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Fisheries Biologist, based in Venezuela with over 12 years of experience in shrimp culture (L.vannamei). I am looking for opportunity world-wide. Field of interest - all phases of shrimp hatchery.
Please click here to contact Danilo Hernández by e-mail. posted 23 march 2015
Postgraduate marine scientist, MSc Ecosystem-based management of marine systems, with valuable experience of coral reef ecology and management in the Red Sea. Looking for a challenging opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: coral reef, community structure, water quality analysis. (University of St Andrews, Scotland). Please click here to contact Aziz J Mulla by e-mail. posted 4 march 2015
A professional environmental scientist based in Mol Belgium, with over 5 years of experience in various aspects of radioecology. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity in the US. Fields of interest: SVAT modelling. Radionuclide behaviour & transport in terrestrial ecosystems. Radiological impact assessment. Food-chain modelling. Please click here to contact Talal Almahayni by e-mail. posted 29 January 2015
Postgraduate researcher, Ecology, Biochemistry and MRes Surface Science graduate, based in Scotland UK . Willing to Relocate. Currently working on Oomycete diversity in Scottish watercourses. Several years' experience of research, administrative and ambassadorial roles in university, laboratory, field and voluntary sector. Fields of interest; Bioremediation. Freshwater and estuarine ecology. Effects of renewable energy and pollution on the marine environment. Would like to be considered for environmental roles in the Oil and Gas industry. Please click here to contact Michelle Stamp by e-mail. posted 23 January 2015
I am a qualified Marine Biologist with a 1st class BSc(Hons) in Coastal Marine Biology based in Sheffield, England. I am looking for a new entry level position anywhere in the world, preferably in the USA or UK, which will stretch me and help me to gain experience. I love statistics and data handling. I am experienced in statistics and I am competent in using R, MiniTab and Primer programs. Please click here to contact Rebekah Stanton by e-mail. posted 16 January 2015
Michael Yates, a graduate marine biologist based currently in London. Completed Msc in Marine Ecology and Environmental Management, and a Bsc Hons in Biology. Both completed at Queen Mary University of London. Previous work experience in hospitality, landscaping, public engagement, retail and pharmaceutical industries, laboratory experience and full clean driving licence. Looking for interesting and challenging opportunities. Please click here to contact Mike Yates by e-mail. posted 12 January 2015
My name is Frank, I'm very hardworking, enthusiastic and have a lot of drive. I have completed a University degree in Environmental Sciences and I've also achieved a Master's degree in Hydrology and Water Resources Management, which involved a Thesis Project related with Biodegradation of Herbicides. Looking for a new opportunity within Greater London, prefereble. Field of interest: Ecosystem restoration, water resources management, air, soil, remediation, asbestos, etcetera.
Please click here to contact Frank Cerrato by e-mail. posted 12 January 2015
Marine biologist with over three years of experience as a research assitant, based in Winchester (Southern England) Strongly focused and interested in all marine science issues, specially those concerning populations, biological communities, dynamical processes and their relationship with the oceanographic physicochemical phenomenona that control them. Looking for challenging opportunities worldwide. Fields of interest: Marine biology, oceanography, ecology/conservation biology.
Please click here to contact Jorge Silva by e-mail. posted 3 january 2015
Ecologist and Conservationist with experience in Africa, Europe and Oceania. PhD in ecology (2013). Looking worldwide. Previously worked for governmental departments, universities and private industry in research and endemic/introduced species management capacity. Published research in peer reviewed journals. Extensive surveying and monitoring techniques, mapping & modelling experience, knowledge of data-basing and statistics, invasive species management, people management and teaching skills. I thrive in field work conditions and have chainsaw, firearm, motorcycle, 4WD, construction, Senior First Aid, etc. Please click here to contact Paul Dutton by e-mail. posted 21 december 2014
Entry-level environmental scientist/oceanographer with extensive field work experience in temperate coastal ecosystems (New England) and tropical rainforests (Costa Rica). Familiar with various lab and field equipment (i.e. water and soil sampling techniques, field surveys, data entry and management, etc...). Currently based in RI, USA, but searching for work worldwide. Please click here to contact Erin Markham by e-mail. posted 9 december 2014
Ecologist and Riparian Habitat Restoration MSc, Environmental Science & Policy Talents: Quadrat sampling, fish and invertebrate trapping (CPUE), camera trapping, radio telemetry, mark/recapture and snorkel surveys. Collect field data from surveys conducted on fish, birds, invertebrates, marine animals, plants and some reptiles. Experience with topographic maps, GPS/Trimble units, and various tools used to determine location of habitat and projects. Research and writing NEPA compliant documents, including Categorical Exclusions, Environmental Assessments, Finding of No Significant Impact, Environmental Impact Statements, Reevaluations, and assistance with preparation of Biological Opinions. Expert 4WD and all terrain vehicle experience. Outback and camping experience. Wildlife photographer. Please click here to contact Michelle Hinds by e-mail. posted 20 november 2014
A professional remote sensing scientist based in Houston, Texas, with PhD degree in ecosystem science, and work experience on radar and lidar image processing. Looking for remote-sensing and GIS work in Houston, TX. Fields of interest: biomass and carbon stocks estimation, uncertainty analysis, geospatial modeling, lidar and radar data analysis, landscape ecology, spatial statistics, land-cover classification, forest economics. Please click here to contact Ligaya Leal by e-mail. posted 20 november 2014
A master's level ecologist and conservation biologist, currently based in South West England. Experienced in exotic animal husbandry, fieldwork and species ID, grant-writing and environmental education. Looking for a challenging job in conservation or ecology world-wide, have experience working in developing countries. Fields of interest: Ecology in general, herpetology, conservation in and ex situ, education and outreach, land management.
Please click here to contact Alexia Fish by e-mail. Full resume on . posted 17 november 2014
Passionate and enthusiastic Conservation Biologist based in London/Rome with proved and multiannual experience in ecological and environmental data collection, databases analyses, chemical and genetic laboratory work. Eager to provide his eclectic and multidisciplinary expertise to nature protection and conservation worldwide. Fields of interest: Biodiversity and Ecosystems Conservation, Ecology, Landscape Conservation, Endangered Species. Please click here to contact Luciano Atzeni by e-mail. posted 13 october 2014
Ella Moseley. A graduate geographer based in Winchester, Hampshire, UK with one years experience in GIS and environmental research/laboratory work. Looking for a position in the field of geography/ecology/environmental research either in the field/office based/laboratory based. I am able to work in Hampshire, Surrey and London.
Please click here to contact Ella Moseley by e-mail, or on 07511577862. posted 6 october 2014
A recent M.Sc Climate Change graduate looking to advance into an academic career through a PhD. I am based in Ireland and so can work anywhere in the EU but also open to any exciting opportunities worldwide. Fields of interest; palaeoclimatology, palaeoenvironmental change, examining controlling factors of benthic foraminiferal distributions, carbon sequestration in saltmarshes, measuring ecosystem responses to climate change. Please click here to contact Shane Curran by e-mail.
posted 26 september 2014
After finishing a BSc in Biology and Geology (Bristol University, First-Class Honours), completed a sponsored internship with Save The Elephants (Samburu National Park, Kenya). Subsequently employed by the Palaeontology Dept. of the Natural History Museum, London. PhD focused on the "nature and application of coral skeleton" (Bristol University, 2013) and was interdisciplinary, integrating aspects of biology, chemistry and geology. Fields of interest: environmental, conservation, science media. Based in Bristol
Please click here to contact Dr. Peter Tomiak by e-mail.
posted 12 september 2014
Young scientist based in Hungary, with MS in Remote Sensing (INPE, Brazil), BA in Earth Sciences (Harvard, USA) and 5 years of postgraduate research experience: satellite imagery, airborne LiDAR, fieldwork, tropical forest structure, biomass, carbon cycle, GIS. Looking for entry-level position or research opportunity in Europe. Fields of interest: remote sensing, earth observation, land surface mapping, environmental monitoring, ecology, natural resources, agriculture and forestry applications, climate change.
Please click here to contact Veronika Leitold by e-mail.
posted 27 august 2014
A professional conservation biologist based in Albany, New York, with professional and academic experience. Looking for permanent employment in New York’s Capital Region. Skills include: plant identification, vegetation surveys, research design, data management and analysis, technical writing, GIS mapping and analysis, Microsoft Office 356 and open source office suites, and habitat management. Please click here to contact Tierney Rosenstock by e-mail; web:
posted 20 august 2014
An aspiring Environmentalist currently based in Ireland with experience in hydrological modeling, teaching, environment education and research in Microbiology, nutrient cycling in water and soil. Looking for an interesting opportunity, willing to move. Areas of interest: gas fluxes, Ecology, conservation. Please click here to contact Antara Chakrabarti by e-mail.
posted 21 july 2014
Recently graduated MSc in Marine Science and BSc in Biology, currently based in Bilbao, Spain, seeks world-wide research opportunities. Experienced in land and sea field work focused on ecology and conservation, using statistical analysis R software and marine acoustic techniques. Fields of interest: Marine ecology, Pelagic ecosystems, Marine resources management, Modelling ecosystems, Fisheries science. Please click here to contact Beatriz by e-mail.
posted 9 july 2014
A graduate Evironmental Engineer from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bihac) looking for a job in field of ecology, environment protection/engineering, geochemistry, radiochemistry/radioecology. Have 1 year of experience, willing to relocate and to progress in my profession. Also, I have experience (practice) with measuring devices (dosimeters - RADEX RD1706 which I own), and with sofware tool - Accelrys Draw for modeling molecules. Please click here to contact Mirzet Velagic by e-mail.
posted 23 june 2014
An undergraduate student archaeologist-palaeoecologist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland due to graduate with a 2:1 (Hons) in July 2014. I am looking to make my first step towards a long career anywhere in the UK or Ireland. Areas of interest include general Quaternary science, tephrochronology (thesis topic), Ice-age megafauna, geology & environmental/climate science.
Please click here to contact Laura by e-mail for a detailed CV and references.
posted 19 june 2014
A multi-skilled Environmental Scientist based in Belgium. Finalising a PhD in Environmental Economics on valuing & mapping ecosystem services. Trained in Natural Resource Management (MSc), Forestry (MSc) and Agriculture Engineering (BSc). 6 years experience in Environmental Research, GIS and Project Management. I am looking for exciting challenges in: Environmental Economics & Policy, Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Management, Ecology, Sustainable Development, GIS and Forestry. Dynamic, reliable and dedicated, I am ready to relocate worldwide.
Please click here to contact J. MB by e-mail.
posted 6 june 2014
Researcher based in Southern California, with over 5 years of experience in aquatic microbial ecology, from biology to chemistry, expert in environmental flow cytometry and cell sorting. Looking for a challenging opportunity world-wide, in academic or applied research, program management, conservancy, or science-policy.
Please click here to contact Agathe Talarmin by e-mail.
posted 15 april 2014
My name is Dr. Robert Laich and I am a professional Marine Chemical Ecologist with additional qualifications as a professional diver based in Munich, Germany. I have up to 5 years experience in the field of drug discovery and the isolation of novel secondary metabolites, additionally I have 3 years experience in sales and marketing. Preferably I am looking for a challenging position world wide in the field of marine science with emphasis on analytical chemistry. Please click here to contact Robert Laich by e-mail, and for further information, full CV and certificates.
posted 6 march 2014
Diligent scientist, based in Northern Ireland, currently in S.E. Wales to 21st of February. Degree in environmental science and a Pg. Diploma in management, innovation and change. Many years of geology related experience in the oil industry. Experienced in working in multi-disciplinary teams, with analytical, numerical and problem-solving skills. Currently looking for short term projects outdoors & glasshouse work, raising plants very early without heat, using "hotbeds" etc. in S.E. Wales. Expertise in nitrification, soils, composting and horticulture. Knowledge of environmental & sustainable development matters.
Please click here to contact Robert Taylor by e-mail.
posted 2 february 2014
Recently graduated MSc in Marine Science and BSc in Biology, currently based in Barcelona, Spain, seeks world-wide research opportunities. Experienced in laboratory and field work focused on ecology and bioenergetics of fish, energy density and lipid classes of fish, statistical analysis with R software. Fields of interest: Marine ecology. Pelagic ecosystems. Marine resources management. Modelling ecosystems. Fisheries science. Please click here to contact Sonia Sánchez by e-mail.
posted 24 january 2014
A conservation biologist based in Quebec Canada, with over 5 years experience in various aspects of biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods development. Recently graduated with a PhD in Human Ecology, and poses an excellent blend of talents in scientific research, conservation education, GIS and remote sensing, non-invasive genetics, project management, and establishing cooperative community relationships to improve wildlife protection. I am looking for a challenging opportunity worldwide: particularly interested in research and conservation projects in tropical (Africa) countries.
Please click here to contact Denis N. Etiendem by e-mail.
posted 20 january 2014
A recently graduated MS student in molecular ecology, with background in bacteria, viruses, insects and their diseases. Have also experience catching and anaesthetizing freshwater fish. Hard worker in the field and in laboratory settings. Can work worldwide. Previous fields of interest: environmental conservation, bee diseases, evolution of symbiosis. PCR. DNA sequencing. DNA Bar-coding. 4Peaks. MacClade. JMP.
Please click here to contact Dan Erickson by e-mail.
posted 3 june 2013
Post graduate Sustainable Management of Natural Resources student with global work experience. Looking for a position within the United States ideally with sponsorship, but can undertake the first year of employment without. Fields of interest: General environmental sciences, sustainability, ecology, climate change and renewable energies.
Please click here to contact Phill Bunce by e-mail - all queries welcome.
posted 19 may 2013
Soil scientist, ecologist based in Moscow, Russia, with 5 years of experience in Environmental Science. I would like to find PhD work in Germany. Fields of interest: Soil Science. Soil ecology. Microbiology. Wastes.
Please click here to contact Zukhra Gaynullina by e-mail.
posted 16 may 2013
Graduated as Ecologist and conservation specialist. At the moment i'm working as a technical environmental assistent at Port of Antwerp (Belgium) on the dredging activities. At the moment, looking for a challenging job world-wide. Good knowledge of geographic information systems, birds, landuse management, environmental survey and habitat restoration technics.
Please click here to contact Jan De Beck by e-mail; Linkedin:
posted 28 january 2013