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Environmental Engineer and PhD graduate with 10 years' experience in environmental research, environmental policy, environmental project management and stakeholder engagement. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity in London. Fields of interest: Environmental research, environmental policy, sustainable development, air quality, waste management.
Please click here to Contact Natalia Reyna by e-mail; web https://www.linkedin.com/in/natalia-reyna-5b0a2726/
posted 18 October 2018
A professional Integrated Coastal and Ocean Manager based in Trinidad and Tobago, with 1 year of experience in various aspects of GIS, remote sensing, benthic analysis and environmental impact assessment. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: GIS, remote sensing, marine science, off-shore positions.
Please click here to contact Priya Pollard by e-mail; web https://www.linkedin.com/in/priya-pollard-3b880a10b/.
posted 25 August 2018
Recent graduate from the University of Leeds with a Masters in Climate and Atmospheric Science. Highly motivated, committed, knowledge seeking individual with excellent verbal and written communication skills. Dedicated to achieving goals and quickly adapts to change. Poised to leverage extensive experience, education, and practicum towards challenging position in Atmospheric Science and Meteorology. Open to relocate in the US and UK.
Please click here to contact Jay Broccolo by e-mail; web: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaybroccolo/.
posted 3 July 2018
Experienced and driven zoologist, residing in Hungary, Budapest with over 4 years of expertise in the field of agricultural research, nature protection, conservation management and awareness raising, looking for long-term opportunity in Europe. Fields of interest: Ecology/Conservation, Environmental Sciences, Forestry/Agricultural Sciences, Science Policy & Management, Sustainable Development.
Please click here to contact András Rákóczi by e-mail.
posted 2 July 2018
Environmental Professional Based in London, UK, specializing in HSE Regulatory Compliance, Environmental Management Systems, Remediation, Waste Management, Oil Spill, Auditing, ESIA with broad experience in Oil & Gas Industry in countries such as Angola, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, UK, Northern and Southern Iraq, both in offshore and onshore. Multilingual, with strong academic background and outstanding professional achievements. IEMA, IRCA, ISWA and CIWM individual member and MSc Environmental Technology graduate from the Imperial College London.
Please click here to contact Vusal Mammadov by e-mail.
posted 29 May 2018
Actively seeking entry-level geology job. I received bachelors of science in geology/geophysics and environmental studies with concentrations in environmental geology and water resources/management. I also participated in a 6-week intensive field course in the Wasatch-Uinta Ranges of Utah and was a research and lab assistant for University study on the sedimentation history of the Mississippi River. I am interested in a job in hydrogeology or Quaternary geology (including soil science and geomorphology). Please click here to contact Gaby Sasseville by e-mail. posted 15 May 2018
Graduate Mechanical Engineer and Environmentalist with previous internship experience willing to relocate worldwide at the shortest notice, looking for an opportunity to learn, grow and experience the best culture, practices and values through a dynamic organization. Having a high level of energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to contribute to the society, a carrier focused on sustainable cities / urban centers, transportation or sustainable energy is highly anticipated.
Please click here to contact Sayantan Haldar by e-mail.
posted 12 March 2018
Hydrologist with a PhD in glacial melt and hydrology with experience of distributed hydrological modelling and extensive field data collection in SE Iceland. Plus an MSc in Sustainable Catchment Management and 2 years experience at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. Interested in opportunities worldwide. Please click here to contact Verity Flett by e-mail. posted 22 january 2018
A Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change and Climate Variability, Urban Climate Change Resilience, Urban Resilience, GIS & Remote Sensing Specialist brings him with more than 13+ years wide experience at both national and international levels including South Asia, South-East Asia and European nations. He holds master's degrees in Geo-information Science for Earth Observation, Environmental Modelling & Management (GEM); Urban & Regional Planning and Geography. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Please click here to contact Lalit Dashora by e-mail. posted 8 january 2018
I have multidisciplinary experiences in biosciences. My B.Sc. general biology (1996, Yarmouk University, Jordan), M.Sc. project was biochemistry (1999, JUST University, Jordan), Ph.D. specialized in molecular biotechnology (2007, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden), postdoctoral research nanobiotechnology (2007-2011, Max-Planck Institute, Germany) and associate research Scientist at KISR (2011-2016, Kuwait). Please click here to contact Ashraf Ahmad by e-mail: Tel: +92786201554. posted 12 november 2017
A recent Geoscience graduate seeking positions in an environmentally related field. Gained experience in mapping, engineering and geophysical interpretation. Proficient in software that includes GIS, Kingdom, Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop. Fields of interests include: remote sensing/geophysical data interpretation, mining, and planetary science. Based in the north west UK but looking for research/job opportunities worldwide. Please click here to contact Josh Wright by e-mail. posted 3 november 2017
An aspiring Wetland Scientist based in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, with 2 years of experience in physically demanding labor and conservation field work. Looking to develop technical skills in the fields of ecological restoration and wetland sciences, not picky about relocating. Interests include: Environmental Science, Ecological Restoration, Wetland sciences.
Please click here to contact Mitchell Porter by e-mail . posted 31 october 2017
A professional zooplankton / meiofaunal biologist from India, presently working as Assistant Professor in Marine Biology @King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia. Looking for an opportunity world-wide. Interested in General teaching and research on Marine Biology, Zooplankton / meiofaunal biology & ecology and Environment impact assessment.
Please click here to contact Dr. Gopikrishna Mantha by e-mail . posted 18 october 2017
A recent graduate with a degree in Environmental and Civil Engineering seeking a full-time job in the Portland or Seattle area. Experience in a lab and office setting as well as in the field. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity within the environmental sector. Fields of interest: General environmental engineering. Water Resources. Stormwater Management. Green Infrastructure. Please click here to contact Taylor Gries by e-mail; Linkedin.com/in/taylor-gries-271b9494 posted 26 september 2017
A Park Ranger in Pittsburgh PA with a passion for the environment, helping people, and building relationships. Educational background: B.S. in Business Management with International focus and Environmental Studies From Miami University, OH. Looking for an environmental opportunity and am willing to relocate, preference on PA, TX, or OH. Please click here to contact Tim Anderson by e-mail; web https://www.linkedin.com/in/andersonto/. posted 5 september 2017
A recent graduate from Antioch University with a Masters in Sustainable Development and Climate Change (Environmental Science). I have experience in: research design, air sampling, environmental management systems, organic gardening. Looking to pursue a career as an Environmental Scientist. Open to a wide range of positions within my field. Located in New England but looking to relocate to the Pacific Northwest.
Please click here to contact Taylor Barnes by e-mail. posted 1 august 2017
A South African environmental science MPhil graduate, with first level experience in research and communications. Searching for a challenging and professional opportunity world-wide to achieve goals of travel and real-time experience in the environmental sector. Fields of interest: sustainable development, science communication, and stakeholder engagement.
Please click here to contact Monique Classen by e-mail. posted 22 july 2017
A professional marine scientist based in Bremen, Germany, with over 3 years of international work experience in various aspects of sustainable aquaculture and ecological impact assessment. Looking for challenging and interesting job opportunities world-wide. Areas of interest: Aquaculture research and engineering, sustainable production, global food security and health.
Please click here to contact Holger Kühnhold by e-mail. posted 22 june 2017
Graduate Ichthyologist based in Crete Greece. Advanced NITROX diver and rescue diver from IANTD, underwater photographer with solo exhibitions. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Languages English (C2) - Greek (native language) Fields of interest: Underwater photography, Ichthyologist Diver, Marine research.
Please click here to contact Philippos Marakis by e-mail; web http://www.philmarakis.com. posted 23 may 2017
Completed Integrated post graduation in Climate Change Adaptation from Kerala Agricultural University, India, I am interested in carrying out long term research in the field of climate change in relation to agriculture food security and waste management, focusing on its impact, adaptation and mitigation strategies that enable to reduce the stress on allied sectors under the changing climate scenario and looking for higher research opportunities world-wide.
Please click here to contact Iwin K. Augastian by e-mail. posted 20 may 2017
A bioscientist based in Exeter, UK with over 3 years of experience in various aspects of sustainability/business development. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Sustainability reporting. Carbon reporting. Environmental Impact Assessments. Ecotoxicology. Please click here to contact Dominic Brettell by e-mail. posted 19 may 2017
Based from Boulder, Colorado and Galway, Ireland. Professional writer, editor and researcher experienced in academic, online and educational writing in the topics of biology and geology (specialized in astrobiology/micropaleontology). 5+ years of full-time freelance experience, currently looking for long-term clients as well as short-term projects.
Please click here to contact Heather Sickels by e-mail. posted 6 may 2017
First class BSc Oceanography graduate specialising in mathematical modelling and data analysis. 18 months' work experience in the defence industry in a technical role with project management and team leading experience. Looking for a technical role with customer facing and team working opportunities. Currently living in Bath, UK and willing to travel throughout the UK and Europe, starting as soon as required.
Please click here to contact Jennifer Cocks by e-mail. posted 2 may 2017
A graduate from Qatar University with a Bachelor degree in environmental science, with over 1 years' experience in various aspects of environmental science. I currently work as a part time Graduate Assistant at Qatar University. My research is mainly focused on Marine biology (Mainly Taxonomy of Phytoplankton). I have carried out research entitled "Survey of epiphytic Dinoflagellates associated with Algae, Seagrasses & Mangrove detritus". I am Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity in Qatar (place of birth and residence).
Please click here to contact Yousef Nasr by e-mail; Mob: 00974 - 66094147. posted 27 april 2017
A Michigan, USA based broadly trained geoscientist (with dual PhD in geosciences and ecology (EEBB) from Michigan State University), having over 10 years' college-level teaching and over 15 years' experience of geological and paleontological research, looking for lectureship position world-wide. My strength includes using LMS fluency: Blackboard, LonCAPA, Angel, and Desire2Learn and teaching competency: Environment Sciences, Geochemistry, Paleontology, Biogeography, Biostatistics, Petrography, Mineralogy, Structural Geology, GIS, and Research Methodology.
Please click here to contact Sifa Ngasala by e-mail, and https://www.ohio.edu/rukwa/people.html. posted 10 april 2017
A professional water scientist based in Baton Rouge Louisiana, with over 5 years of experience in various aspects of water resource engineering (Coastal, hydropower etc). Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity to expand skillset and experience in water resources engineering. Fields of interest: hydrology; environmental science; computational hydraulics; sediment transport; water quality; computer modeling of riverine, estuarine and coastal wetland systems; wetland and ecosystem restoration; water supply and conservation, water resource management.
Please click here to contact Ashok Khadka by e-mail. posted 21 february 2017
Professional Marine biologist / Environmental Consultant based in NSW, Australia, with over 7 years experience in various aspects of consultancy and marine conservation management. Looking for challenging opportunities world-wide. Fields of interest include GIS, Reef ecology, Benthic communities, Visual mapping and Field deployment. Please click here to contact Lee Hankinson by e-mail. posted 16 february 2017
A professional project manager based in the UK, with over 8 years of experience in scientific research in academia and in a micro-business. Looking for Project Management opportunities in the UK in analytical chemistry, environmental sciences, biogeochemistry, water quality and biotechnology. BSc chemistry, MSc environmental science, PhD organic geochemistry. Very strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Please click here to contact Jonathan Williams by e-mail: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanwilliams4?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile. posted 12 february 2017
A professional geoscientist/hydrogeologist/environmental geologist based in St. John's, NL, Canada, with 5 years of experience in various aspects of Hydrogeology, Environmental Geology. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Hydrogeology, Environmental Geology, Waste water or contaminated water management.
Please click here to contact Fayazul Kabir by e-mail; LinkedIN: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/fayazul-kabir-0bb1601a. posted 19 january 2017
A seasoned humanitarian and development assistance practitioner based in the UK and in Nigeria but looking for interesting opportunities in Anglophone or Francophone speaking Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, EU or the Americas. I'm passionate for social inclusion and resilience building. Experienced in Program Management leadership and Organizational Development, with over 20 years' expertise in adaptive social protection, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning, Community resilience management, Risk Management, Agriculture, Food Security and Livelihoods
Please click here to contact Kene Onukwube by e-mail; web https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sdz8wSVxjKJPcc6TfY14QK0tT8QgFeGGsIGBOqP9cvI/edit?usp=shar ing. posted 6 january 2017
A recent post graduate in Environmental Sciences based in Pune,India, with interest in remote sensing, GIS and environmental science (glaciers,climate change, impact assessments, monitoring,carbon cycle) looking for an interesting career in environmental geoscience and aiming to pursue PhD/research. Have a BTech IT background with 3 years of database development experience and exposed to ARCGIS,QGIS,Erdas Imagine, R and can pick up programming as per requirement.
Please click here to contact Aanchal Sood by e-mail; web www.linkedin.com/in/aanchal-sood-raina. posted 3 january 2017