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GIS professional with MSc, specialized in Earth Observation (Landsat/Sentinel imagery), Urban heat island research, NDVI, cartography, climate studies. Experience in systems and database administration, programming and various GIS suites such as SAGA, QGIS, ArcGIS. Searching for PhD fellowship or interesting public sector opportunity. Based in Barcelona.
Contact L Sigler, at, web profile:
posted 29th June 2020
I am a full stack Data Scientist with over 10 years of experience working in academic (meteorology and climatology) as well industry fields (risk management, forecasting and development). I have full stack experience in data collection, aggregation, analysis, visualization, productionization, and monitoring of Data Science products. I can do small data modeling work with R and Python, and big data modeling work with Hadoop and Spark. Experienced in search and manipulate data from SQL databases and deploy Data Science solutions in Java, Python or C. Looking for remote opportunities on Data Science and Machine Learning projects. Currently located in São Paulo - Brazil.
Contact Jesselima: posted 29th June 2020
I am a Exploration Geophysicist based in Cape Town South Africa with 10 years of experience in oil and gas prospecting. Experience encompasses: 2D + 3D seismic interpretation, AVO analysis, Fault Analysis and Structural Modelling, Seismic to Well-Ties and New Venture Basin Analysis. I am looking for opportunities worldwide in petroleum geophysics/geology.
Contact Menzi Hadebe: posted 9th June 2020
A professional statistician/data scientist who has delivered and lead analytic teams in actionable analyses presented in a clear and concise manner. I am seeking to contribute my skills in predictive and spatial modeling fully toward environmental and conservation research after working in a variety of domains, including environmental research efforts. I am experienced with SAS, SPSS, Tableau, R, and ArcGIS.
Contact Neil Hurwitz at posted 22nd May 2020
A newly graduated student with a BSc in Applied Math and Geology. Extensive experience in Matlab programming, modelling and simulation programming experience in Java, and Python. Actively looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity anywhere in the world and in any position relating either Geology, programming or both.
Contact Rami Abou-Shamalah at posted 13th May 2020
A mining engineer based in Iran, with a Ph.D. in Mineral Exploration from Tehran Polytechnic University and more than ten years of background in coal mining, and professional in geoscientific programming. Looking for a postdoc or research position in the field of Geoscience and Geo- programming worldwide, ready to relocate. Fields of interest: Geoscience, Mineral Exploration, Geostatistical modeling, Geo-software development, and related disciplines.
Contact Amir Yusefi at, website posted 12th May 2020
A petroleum engineering postgraduate based in England with a degree in physics looking for opportunities in the job market or research around the world. Fields of interest include reservoir engineering, petrophysics, production engineering, hydrogen economy, or any other fields where I can apply my skills. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills developed from my academic studies and work experience as a data migration analyst and banking advisor.
For any opportunities, contact Winnie Margaret at posted 5th May 2020
A professional seismologist based in Victoria British Columbia, graduating with a PhD from the University of Victoria in May. Looking for an interesting post-doctoral research opportunity worldwide. Experience is with earthquake analysis in subduction settings, including tomography and double-difference relocation. Adept at programming in Python with experience in MATLAB, FORTRAN, and Perl. Skilled with the Antelope software suite.
Contact Jesse Hutchinson at posted 1st May 2020
I recently graduated from M. Sc in Petroleum Geophysics, based in Tehran, Iran. I like to be function as a Production Geologist; evaluate the logs and carry out stratigraphic correlations, seismic interpretation of faults and horizons, build a sequence stratigraphic frameworks, Geomodelling, conceptual models, identify pay-zones, to deliver a static model for the terms of reservoir engineering and dynamic simulation.
Contact Hanieh Binazirnejad at posted 29th April 2020
An Applied Earth Scientist/Exploration Geologist based in London, UK with over 14 years of experience in various fields of geology, applied geosciences and technical support. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity in academia, research or industry world-wide with a preferred focus in Europe. Fields of interest: Applied geosciences, exploration geology and mining, geochemistry, isotope chemistry and geoforensics.
Contact Dr Andreas Hahn at, Linkedin: posted 6th April 2020
A professional *RESERVOIR ENGINEER* based in Shiraz, Iran, with over 5 years of experience in various aspects of reservoir engineering and geological modelling. Looking for a challenging and interesting PhD or Job opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: General flow in subsurface porous media. multiphase flow and thermodynamics. fracture modelling and characterization. hydrology. geochemistry, geological modeling, numerical modelling, and CFD simulation. Contact Jassem Abbasi via email linkedin: Linkedin posted 16 March 2020
A professional IT man based in Tehran, Iran, with over 10 years of experience in various aspects of Information Technology. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Network Admin, IT Staff, Desktop IT Helpdesk, DBA.
Contact Hossein N. Roshan via email, Web: Linkedin posted 27 February 2020
A PhD geophysicist based in Edmonton, Canada with expertise in electromagnetic geophysical methods and previous oil and gas experience. Looking for post-doctoral research positions in Canada, the USA or the UK. Fields of interest: Volcanology, geothermal exploration, mining, software development.
Contact Darcy Cordell via email, Web: posted 21 February 2020
I'm a Master graduated geology and graduated in a second level master in GIScience and remote sensing, and I live in Varese (Italy). I'm looking for opportunities mainly in Europe, but even world-wide, to develop a PhD in structural geology about Varisican and Alpine deformation. Experience in field work about ductile and brittle deformation, geological mapping, GIS, 3D modeling, drone survey and photogrammetry.
Contact: posted 17 February 2020
Doctor in volcanology with a 2 years post-doctoral experience. Principal skills include analog modelling, fieldwork, SIG, mapping, stratigraphy and some experience in optical mineralogy and EMA. Educational background in geosciences with specialization in volcanology (geophysics, sedimentology, remote sensing) and magmatology (geochemistry and petrology). Always eager to learn, strengthen my competencies and acquire new skills. Fields of interests: volcanology, natural hazards and risk management, environment, geophysics, geochemistry. Based in the SW of France but looking for exciting opportunities worldwide.
Contact Corentin Chédeville or via LinkedIn
posted 5th February 2020
A recent BSc major in geology graduate, looking for experience in geotechnics and geosciences based in Canterbury Region, New Zealand. Interested in the fields: Data analysis. Data collection. Geographic surveys. Water resource management. Lab technician. Research assistant. Field surveying.
Please click here to contact Roniko James Krizar T. Ho by e-mail posted 23 January 2020
A professional geoscientist with expertise in water resource management with hands-on experience in dealing with water quality, hydro-geophysics, Isotope hydrology, remote sensing and GIS, proficiency to understand water scarcity problem and able to reduce its impact by formulating, developing and implementing new methodologies. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Field of Interest - Isotope Hydrology, Water Quality, Groundwater modelling (beginner), Hydro-geophysics and GIS Contact: Dr Syed Shams Rizvi via Email posted 3rd January 2020
Self-motivated qualified geophysicist relishing new and dynamic challenges in a team environment or independently to achieve personal and company targets. Involved in the oil and gas Industry since October 2012 as a geophysicist , I put to use my knowledge in geophysics and geology, my background in mathematics and theoretical physics for 2D/3D Project interpretation and prospect generation through structural mapping and seismic attribute analysis. i have worked also in Quantitative Seismic Reservoir Characterization Projects for successful Reservoir Modeling fulfillment. Instructed Petrel and Hampson-Russell commercial packages. Besides commercial software I am familiar with programming software such as Matlab. Contact Aymen Guizani via email posted 3 January 2020
Ph.D candidate in Geophysics, Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands. Expertise in seismic imaging, processing, modeling and seismic multiples technology (using and removing). Seeking challenging research based positions worldwide in Geophysics, starting January 2020. Contact Aparajita Nath at
posted 30 October 2019
I am Ashvin K A ,recently post graduated in marine Geophysics from India. Holds a bachelor's in Physics with strong mathematical background. I have experience in bathymetric, marine and land magnetic surveys, seismic refraction surveys with strong knowledge in various Geophysical exploration techniques. Field of interest : Oil and gas (offshore and onshore), mining, construction Contact : Ashvin K A,
posted 25 October 2019
Driven, skilled and highly motivated Geophysics and Management professional with over 25 years of progressively combined and proven experience in GIS, LiDAR, Geology, Environmental Sciences, Remote Sensing, Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, Signal Processing, Statistical Analytics, Programing, Software Development, Mineral/Hydrocarbon Exploration, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Process Planning, Research, Training, Operations, Coordination and related scenarios. Actively seeking a full-time position within the realm of my expertise and broad experience.
click here to contact Shane Hefford by e-mail
posted 17 October 2019
A Professional Researcher based in INDIA, with 4 years & 7 months of Research Experience in Water Resources, Civil Engineering. Seeking a knowledgeable and interesting opportunity in a challenging environment. Research Interest: Geospatial/Geoinformatics, Remote Sensing & GIS, Numerical Modelling (MIKE 21-HD/SW). Software skills: ArcGIS, ENVI, MIKE 21 (HD/SW), Global Mapper, Minitab, MS Office. Programming Language: Basics of C, C++, Arcpy. Contact: MANGALASURYA SS at posted 8th October 2019
An MSc. Applied Geology Candidate based in Cape Town, South Africa, with 3 months’ vacation work experience as a G.I.T and 3 years laboratory experience (wet & dry Geochemistry). Looking for an entry level opportunity as a mine/ environmental/ consulting Geologist (world wide – preferably visa sponsorship). Fields of interest: Geochemistry, Geochronology, 2D/3D Geo-modelling. Contact: Matthew Misrole at E: , LinkedIn: posted 27 September 2019
Experienced MSc. geoscientist seeking employment in Raleigh, NC. Skilled in GIS, fieldwork, and multivariate analytics through research in geology anddisaster science. My professional goal is to utilize my skills and interests to solve problems for clients. I am particularly interested and human response to crises and natural hazards risk and vulnerability assessment. Contact: Justin Peers - posted 13 August 2019
My name is Masoud Kameli, a Master's graduate and a senior Petrophysicist currently working in the Persian Gulf, with over 8 years of productive experience in reservoir characterization and data analysis. I am looking very much to further my study in PhD. My field of interests are as the following: Numerical analysis, Data Interpretation, and Reservoir modeling and characterization. I can be contacted through Email: posted 06 August 2019
Engineering Degree Holder and a high diploma of specialized engineer in Geophysics from the Algerian Institute of petroleum (IAP), with Eight (08) years of diversified high level field experience in Geophysics and scientific programming and scripting in a variety of languages including Fortran, C++ (Qt), Java, Perl and Python. As Senior, my Responsibilities consist of Supervision of the geophysical staff members in geophysical acquisition, processing. I would like to express my interest in working at progressive company that offers opportunities of advancement and career progression. I, Youcef Ais, can be reached anytime via my e-mail at posted 16 July 2019