment (with field and laboratory components) in tropical/equatorial plant science. Ideally with graminoids and/or bryophytes. Available worldwide. 2 years part-time lab and fieldwork with UOB Xenopus laevis Research Group. Summer placement with UOB genomics laboratory (ID’d polymorphisms in Wheat genomes using Sequencher software). UK based and presently employed in blood component manufacture. Also, a part-time lab volunteer (doing plant DNA extractions) at UOB. Request iProfile/CV at .
posted 13 january 2010
University of Bristol (UK) Botany graduate wishes to VOLUNTEER for tropical plant-science fieldwork (flora inventory/survey/mapping or similar) in April/May/June 2010. Ideally featuring bryophytes/graminoids. Available worldwide. Desert/polar fieldwork also considered. 2 years field experience with UOB Xenopus laevis Research Group. Also, fieldwork with UOB Botanic Garden and for tropical hydrometeorology PhD project, Pahang, Malaysia. UK based and currently employed in blood component manufacture. Also, lab volunteer (plant DNA extractions) at UOB. Request iProfile/CV at .
posted 13 january 2010
10 yrs as an ecologist in environmental consultancy (UK), tropical research (worldwide), with background in consultancy, academia, governmental, non-governmental and voluntary sectors. Additional skills: editing, archaeology, GIS, teaching (adults), health and sociology. Looking for consultancy in the UK (particularly FT in southeast - but any hours, anywhere if home working possibilities incorporated); also short-term world-wide positions (circa 3 mo). Fields of interest: Environmental consultancy, conservation-biological research.
Please contact Tatiana White by e-mail.
posted 18 november 2009
In December of this year, I will have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. I have excelled in a broad array of classes including Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Lab Research courses. I am looking for a challenging job overseas that will provide me with upward mobility within my career choice. I have great people skills and ambition to be successful. I am open to all work destinations. Feel free to contact me by e-mail.
posted 18 november 2009
An enthusiastic biogeologist (MSc) based in Raamsdonksveer, the Netherlands, with experience in various aspects of paleo-climatology, micropaleontology and paleoecology. Looking for a challenging (PhD) opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: ecology (flora & fauna), foraminiferal work, conservation biology, (paleo)-climatology and oceanography.
Please contact Wouter Feldmeijer by e-mail.
posted 8 september 2009
A professional wildlife biologist, wetland scientist, photographer, writer, & internationally-published book author based in Durham, North Carolina (USA) with over 35 years of experience in natural resources assessment, environmental impact analysis, & regulatory compliance documentation, plus award-winning photography & writing. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Low Impact Development, Sustainable Design, Wildlife Surveys, Natural Resources Study, Conservation, & Education. Please contact Budd Titlow by e-mail.
posted 24 august 2009
Keen to find a position that involves a substantial amount of field / outdoor work / travel, that can also make use of my data collection and analytical skills. Msc Statistics, MSc Tropical Agricultural Development, BSc Agriculture. Ten years work experience as statistician, trial manager (agricultural and medical). Experience in Africa, Asia, Latin America. Particular areas of interest are ecology, agronomy, soil and water science, conservation, international/sustainable development, experimental design, tropical infectious disease. London based please. Please contact Laura Belton by e-mail.
posted 29 june 2009
A Forest engineer based in Madrid (Spain) with 3 years of experience in various aspects looking for an interesting opportunity to develop my career in Scotland, England and Ireland. Fields of interest include: ecology, environment conservation and management, forestry resources, environmental impact. Please contact Ines Molero by e-mail.
posted 16 january 2009
A recently graduated, enthusiastic, inquisitive, Biogeologist (Msc) based in Utrecht, the Netherlands , with experience in various aspects of paleo-climatology, micropaleontology and paleoecology. Looking for a challenging and interesting Phd- opportunity world-wide. I have a strong interest in (Paleo)-climatology, -ecology and oceanography with a focus on abrupt climate change and phenomena as for example ENSO and the monsoon.
Please contact Marie-Louise Goudeau by e-mail.
posted 12 january 2009
Recently graduated Marine Biologist (Hons) based in Hampshire, UK looking for challenging and interesting entry level research or technician opportunities worldwide. Am also looking for work experience / scientific internship roles. Fields of interest include: Marine mammal behaviour, fisheries biology and aquaculture research. Please contact John Woodcock by e-mail.
posted 31 october 2008
Professional geoscientist/palaeobotanist based in the UK with three years experience in hydrocarbon research including literature reviews, report writing, presentations and field work. Looking for a change of direction and willing to retrain. Fields of interest: Archaeology, Plant Science/Botany and Soil Science. Available to work in the West Midlands area, UK. CV available on request. Please contact by e-mail.
posted 14 october 2008
Environmental Consultant and Conservation Ecologist with over 15 years management and research experience in a variety of NGO, Academic, consultancy and field biology positions. Looking for challenging and interesting opportunities worldwide. Interests: General ecology and conservation biology, biodiversity studies, mountain ecology and climate change , Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Plans, restoration ecology, wildlife management. Please contact R. Brand by e-mail.
posted 11 september 2008
A professional (Georgia, CIS) in the field of Environmental Management, with strong ecological background, over 5 years of experience in various environmental projects both in NGO and consultancy fields, possessing GIS/modeling skills. Looking for an interesting environmental job, in any exotic place of the planet. Fields of interest: EIA, EMS, auditing, teaching environment, protected areas, marine ecosystems. Please contact Katya Nakashidze by e-mail.
posted 9 september 2008
An ecologist with 3 years postgraduate research experience (MScF) in environmental forestry/plant science in Fredericton, Canada. Interested in technical or Scientific position. Field of interest include: botany, forestry, conservation, environmental plant physiology, environment management and GIS, and statistical analysis. Good written and oral communication skills. Looking for challenging opportunity worldwide.
Please contact Takamitsu Mamashita by e-mail for a full CV.
posted 5 september 2008
A recent graduate from Nashua, NH with a BS in Environmental Conservation Studies from the University of New Hampshire in Durham. I am eager for an opportunity that will utilize my educational background to help resolve environmental issues. Fields of interest: conservation, natural resources, wetlands, education, and research. Please contact Laura Byrd by e-mail.
posted 3 september 2008
A Masters student in Ontario finishing in May looking for PhD or work opportunity worldwide. Have field experience including Arctic research. Fields of interest: fisheries management and conservation, ecological modeling/statistics, chemical tracers. Please contact Susan Dennard by e-mail.
posted 2 september 2008
Baruck Edmond an Engineer Agronomist based in West Palm Beach, Florida with experience in teaching as a monitor of biochemistry while I was studying Agronomy in Cuba.Experience, extension agent in crop production and Environmental field (Thesis in Phytorremediation: Removal of heavy metals from soil with specific green plants - Ecology) internship trainning. Looking for challenging opportunities in Agricluture or Environment/Ecology. Open to negotiable relocation nation/worldwide. Resume available upon request. Fluent in English, French, Spanish and Creole. Please contact Baruck Edmond by e-mail.
posted 1 july 2008
A recent college graduate based in Phoenix Arizona, available worldwide. Over 2 years experience working (volunteer & internships) with aquatic and land animals and doing research. Interested in an opportunity to help preserve and protect our oceans. Fields of interest: Oceanography & Marine Science, Environmental Sciences, Water and Ecology & Conservation Biology. Please contact Danielle Kish by e-mail, web:
posted 15 may 2008
Extensive background in ecology with focus on wetlands, invasive plants, and climate change effects on biodiversity. Strong quantitative skills. Excellent oral and written communication skills in teaching, manuscript preparation and grant and proposal writing in various academic settings. I am a PhD graduate (August 2008) seeking a challenging post-doctoral or research position, ideally in an international setting. I am based in Brookings, SD (USA). Fluent in Spanish, working knowledge of French. Please contact Mirela Tulbure by e-mail.
posted 15 april 2008
A graduate student with a Master of Science based in Lajas, Puerto Rico, USA, with over 3 years of experience in various aspects of coral reef ecology. Looking for a challenging and interesting PhD opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Ecology. Population dynamics. Life history. Population models. Benthic ecology. Please contact posted 8 april 2008
Intelligence analyst in Maryland, with over 11 years of experience in government research on political and technical subjects, pursuing career change to focus on environmental or wildlife conservation issues. Experienced in GIS/ArcView, writing and desktop publishing, focus group management, cross-organizational coordination, and emergency response. Background in Spanish. Please contact by e-mail.
posted 16 march 2008
An Indian Ecology and Environmental Sciences professional, with background in Forestry and having over 7 years of working experience in the field of Environment Consultancy, Administration and Management, and looking for challenging opportunities in the field of Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Forestry and Wildlife worldwide. Fields of interest: Wildlife, Forestry, Environmental Sciences,Loves to travel and explore. Please contact Mayank by e-mail.
posted 6 march 2008
Ph. D., based in Geneva-Switzerland, nationality Canadian: Specialist: “International Diplomacy of the Environment”, socially responsible investments, renewable energy and industrial ecology. Editor and publisher: Worldwatch Institute publications in French, 2002-2007. Held various positions linked to sustainable development: ecotourism in South America, assistant in Geneva University, presently teaching “Sustainable Development” and “Global Environmental Issues” at International University in Geneva Business School. Fluent: French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Please contact Benoit Lambert by e-mail. Web:
posted 28 february 2008
Physical Geographer (PhD) specialized in Ecology and Soil Science. Doctoral thesis: Investigations on soil salinity in the Altiplano (causes, characteristics, effects), substantial field and laboratory work. Teaching experience. Working experience in Remote Sensing and GIS. Experienced in writing EU project proposals and coordination of the application processes. Native German, fluent in English, good Spanish language skills. Based in Germany, looking for a position in science or industry world-wide. Please contact by e-mail.
posted 21 january 2008
Professional agricultural and plant scientist based in Dublin, Ireland with 15 years international experience in academia, research and project management. Expertise in sustainable agriculture, agrobiodiversity, crop improvement and pest management. Team Leader of two international development cooperation projects for past seven years. Looking for challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: General agricultural science; integrated pest management; plant genetic resources; general rural development and project management. Please contact Dan Hunter by e-mail, website
posted 21 january 2008
With a 2i BSc honours Applied Environmental and Resources Science degree currently based in Manchester, UK but available worldwide looking to begin my career in the ecology field. Fifteen months experience in ecological consultancy/management: ecological survey/project planning, delivery and reporting. Specifically, habitat surveys and trapping studies. Skills in flora surveys viz. habitat surveys, identification, vegetation structural analysis and fauna habitat requirements. Skills also in proposal and report writing. Please contact Mr. Graham V Wragg by e-mail.
posted 18 january 2008