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Recent graduate (B.S. Geology) from the University at Buffalo. Based in Buffalo, NY. Experienced lab technician working with soils and construction materials, and the demonstrated ability to work in a fast paced environment and quickly learn new skillsets. Career interests: Hydrology, Wetland Sciences, Environmental Restoration, Stream Mitigation. Seeking employment world-wide.
Contact Zach Hector, at zdhector@buffalo.edu, web: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zach-hector/
posted 29th June 2020
An environmental scientist with over 8 years of research experience in various aspects of remediation technologies of polluted sites, waste management and its treatment, nutrient recovery, and biogas production. Seeking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide to continue my career and obtaining a development position and to put my knowledge and skills with focusing on academic and professional experiences.
Contact me,Arezoo Dadrasnia, at dadrasnia@gmail.com, web: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aredadrasnia/ posted 29th May 2020
A recent biodiversity conservation MSc postgraduate with over 15 years of experience in project planning, coordination and implementation. Located in Christchurch, Dorset. Looking for a challenging and rewarding PhD fully funded or an interesting career opportunity in research. Fields of study include Eco-tourism, Eco-travel, Sustainability, Eco Green friendly waste, wildflowers flora, earth science geology.
Contact by email Meena Kaur: meenajagait@yahoo.ca posted 29th May 2020
A professional statistician/data scientist who has delivered and lead analytic teams in actionable analyses presented in a clear and concise manner. I’m seeking to contribute my skills in predictive and spatial modeling fully toward environmental and conservation research after working in a variety of domains, including environmental research efforts. I am experienced with SAS, SPSS, Tableau, R, and ArcGIS.
Contact Neil Hurwitz at nahurwitz@yahoo.com posted 22nd May 2020
Environmental scientist based on the Aberdeenshire/Angus border in Scotland. 10 years experience in water resources for civil service, several years experience in water company working on drinking water quality. Also experience in wide variety of laboratories (microbiology, food, public water supply). Looking for temp/perm/contract work in laboratory, sampling, data management. Skilled in Excel, ARCGIS, databases. Available immediately.
Nicola Wood, steernj@hotmail.com posted 12th May 2020
I am a professional ecologist based in Johannesburg, South Africa with over four years of experience in consulting, with a BSc, BSc Honours, and MSc in various aspects of ecology, biodiversity, and biology. Driven, skilled, and highly motivated scientist who has experience in conducting ecological surveys of protected habitats, classifying species, environmental monitoring, and writing scientific reports. I have always been passionate about ecology, and I possess an in-depth knowledge of ecosystems and specialize in terrestrial ecology.
Lusanda Patrick Matee (Cand.Sci.Nat) - email mateepatrick@gmail.com posted 24th April 2020
Climate Research Scientist based in Sheffield, UK, with experience in climate monitoring, remote sensing, satellite data, data analysis and uncertainty analysis. Looking for an environmental opportunity in the UK. Fields of interest: climate adaptation, GIS, climate monitoring, earth observation, communicating science to non-specialists.
Contact Sarah Douglas via email posted 18th March 2020
Ambitious oceanographer and climatologist based in Russia, with over 3 years of broad scientific experience, passionate about atmosphere and ocean interaction processes. Fields of interests: Radiation balance. Chlorophyll in sea upper-layers. Albedo. Marine Geochemistry. Solar radiation. Works well under pressure in achieving targets in both cases: field-measurements (sea sampling) and lab analyses. Seeking to work in a challenging Environment or Marine Science research group. Contact Philipp Golovchenko via email
LinkedIn profile posted 16 March 2020
Environmental Professional with 20 years of Oil & Gas experience, with MSc degree on Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.
mammadov.vusal@yahoo.co.uk posted 17 February 2020
I am Sudatta, a marine sciences student from India having experience in various biogeochemistry works. Looking for challenging and growth oriented career worldwide. Interested in Marine Biogeochemistry, Marine ecology, Climate change as well as Ecological & Enviornmental modelling.
Contact me at bpsudatta@gmail.com
Thanking you in advance and waiting for your positive response. posted 5th February 2020
A professional geoscientist with expertise in water resource management with hands-on experience in dealing with water quality, hydro-geophysics, Isotope hydrology, remote sensing and GIS, proficiency to understand water scarcity problem and able to reduce its impact by formulating, developing and implementing new methodologies. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Field of Interest - Isotope Hydrology, Water Quality, Groundwater modelling (beginner), Hydro-geophysics and GIS Contact: Dr Syed Shams Rizvi via Email posted 3rd January 2020
A professional Remote Sensing scientist based in Erbil Iraq, with over 6 years of experience in various aspects of Remote Sensing. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Remote Sensing. GIS. Earth Observation. Climate. Environment
Contact Dr. Azad Rasul by e-mail Web
posted 9 December 2019
Driven, skilled and highly motivated Geophysics and Management professional with over 25 years of progressively combined and proven experience in GIS, LiDAR, Geology, Environmental Sciences, Remote Sensing, Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, Signal Processing, Statistical Analytics, Programing, Software Development, Mineral/Hydrocarbon Exploration, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Process Planning, Research, Training, Operations, Coordination and related scenarios. Actively seeking a full-time position within the realm of my expertise and broad experience.
click here to contact Shane Hefford by e-mail
posted 17 October 2019
Geo-information and Remote Sensing scientist with two years hands on experience in aspects like UAV and Pleaides data integration, carbon estimation, landscape mapping, species distribution, crime analysis, research and scientific writing. Have more than four years of teaching experience in Chemistry and general sciences, and can teach courses like ecosystem assessment, landscape mapping, research methods and spatial analysis. Strong background in Environmental Science and natural resources management with a strong analytical mind. I am interested in PhD , research and teaching, or other opportunities that fit my profile. Currently in Thailand, Sakon Nakhon Province.
click here to contact Agbor Effiom by e-mail
click here to contact Agbor Effiom via Linkedin
posted 17 October 2019
I am a researcher based in Chennai, INDIA with over 3 years of research experience in marine Phyto-zooplankton ecology, culture, and ocean warming and acidification experiments. At the moment, I am looking for a research opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Marine phytoplankton and copepod culture, water quality analysis, climate change. Qualification: M.Sc in Marine Studies & Coastal Resource Management
Contact : Umer Khalifa @ umerkhalifaaa@gmail.com
posted 20 September 2019
A professional Academician based in Suva, Fiji with over 6 years of experience in Industry (3) and Teaching (3+) of Environmental engineering. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Research, PhD, Projects related to Environmental, Sustainability, Climate change.
Click here to contact Swetha Priya by email
posted 1 August 2019