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I am finishing the M.Sc. in Integrated Natural Resource Management at the Humboldt University of Berlin in Germany, and looking for new challenges. I have worked in various companies in various tasks, i.a. at IUCN as a species intern and the MSc thesis on the Chaco grassland change. I am willing to work world-wide. Fields of interests: land-use and biodiversity, research, GIS, development cooperation and forest management. Contact: Ari Kivelä at, web: posted 28 May 2019
Maria Borodavkina (43 y.o, biologist. Marine mammal and sea birds observer, geobotanist. A ccounting and monitoring, species and behavior identification, industrial ecological control Providing investigations at a rookery, sea shore, motorboat, scientific and seismic survey vessel. Raw materials collecting, statistical processing, report writing, publication . Sea motorboat driver ; Marine Mammal Observer course intended to minimize negative impact on marine mammals in the Russian Arctic ; Security-awareness training of seafarers; Basic Safety training; Seafarer’s identity card. Contact Maria Borodavkina at: posted 10 April 2019
A professional ecologist based in Italy, with over 4 years of experience with two master degrees in various aspects of ecology, biodiversity, and biology. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide including Ph.D. or a Permanent job. Fields of interest: Environmental science. Biology. Ecology. Tropical ecology. Biodiversity. Ecotoxicology. Plant science. Herbal medicine. Contact Hossein Teimoory at: Web: posted 10 April 2019
Experienced Environmental Consultant and qualified Geologist. Recently completed my MSc Hydrology degree (with distinction). The research focussed on the groundwater-surface water interaction of palmiet wetlands in South Africa. I am currently seeking employment in New Zealand. Fields of interest: Environmental Science, Hydrology, Geohydrology, Wetland Ecology. Contact: posted 10 April 2019
A final year PhD student at Imperial College London looking at climate change impacts on food webs with molecular techniques. Looking for a research opportunity preferably in Switzerland, Spain, Portugal or Italy. Field of interest: Climate Change. Food Web Ecology. DNA Sequencing & qPCR. Functional Response. Contact Bruno Gallo at: posted 25 January 2019
Living in Kerala india. I'm a post graduate holder in the field of master of science in Marine biology. I'm carrying four years of experience in the field of fisheries science and marine biology. Currently not working. Looking for a fisheries or marine related position.
Please click here to contact Vincent P D. by e-mail.
posted 28 September 2018
Experienced and driven zoologist, residing in Hungary, Budapest with over 4 years of expertise in the field of agricultural research, nature protection, conservation management and awareness raising, looking for long-term opportunity in Europe. Fields of interest: Ecology/Conservation, Environmental Sciences, Forestry/Agricultural Sciences, Science Policy & Management, Sustainable Development.
Please click here to contact András Rákóczi by e-mail.
posted 2 July 2018
I have multidisciplinary experiences in biosciences. My B.Sc. general biology (1996, Yarmouk University, Jordan), M.Sc. project was biochemistry (1999, JUST University, Jordan), Ph.D. specialized in molecular biotechnology (2007, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden), postdoctoral research nanobiotechnology (2007-2011, Max-Planck Institute, Germany) and associate research Scientist at KISR (2011-2016, Kuwait). Please click here to contact Ashraf Ahmad by e-mail: Tel: +92786201554. posted 12 november 2017
An aspiring Wetland Scientist based in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, with 2 years of experience in physically demanding labor and conservation field work. Looking to develop technical skills in the fields of ecological restoration and wetland sciences, not picky about relocating. Interests include: Environmental Science, Ecological Restoration, Wetland sciences.
Please click here to contact Mitchell Porter by e-mail . posted 31 october 2017
A professional zooplankton / meiofaunal biologist from India, presently working as Assistant Professor in Marine Biology @King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia. Looking for an opportunity world-wide. Interested in General teaching and research on Marine Biology, Zooplankton / meiofaunal biology & ecology and Environment impact assessment.
Please click here to contact Dr. Gopikrishna Mantha by e-mail . posted 18 october 2017
A professional biologist based in Italy, with over Bachelor's Degree in Biological Science and Master's Degree in Marine Biology. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Life support systems of the husbandry and larviculture of marine organisms; Research of a sexual propagation of soft corals; monitoring of water quality and chemicals analysis of habitats, tanks, and animals.
Please click here to contact Roberto Alfieri by e-mail or Filomena Palumbo at posted 30 august 2017
I am an expert in engineering and oceanology and a master of project management and programs. I am based in Odessa, a citizen of Ukraine. I am looking for an interesting opportunity involving researches of oceans around the world. I have more than six years of experience managing projects for a construction firm. My spheres of interests include Oceonography, Marine Science, Sea Ecology, research and data collection and project management. While I live for the time in Odessa, Ukraine, I can move worldwide.
Please click here to contact Dennis Saxonovby e-mail; Profile of LinkedIn: . posted 23 august 2017
A professional marine scientist based in Bremen, Germany, with over 3 years of international work experience in various aspects of sustainable aquaculture and ecological impact assessment. Looking for challenging and interesting job opportunities world-wide. Areas of interest: Aquaculture research and engineering, sustainable production, global food security and health.
Please click here to contact Holger Kühnhold by e-mail. posted 22 june 2017
Graduate Ichthyologist based in Crete Greece. Advanced NITROX diver and rescue diver from IANTD, underwater photographer with solo exhibitions. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Languages English (C2) - Greek (native language) Fields of interest: Underwater photography, Ichthyologist Diver, Marine research.
Please click here to contact Philippos Marakis by e-mail; web posted 23 may 2017
Based from Boulder, Colorado and Galway, Ireland. Professional writer, editor and researcher experienced in academic, online and educational writing in the topics of biology and geology (specialized in astrobiology/micropaleontology). 5+ years of full-time freelance experience, currently looking for long-term clients as well as short-term projects.
Please click here to contact Heather Sickels by e-mail. posted 6 may 2017
A graduate from Qatar University with a Bachelor degree in environmental science, with over 1 years' experience in various aspects of environmental science. I currently work as a part time Graduate Assistant at Qatar University. My research is mainly focused on Marine biology (Mainly Taxonomy of Phytoplankton). I have carried out research entitled "Survey of epiphytic Dinoflagellates associated with Algae, Seagrasses & Mangrove detritus". I am Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity in Qatar (place of birth and residence).
Please click here to contact Yousef Nasr by e-mail; Mob: 00974 - 66094147. posted 27 april 2017
Disaster management specialist based in India, with over 5 years of experience in Coastal Disaster Management. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Coastal Disaster Management, Coastal Ecosystems, Eco-DRR and Urban DRR.
Please click here to contact Yuvaraj by e-mail. posted 24 april 2017
An ecologist based in Assam, India, with over 5 years of experience in various aspects of ecology. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Biodiversity conservation. Agroforestry. Agrobiodiversity. Soil fertility. Remote sensing and GIS in agrobiodiversity management and conservation. Please click here to contact Dr. Tapasi Das by e-mail; Blogn posted 20 april 2017
Professional Marine biologist / Environmental Consultant based in NSW, Australia, with over 7 years experience in various aspects of consultancy and marine conservation management. Looking for challenging opportunities world-wide. Fields of interest include GIS, Reef ecology, Benthic communities, Visual mapping and Field deployment. Please click here to contact Lee Hankinson by e-mail. posted 16 february 2017