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Geologist based in Slovenia, with experience in research (MSc in the USA, PhD in Japan). Looking for a challenging and dynamic opportunity in and outside research/academics world-wide. Fields of interest: Karst. Sea-level change. Carbonate islands. Water geochemistry. Paleoclimate. Exploration (mineral resources, mining). Mineralogy. Other. Contact Blaž Miklavic at posted 10 July 2019
I have multidisciplinary experiences in biosciences. My B.Sc. general biology (1996, Yarmouk University, Jordan), M.Sc. project was biochemistry (1999, JUST University, Jordan), Ph.D. specialized in molecular biotechnology (2007, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden), postdoctoral research nanobiotechnology (2007-2011, Max-Planck Institute, Germany) and associate research Scientist at KISR (2011-2016, Kuwait). Please click here to contact Ashraf Ahmad by e-mail: Tel: +92786201554. posted 12 november 2017
A qualified chemist (Ph.D Marine Chemistry) based in Kochi, India. Looking for challenging research/lab technician opportunities world wide. Field of knowledge and interest: Humic material chemistry/Water,soil and sediment quality monitoring/ Remediation/Biomarkers/Mass spectroscopy.
Please click here to contact Prashob Peter K J by e-mail. posted 15 august 2017
A talented and driven researcher with extensive background in Molecular Life Sciences & Chemistry (MSc) and a passionate affinity for Microbiology, Ecology and Environmental fields of study. Currently based in Utrecht, the Netherlands and eager to work and explore world-wide. Proficient in most laboratory methods and validation processes and strong knowledge of community-wide research. Motivated and accomplished scientific writer and communicator with a keen sense for language.
Please click here to contact Sven Iburg by e-mail. posted 4 august 2016
Experienced wellsite geologist currently studying for a M.Sc. in Oceanography. Modules completed include Physical Oceanography, Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Marine Geology, Biogeochemical Cycles, Coastal Sediment Dynamics, Modelling Coastal Processes, Global Climate Cycles, Seafloor Exploration and Surveying. Research project will investigate sediment transport around a coastal sandbank using bathymetry data, sub-bottom profile data and hydrodynamic model. Available from 23rd September 2016. UK based. Available worldwide.
Please click here to contact Yvonne Booth by e-mail; web: posted 29 june 2016
Chemical Oceanographer based on Oahu, Hawaii. MS in Oceanography (University of Hawaii), and MS in Analytical Chemistry (VU, Netherlands). 8 years of chemical laboratory and oceanographic field work experience. Looking for a challenging research Lab/ Field Technician position world-wide. Fields of knowledge and interest: ocean acidification. coastal biogeochemistry. carbonate chemistry. time-series analysis. autonomous sensors. mass spectrometry. stable isotope analysis. method development Please click here to contact Gerianne Terlouw by e-mail. Research Gate profile.; Linkedin profile.. posted 5 april 2016
I am a recent graduate in MSc in biogeochemistry and physical oceanography Marseille University (Fr), and BSc in Marine Biology at University Plymouth (UK). I'm based in Nice, France. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Biochemical oceanography, Marine career, Green jobs, renewables energies. Please click here to contact Thierry Gliere by e-mail. posted 9 march 2016
A motivated Geography with Oceanography graduate and Category A Hydrographic Surveyor looking for a change in career. Keen interest in the applications of geospatial data, particularly Remote Sensing and GIS. Looking for a challenging role, in which I can develop my skills and become a valuable asset to any employer. Proven track record of problem solving with excellent communication and analytical skills. Currently based in London, but willing to relocate worldwide.
Please contact click here to contact Alistair Hall by e-mail. posted 18 february 2016
Soil geochemist (PhD completion in May 2016 at UC Berkeley) looking for research job opportunities in the greater San Diego area (Southern California). I have research experience in environmental biogeochemistry applying field measurements, laboratory experiments on soil mesocosms, and data analysis on spatial and temporal scales. My career interests include: soil biogeochemistry, water chemistry, estuarine science, water resources, geoscience research.
Please contact click here to contact Chandra Richards by e-mail, Linkedin:, Website: posted 29 january 2016
Currently a Master's student in Civil and Environmental Engineering, working on Remote Sensing Assessments of Agricultural Water Use in Western Coloado, looking forward to graduating in May, 2016. Highly interested in working in RS and GIS applications for natural resources. View link and contact: posted 18 january 2016
BSc Biology and MSc Environmental Sciences graduate seeking a challenging opportunity to build upon my experiences in southern England. BSc thesis working with insecticide resistant invertebrates and MSc thesis working in a laboratory investigating nutrient transfer through marine food webs. Interests: Environmental biology, climate change, consultancy, waste management, environmental monitoring.
Please click here to contact Robert Gloyns by e-mail; Web: posted 16 september 2015
Soils data analyst with experience creating suitability analyses for water resource conservation and management. I have an M.S. in Soils and Biogeochemistry from University of California, Davis and a B.S. in Geology. Interested in any type of water resources, soils analysis, or environmental consulting work in the western U.S (but would travel anywhere). My skills include data algorithm and GUI development in R, PostgreSQL, and ArcGIS, as well as land characterization and suitability analysis.
Please click here to contact Matt Saal by e-mail: Website: posted 14 july 2015
A professional geophysicist (MS) / physicist (BS) currently based in Budapest, Hungary but available world-wide, with over 5 years of experience in various aspects of data analysis, modeling/simulation, visualization, hardware engineering, elecronics design and embedded software development. Looking for a challenging opportunity (academic or industrial) mainly in Europe. Fields of interest: GIS & Remote Sensing, modeling, data analysis, geophysics, instrumentation, algorithm development, environmental science or space sciences. Please click here to contact Gabor Szeifert by e-mail. posted 14 july 2015
A recent Master's of science (MSc) graduate in Geography and Geoinformatics based in Estonia. Work experience as student research assistant at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and field work assistant in Disko, Greenland. Fields of interests: biogeochemistry, soil science, climate change environmental science, geoscience research. Looking for aditional experience and challenging opportunities world-wide. Will happily travel and work in remote areas!
Please click here to contact Imre Banyasz by e-mail; LinkedIn: posted 7 june 2015
A professional isotope geoscientist and senior laboratory manager with a strong publication record (>30) based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Over 20 years experience in all aspects of laboratory management - analytical infrastructure, finance and personnel. Qualified Health and Safety professional (NEBSOSH). Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity in Ireland but will give due consideation to global positions. Fields of interest: Laboratory Management, Isotope Geochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geoscience Research, Geoscience Lectureships. Please click here to contact Dr. Neil Ogle by e-mail. posted 21 may 2015
A professional PhD geoscientist based in New York, NY (USA) with over 5 years of experience in geochemistry and a diverse skill set in basic research, journalism and STEM education. Fields of interest: environmental remediation, science writing, policy, improving public scientific discourse and education, science-based strategies for addressing social change. Extensive experience with analysis of solids using XAS and other x-ray based techniques.
Please click here to contact Joshua Lefkowitz by e-mail. posted 18 may 2015
A finishing Ph.D. student at Columbia University, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory is looking for a postdoc / assistant professor research position starting September. Expertise includes stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry, stratigraphy, and trace elements. I am looking for a position that will include research in paleoclimate or astrobiology.
Please click here to contact Anastasia Yanchilina ( for a full resume by e-mail. posted 16 march 2015
A PhD geoscientist based in Tucson, Arizona (USA). Highly experienced in ICP-MS (Element2, Nu-Plasma), LA-ICP-MS (Cetac LSX-213) and TIMS (VG Sector) mass-spectrometry, igneous petrology, geochemistry and mineralogy. Have a strong publication record. The field of interests: geochemistry, isotopic geochemistry, cosmochemistry, development of analytical methods. Looking for a position of laboratory manager/spectrometrist/research scientist in the USA or Europe. Please click here to contact Alex Andronikov by e-mail. posted 7 november 2014
Researcher based in Southern California, with over 5 years of experience in aquatic microbial ecology, from biology to chemistry, expert in environmental flow cytometry and cell sorting. Looking for a challenging opportunity world-wide, in academic or applied research, program management, conservancy, or science-policy.
Please click here to contact Agathe Talarmin by e-mail.
posted 15 april 2014
A researcher in soil science from India based in South Korea. Presently pursuing Ph.D in soil biogeochemistry. Looking for interesting relevant post-doctoral research level opportunity worldwide. My interest is in soil GHG flux under climatic and environmental changes. I employ techniques like gas chromatography, TOC analysis, microbial biomass analysis to examine soil GHG fluxes and the factors associated. Fields of interest: Soil respiration, soil greenhouse gas emission, soil organic carbon, soil microbiology.
Please click here to contact Mohammad Moonis by e-mail.
posted 12 march 2014
An entry-level geologist with a passion for earth system processes based in Cincinnati Ohio, and soon to graduate with a M.S. in geology and 2 years of independent research experience. Seeking a career in industry and/or research. Willing to work within 300 miles of Cincinnati in the Midwestern states, but relocation possible. Fields of knowledge: Sedimentology, petroleum geology, paleontology, stratigraphy, field geology.
Please click here to contact Jeffrey Hannon by e-mail.
posted 19 march 2012
A recent MRes Earth System Science graduate from the University of Bristol, UK based, looking for an opportunity world-wide, to kick-start a new career in Earth Sciences. An experienced systems practitioner with an industry track record in the delivery of studies spanning 30 years. Interested in applying Earth System Science in the resolution of ecological and environmental issues.
Please click here to contact John Byles by e-mail. Web .
posted 5 march 2012
A professional environmental scientist in Geoje, Korea, with over 25 years of experience in various aspects of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: fate and transport, risk-assessment, degradation processes, human exposure pathways, biogeochemistry of POPs.
Please click here to contact by e-mail; web
posted 5 march 2011
A recent MSc graduate within Geohazards based in the Midlands, UK, willing to relocate, including abroad. Looking for a varied and rewarding career within volcanology and hazard management. Have travelled extensively for fieldwork, learning new skills within BSc and MSc courses and wishing to continue with this. Field of interest: vulnerability and risk assessment of volcanic hazards
Please click here to contact Claire Lawrence by e-mail.
posted 25 november 2010
An associate professor based in Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 31 years old, PhD in element and isotope geochemistry, focusing on using coral geochemical proxies to understand past climate change, with over 6 years of experience in running and maintenance of stable IRMS, ICP-AES and other geochemical analysis instruments. Looking for a challenging and interesting research opportunity world-wide. Fields of interset: Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoceanography, Analytical geochemistry. Please click here to contact Wenfeng Deng by e-mail, Web
posted 19 october 2010
Research scientist based in San Diego with over 10 years experience. Knowledgeable in a range of analytical techniques, field and laboratory research, management, high-level data analysis, and data presentation. Specialized experience: HPLC, IC, Mass Spectrometry/GC, Total Carbon Analyzer, Nutrient Analyzer and Spectrofluorometer, microscopy, algal culturing, phytoplankton identification, and bacterial productivity.
Please contact Michelle Donlonn by e-mail.
posted 7 april 2010
A recent MS graduate in biogeochemistry, with BS degrees in geology and biology. Completed coursework and research in global biogeochemistry, carbon and oxygen stable isotope geochemistry in soils, and paleoenvironments. Looking for opportunities in biogeosciences. Currently in Tampa, Florida. Available in U.S.A., Canada, and Europe; will consider other locations.
Please contact by e-mail, web; email me for the password.
posted 19 february 2010
An Environmental Geochemist (PhD May, 2010 from U of South Florida), based in Fl, USA, with 7+ years of teaching, research and field experience in hydrogeology, environmental, aqueous, and isotope geochemistry. Looking for a challenging and interesting research position world-wide. Laboratory experience: Advanced training for the SEM, HG-AFS, EPMA, ICP-OES, HPLC-IC; Computer: MS Office, SPSS, Matlab, Modflow, Geochemist’s Workbench, Aquachem; Languages: English, Russian (fluent written and spoken). Excellent communication, writing and interpersonal skills.
Please contact Olesya Lazareva by e-mail for more information/resume..
posted 12 december 2009
Senior scientist, German, tenured, soil and environmental research, with 10 years post-PhD academic and project management experience in Europe looks for 1-year appointment in North America, medium-term. My focus is on soils and climate (experimental, model application). I am looking for an inspiring research group at a renowned institute to learn and share knowledge. Hold a habilitation degree, teach, and have published > 40 peer-reviewed articles.
Please contact me by e-mail.
posted 11 december 2009
A recent graduate with a Bachelors degree in Geoscience, and minors in GIS, Earth Science, and Geology. One year experience in climate analysis, but I also work well in Remote Sensing and GIS. Looking for an interesting job opportunity that makes use of my skills and experience. Fields of interest: Paleolimnology, Climate, Physical Geography, Environmental analysis/protection, Geology, Meteorology/Atmospheric sciences.
Location: Wisconsin, United States; available worldwide. Please contact Maren Lindow by e-mail.
posted 6 december 2009
A professional Marine Biogeochemist (Research Scientist) based in Groton, Connecticut, USA. PhD in Chemical Oceanography, over 4 years of scientific research experience (as a Postdoctoral Researcher in USA). Looking for a challenging and interesting research opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: aquatic chemistry ,trace metal distribution and speciation, biogeochemical interactions, redox tracers, cycling of mercury and speciation, planktonic metal composition and trophic transfer in various environments.
Please contact Oguz Yigiterhan by e-mail, web: .
posted 25 november 2009
In December of this year, I will have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. I have excelled in a broad array of classes including Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Lab Research courses. I am looking for a challenging job overseas that will provide me with upward mobility within my career choice. I have great people skills and ambition to be successful. I am open to all work destinations. Feel free to contact me by e-mail.
posted 18 november 2009
Environmental biogeochemist and ecotoxicologist. Currently Spain based, but British citizen. PhD (Biogeochemistry), MSc (Geochemistry), BSc (Earth Science). SCOPUS author ID 7006721352. Interested in worldwide opportunities commencing 2010 in laboratory/field based post-doctoral research regarding the fate and behaviour of toxicants in wildlife and environmental systems. Eighteen years experience in industry, environmental regulation and academia. Skilled in organic and inorganic analytical chemistry, wildlife/avian toxicology, environmental sampling and monitoring, and analysing/publishing scientific data.
Please contact by e-mail for CV.
posted 29 october 2009
Indian national, recent Ph.D., postdoc researcher at UC Berkeley with over 7 years experience in analytical geochemistry, environmental microbiology, microscopy and spectroscopy looking for a challenging and interesting position in industry, academia or research in the field of environmental geosciences. Field of interests: bioremediation of inorganic and organic pollutants, fate and transport of hazardous materials, redox cycling of trace metals, and geomicrobiology. Available worldwide. Please contact Saumya by e-mail.
posted 19 june 2009
Research scientist based in Texoma with over 9 years experience. Knowledgeable in a range of analytical techniques, field and laboratory research, management, high-level data analysis, and data presentation. Specialized experience: HPLC, Mass Spectrometry/GC, Total Carbon Analyzer, Nutrient Analyzer and Spectrofluorometer, algal culturing, phytoplankton identification, and bacterial productivity.
Please contact Michelle Watson by e-mail.
posted 1 april 2009
A recently graduated, enthusiastic, inquisitive, Biogeologist (Msc) based in Utrecht, the Netherlands , with experience in various aspects of paleo-climatology, micropaleontology and paleoecology. Looking for a challenging and interesting Phd- opportunity world-wide. I have a strong interest in (Paleo)-climatology, -ecology and oceanography with a focus on abrupt climate change and phenomena as for example ENSO and the monsoon.
Please contact Marie-Louise Goudeau by e-mail.
posted 12 january 2009
Graduate Environmental / Earth System Scientist / Engineer in Cornwall. Just finished PhD on Sustainability and Earth System Analysis, now seeking suitable entry-level / graduate position (commercial or research) with challenging and progressive company or university. Areas of interest and skills in: Sustainability; Earth System Science; Environmental Management; Mining and quarrying; Health & Safety; Geotechnical Assessment; Management Systems (Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety, Integrated). Please contact by e-mail if interested.
posted 9 january 2009