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A recent Petroleum Reservoir Geology graduate (MSc) based in the United Kingdom.Looking for upstream oil and gas opportunities primarily within the UK, but willing to travel worldwide. Fields of interest: reservoir quality, petrophysics, basin modelling, carbonate and siliciclastic sedimentology, geomechanics and structural geology. Experience: with Petrel, Techlog, BasinModŽ, Sedlog software. Familiar with QEMSCANŽ, XRD, XRF, SEM and BSE analysis techniques.
Please click here to contact James Scorgie by e-mail; web
posted 17 October 2018
Recent graduate from the University of Leeds with a Masters in Climate and Atmospheric Science. Highly motivated, committed, knowledge seeking individual with excellent verbal and written communication skills. Dedicated to achieving goals and quickly adapts to change. Poised to leverage extensive experience, education, and practicum towards challenging position in Atmospheric Science and Meteorology. Open to relocate in the US and UK.
Please click here to contact Jay Broccolo by e-mail; web:
posted 3 July 2018
A professional multi-platform graphic designer based in Great Manchester, with over 10 years of working experience within B2B agency, in-house companies and freelance graphic design. Including but not limited to: social media design, app and web design, motion graphic, print design and branding. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide.
Please click here to contact Anna Morawska by e-mail, portfolio
posted 29 May 2018
MBA graduate in Information Technologies and recent MSc Petroleum Geology graduate with 4+ years industrial background covering Information Systems & Data Analysis, Geology & Geophysics, GIS in several multinational companies. Having a bachelor degree in Engineering Management. Speak 5 languages. I am based in Italy and looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity in Italy and Europe. Fields of interest: GIS, Geophysics, Geology, Data Analysis, Data, GNSS, Lidar.
Please click here to contact Khayal Gafarov by e-mail, web
posted 29 May 2018
Graduated in Geology in 2017, Technical University of Angola (UTANGA), with a general average of 14 values out of 20. With nearly three years of professional experience in the oil industry at Schlumberger Technical Services Inc. Angola (from 2006 to 2009), having served as Business Systems Champion for Southern and Western Africa; and two years of work in the Luanda Media Library between 2012 and 2013, as a Information Technology Support Engineer, and more recently working as freelancer Web Developer. Looking for a placement as geoscientist to further develop my professional career.
Please click here to contact Carlos Pimentel by e-mail.
posted 11 March 2018
A fresh graduate from Geophysical Engineering ITS, Indonesia. I have specialisation in Seismic Processing and Acquisition, Geoelectrical, Microtremor, Sub Bottom Profilling, Gravity, and Magnetic. I also mastered ArcGIS for surface mapping and Petrel for subsurface parameter modelling. I'm also interested to numerical programming with matlab and instrumentation (arduino/microcontroller). I able to work overseas. Please click here to contact Nur Rochman Muhammad by e-mail. posted 17 February 2018
A BSc Geology and BSc(Hons) GIS graduate and MSc GIS student based in Pretoria, South Africa. Hoping to grow, learn and gain professional expertise in my field. Fields of interest: Geology, Remote sensing and Geoinformatics. Please click here to contact Bongiwe Tshabalala by e-mail. posted 17 February 2018
A professional GeoSpatial Developer based in Hyderabad,India with over 7 years of experience in various aspects of GeoSpatial Web Development . Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: GIS,Climate Change. Skils:ESRI,Open Source GIS,JavaScript,Python. Please click here to contact Aditya Kumar by e-mail; web posted 29 january 2018
UK-based, polyglot, 10 years experience in prototyping and using optical gas sensing platforms, signal processing, seismic full waveform inversion, some Bayesian inference, some geochemistry, strong project management skills, good communication and scientific writing skills. Fields of interest: applied optics, atmospheric processes, gas remote sensing, applied geophysical problems, machine vision, volcanology. More info: posted 26 january 2018
Hydrologist with a PhD in glacial melt and hydrology with experience of distributed hydrological modelling and extensive field data collection in SE Iceland. Plus an MSc in Sustainable Catchment Management and 2 years experience at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. Interested in opportunities worldwide. Please click here to contact Verity Flett by e-mail. posted 22 january 2018
Senior PhD hydrogeologist with over 6 years of experience in various aspects of hydrogeology and GIS applications in Hydrogeology. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Field of interests: Hydrogeology, Groundwater vulnerability assessment against pollutants, GIS tools in Hydrogeology. I have a good experience in many softwares related to my specialization; e.g.: ArcGIS, Aquachem, Aquifer test and Surfer. Please click here to contact Ibraheem Hamdan by e-mail. posted 3 december 2018
Experienced (Geographical Information System) GIS and Environmental Planning Professional based in North-West England (UK). Dedicated, enthusiastic and skilled BSc. Geography and MA Urban Planning graduate with over 5 years experience in GIS applications within Environmental and Spatial Planning fields. I have undertaken a wide variety of GIS mapping, data management and visualization projects. Looking for an exciting and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest include: GIS data collection and analysis, Ecosystem Service Mapping, Natural Capital Valuation, Spatial Planning and Planning Policy. Please click here to contact Thomas Lambert by e-mail. posted 1 november 2017
A determined and skilled GIS specialist seeking to build upon two years' professional experience and advance my GIS career in the UK or abroad. Particularly interested in the utilization of mapping technologies for development and emergency relief.
Please click here to contact Paul Stewart by e-mail. posted 17 october 2017
A professional Geologist, GIS Analyst based in Rome, with over 5 years of experience in Geological Risks, G.I.S. (Geographic Information System). My software skills are ArcGIS for Desktop (ArcMap, ArcScene, ArcGlobe), Q-G.I.S, Terranova ShArc, Scene by Faro for 3D Modelling, Envi and FME (Desktop and Server). Looking for a job opportunity in Europe. Fields of interest: Geology, Geomorphology, G.I.S and Remote Sensing. Please click here to contact Valerio Salvitti by e-mail. posted 3 october 2017
A remote sensing & GIS data analyst, based in Ghana, with a strong passion for unlocking value of geospatial data from several imagery sources (Satellite, UAV, Aerial, Terrestial, Scanned Maps) and capacity building. I have more than 3 years working experience in digital image processing, infrastructure & natural resource mapping & monitoring, teaching and research. I have expertise in using ArcGIS, ENVI, ERDAS, SPSS and some knowledge in R, Q-GIS. Looking for an interesting opportunity.
Please view link and contact posted 16 august 2017
Looking for a challenging career that demands to apply my professional ability and skills so that organization benefits along with the broadening and enhancing my knowledge and skills. Being a MSC.graduate student of Meteorology My areas of interest : Climate studies, Monsoon studies, Ocean Atmospheric coupled modelling. Please click here to contact Shyno Susan by e-mail; LinkedIn profile: posted 1 june 2017
A Master Thesis Student based in Munich, Germany. I have over 4 years of experience in GIS softwares and over 1 year experience in Java and R programming. Master Thesis at the German Aerospace Center in the field of Geostatistics. Skills :: GIS, Remote Sensing, Android Development, Web GIS, Java, R. Intermediete :: Python, Java Script. Field of interest :: GIS related jobs which also have opportunities for developers. Please click here to contact Vikram Devi Eswaramoorthy by e-mail. posted 17 may 2017
I am educated in Master of Science in Geophysics Gravimetry from Tehran University in Iran. I have also completed my undergraduate education in Physics at Mazandaran University in Iran. Currently, I am interested in doing a Ph.D. degree because I personally believe that doing a doctorate degree would open doors to special high-tech research positions and high-level management. By considering my field experiences in physics and geophysics, I am keen to continue my education and expanding my research area upon the joint Inversion methods of siesmic and non-siesmic methods in geophysics explorations. My interest area is Inversion and forward modelling, so I chose my Master project about 3D inversion method for imaging salt bodies by using gravity data, and the extended abstract of this project has been categorized into the higher range of the review spectrum in 77th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition in Madrid in June 2015. After graduating with an MSc and publishing several papers derived from my thesis outcomes in the international conferences, I have been served as a reviewer at Pure and Applied geophysics' magazine and EAGE Annual conference in 2016 and 2017. Along with my studies and research works, I have been working as an instructor in Physics Laboratory of Azad University in Iran. These activities gave me valuable experiences as well as increasing my passion for expanding my research area upon new topics. Please click here to contact Sara Sayyadi by e-mail. posted 4 may 2017
First class BSc Oceanography graduate specialising in mathematical modelling and data analysis. 18 months' work experience in the defence industry in a technical role with project management and team leading experience. Looking for a technical role with customer facing and team working opportunities. Currently living in Bath, UK and willing to travel throughout the UK and Europe, starting as soon as required.
Please click here to contact Jennifer Cocks by e-mail. posted 2 may 2017
An atmospheric remote sensing researcher based in the Netherlands looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity. Fields of interest: Physical modeling such as the rain drop inertia effect. Retrieval techniques such as optimal estimation. Radiative transfer modeling and turbulence (/ EDR). Satellite trace gas retrieval techniques such as DOAS. Currently I am finalizing my PhD research and I am interested in postdoctoral research. I am also interested in setting up my own research, which can be performed with a grant.
Please click here to contact Albert Oude Nijhuis by e-mail. posted 26 april 2017
Research Assistant (MSc) in Numerical Geomechanics based in Brazil, with over 4 years of research experience. Recent graduated from the Missouri University of S&T and has been Teaching Assistant for the classes of Well Logging and Finite Element Analysis. Looking for opportunities world-wide. Fields of interest: Numerical modeling. Rock deformation. Fluid flow. Geotechnical engineering.
Please click here to contact Davi Damasceno by e-mail; linkedin posted 18 april 2017
I am dynamic and extremely organized GIS professional with more than 13 years' experience based in Italy. I am detail oriented and I love to work where I can use my geospatial skills. I worked on several projects involving sewer and water utilities, road centerlines and change detection using mainly ArcGIS. I had the opportunity to work on Geodatabase development, check, update, versioning and synchronization. Looking for opportunities worldwide.
Please click here to contact Nicoletta Galbani by e-mail: linkedin profile posted 15 march 2017
A remote sensing engineer based in Strasbourg, France, with 2,5 years of experience in remote sensing and GIS processing, data management and analysis. Strong understanding of SAR and multispectral data (as Sentinel). R&D skills in chain automation for image processing (shell, Python). Strong skills in rapid mapping and geohazard management as member of Copernicus EMS. Field of interest: Remote sensing applications, emergency management, environment studies. Looking for opportunities world-wide.
Please click here to contact Sadri Haouet by e-mail. posted 9 march 2017
Computer Science PhD graduate based on Mexico City with over 7 years experience in automatic spatial data processing. Looking for a mapping-related job world-wide. Fields of interest: spatial analysis, generalization, spatial similarity.
Please click here to contact Sergio Solano by e-mail. posted 16 february 2017
A junior hydrogeologist from Czech republic with 2 year experience with field work, office work (data analysis, final reports), numerical modelling and with a wife and 1year old son seeking a (hydro)geological job in the world. Wife and son must move with me (I am a family type). Focus on: hydrogeology, numerical modeling in hydrogeology, geological field work, engineering geology, slope stability, applied geology.
Please click here to contact Jakub Nedved by e-mail. posted 11 january 2017
A Geophysicist based in Kenya, with over 4 years of experience in Seismic acquisition, Processing and, Interpretation, gravity-magnetics, reservoir modelling. Has MSc Exploration geophysics-University of Leeds (2015), MSc Pure mathematics-University of Nairobi (2013) and currently pursuing PhD Geology (Exploration geophysics) at the University of Nairobi. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Seismic acquisition and Processing, Seismic interpretation, Gravity-Magnetics, Petrophysics-Geophysical reservoir evaluation, Near-surface geophysics.
Please click here to contact Abiud Masinde by e-mail; web posted 6 january 2017
A recent post graduate in Environmental Sciences based in Pune,India, with interest in remote sensing, GIS and environmental science (glaciers,climate change, impact assessments, monitoring,carbon cycle) looking for an interesting career in environmental geoscience and aiming to pursue PhD/research. Have a BTech IT background with 3 years of database development experience and exposed to ARCGIS,QGIS,Erdas Imagine, R and can pick up programming as per requirement.
Please click here to contact Aanchal Sood by e-mail; web posted 3 january 2017
A Geophysicist (MSc) based in Beijing, China, with two years of experience as scientific software developer and later one year as data scientist. Studied (though discontinued) PhD with focus in anisotropic RTM with coordinate mapping. Proficient in parallel programming, seismic data processing, prestack migration, statistical learning, data mining. Looking for scientific roles or PhD opportunities worldwide. Please click here to contact Xuxin Ma by e-mail: Linkedin posted 12 december 2016
Geology master: Based in Salzburg, Austria. Searches interesting opportunity world-wide. Experience in modelling of geological surfaces. Poster session at EGU 2016. Currently releasing 1st paper. Fields of interest: General scientific research. 3D modelling. Quaternary. Glaciation.
Please click here to contact Johannes Pomper by e-mail. posted 12 december 2016
A fresh geophysics PhD graduate based in Fort Collins, Colorado, with 6 years of experience in risk modeling and mining and over 10 years of research experience in geophysics, geodynamics, seismology, geodesy. Looking for full time positions in USA. Field of interest: Geoscience software development and support, upstream and downstream operations, research and management, geoscience big data.
Please click here to contact Sumant Jha by e-mail. posted 28 november 2016
A seismologist and earthquake engineer resident in Germany with vast experience and knowledge about different fields of engineering seismology and earthquake engineering. Looking for research and engineering positions worldwide preferably Europe and Germany. Fields of interest and expertise: probabilistic seismic hazard analysis, ground motion simulation, ground motion database compilation and processing, computer programming in the fields of seismology and earthquake, structural vulnerability assessment and structural dynamic analysis.
Please click here to contact Aida Azari Sisi by e-mail. posted 28 november 2016
A highly motivated, recent Geoscience masters graduate based in the north west of England, although happy to relocate quickly. Driven individual looking for a challenging opportunity within the following fields: Geology, Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineering, Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Data Processing. Please click here to contact Julia Bond by e-mail; LinkedIn: posted 17 november 2016
Motivated researcher in planetary sciences (cosmic dust, female, 4 years after PhD) searches for a position in space science or related fields. Experience in computer simulations, laboratory calibrations and data analysis. Background in aerospace engineering: astrodynamics and satellite systems. Steady publication record, dynamic presenter, and an active type of person. Currently based in Bern, Switzerland. Please click here to contact Veerle Sterken by e-mail; Web: posted 24 october 2016
Geospatial Scientist based in Wellington, New Zealand with over 7 years experience in GIS, Geomorphology and Geology. My skills include, geomorphic and geospatial interpretation of landforms for hazard and risk analysis, processing, modelling and administration of geospatial data, and production of high quality reports, maps and figures for print and web publication. Looking for opportunities in Austria or Germany.
Please click here to contact William Ries by e-mail; Linkedin posted 6 october 2016
A highly experienced geosciences professional with approximately 20 years of domestic and international geological experience. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Exploration, Geologic Mapping, Remote Sensing, GIS, Spectral Geology, Oceanography, Biostratigraphy, Data Management, Data compilation, Off Shore Surveys, Stratigraphy, Mineral Exploration:
Please click here to contact Brian R Cellura by e-mail; web posted 4 october 2016
A fresh graduate (doing MSc last semester), resident of Karachi, Pakistan. Looking for an entry level job or internship. I am good at ArcMap 10.1, Google Earth Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and some other softwares and have an ability to learn through online tutorials in order to find new solution for the same or different problems, have good writing and speaking skills. Willing to work in Canada (full-time) and everywhere in Pakistan with attractive package.
Please click here to contact Daniyal Zaidi by e-mail; for a detailed CV. posted 4 october 2016
A Masters level structural geologist based in Frome, Somerset, with experience completing large data-set projects using industry standard software. Looking for a challenging and engaging opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Seismic Interpretation. Reservoir interpretation and optimisation. 2D, 3D and 4D modelling. Fault and fracture modelling. Geological Mapping and Fieldwork. Please click here to contact Tim McRae by e-mail; (+44)7944343813 (CV on request). posted 29 september 2016
An IT professional based in Manchester, England, UK, with over 30 years of experience. Looking for an opportunity to combine IT skills with geoscience in the North West of England.
Please click here to contact Antony Kershaw by e-mail; Twitter: @OnlineGeologist. posted 3 september 2016
A senior geoanalyst based in Yekaterinburg Russia, with over 9 years of experience in various aspects of geotechnical engineering. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: General geotechnical engineering. Management of large-scale mapping projects. Geoinformation system. Development of an application. Please click here to contact Evgeniy Maslennikov by e-mail; Linkedin: posted 10 august 2016
An experienced seismic processing geophysicist, based in Guildford, UK, seeking a lead role in the UK. Recently a geophysical advisor to a processing department: client, R&D liaison; design of processing, testing and quality strategies for time and depth projects. Led large 3D imaging, development and commercialisation studies and troubleshooting interventions. Effective communicator with customers, processing and R&D teams to improve mutual understanding, achieve consensus and move projects forwards.
Please click here to contact Matt Aitchison by e-mail; Linkedin: posted 8 august 2016
An Information Technology Professional based in Abuja, Nigeria, with over 7 years of experience in various aspects of Meteorology, Climate Science and Computing. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: PhD Positions in modelling, Lecturing, Data Analysis and Information Technology. Please click here to contact Bamidele Oloruntoba by e-mail. posted 30 july 2016
A post-graduate (PhD) geophysicist with 5+ years experience in various field expeditions ranging from large-scale marine 3D seismic acquisitions to small-scale acoustic, EM, and heat flow studies. Looking for challenging and educational experiences worldwide. Fields of interest: seismic acquisition and processing, heat and fluid flow, gas hydrate, finite difference/element modeling, machine learning, parallel processing.
Please click here to contact Benjamin Phrampus by e-mail; web posted 24 july 2016
A Ph.D research student based in Cheshire, UK, with experience in various aspects of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing image processing techniques. Experience in ArcMap, ENVI, Beam, R, and Matlab. Fields of interest: phenological remote sensing, land use change, big data analysis, climate change, renewable energy mapping.
Please click here to contact Gill Mountford by e-mail; web posted 15 july 2016
A geo-information and earth observation scientists, with 3 years of working experience in geo-information applications on environmental monitoring and management. Current works and research focus on applications of remote sensing and GIS technologies in agro-ecosystems monitoring and food security, vegetation mapping and monitoring. Other fields of interest include mitigation and adaptation of agriculture and environmental resources to climate change, and other climate change related projects. Personal values include discipline, inter-personal skills, ability to work under pressure, enthusiasm in working in multi-cultural and interdisciplinary environments.
Please click here to contact Maurice Mugabowindekwe by e-mail. posted 9 july 2016
An early career Earth Observation scientist/data analyst with a first class Masters in Maths and Astrophysics. Looking for a challenging opportunity within Europe with learning potential. Work history: trainee scientist at the European Space Agency analysing satellite data quality from a statistical retrieval method and improving the algorithm (one year), self-employed English teacher (one year). Currently in the UK.
Please click here to contact Sarah Douglas by e-mail. posted 20 june 2016
Geologist specialised in active and passive remote sensing applied to EO, Forestry and Hydrography. With over 12 years expertise in software developement (IDL/ENVI, C/C++ and Python) with an emphasis in Object-Oriented and parallel processing (CUDA). I'm currently looking for new challenges through contractual work. If you have remotely sensed data that need added value through tailored software development please click here to contact Antoine by e-mail. posted 20 june 2016
B.E. in petroleum geology and M.Sc. in geology. I recently graduated with a geophysics Ph.D. at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA USA. I have more than 4 years of research experience working on development of numerical models for extreme coastal hazards like tsunami and storms and sediment transport. I have developed strong skills in programming (FORTRAN, Python, Matlab), GIS software (GRASS GIS), and numerical modeling (FVM). With a diverse background, I am seeking opportunities worldwide in the oil & gas industry, coastal hazard related field (e.g., flood modeling), and other geoscience field where I can apply my strength and passion in numerical modeling, programming and geology and geophysics.
Please click here to contact Wei Cheng by e-mail. posted 10 june 2016
A professional geophysicist based in the Netherlands, with over 15 years of experience in various aspects of geophysics. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: geophysics, microseismic interpretation/processing, engineering seismology & Earthquake engineering. Please click here to contact May Zhang by e-mail. posted 26 may 2016
A professional satellite Earth observation specialist based in the UK Southeast with over 20 years' experience. Currently finishing PhD in satellite radar applications (have taken time out of paid employment to complete). Last employment: Head of EO at the UK Satellite Applications Catapult. Looking for senior opportunity UK-nationally. Fields of interest: general EO, satellite radar interferometry, disaster and hazard applications, EO politics.
Please click here to contact Ren Capes by e-mail. posted 5 may 2016
Environmental physicist based in Manchester (UK) specialized in development of optical remote sensing platforms for gas detection, 8 years experience in solving tough problems in seismic, applied optics (both hard- and software development) and project management. Love traveling and fieldwork. Looking for job that requires an outstandingly creative and broad mind. I set up mathematical models to approach problems and also have the necessary practical knowledge. Available from 12/16 in North America, UK, Germany, France or Eastern Europe, including Russia. Please click here to contact Manuel Queisser by e-mail. posted 10 april 2016
I am a scientific computing developer/researcher based in Sao Paulo - Brazil, with over 8 years of experience developing and researching high performance computing and scientific computing code in C/C++, Fortran, Python, Matlab and R. I am looking for opportunities in numerical optimization, numerical simulation and model validation in Meteorology and Engineering.
Please contact click here to contact Jesse Americo by e-mail. posted 6 april 2016
Atmospheric scientist with a PhD from Victoria University, New Zealand. Highly motivated and capable with 10 years of international research experience and more than 20 publications in top peer-reviewed journals. Experienced in numerical modeling, data assimilation and measurements of various atmospheric species. Current research interests include biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nitrogen and atmospheric transport of trace species. Open to new challenges. Currently based in Luxembourg.
Please contact click here to contact Rona Thompson by e-mail. posted 3 april 2016
A professional geophysicist / mathematician from Novosibirsk Russia with strong experience in seismic forward modeling looking for interesting positions world-wide. Fields of interest: Seismic modeling, multiscale media, anisotropy, sonic logging.
Please click here to contact Egor Lys by e-mail. posted 30 march 2016
Geologist with domestic experience currently based in Calgary but willing to move. Creates geologic and petrophysical interpretations for constructing static reservoir models in the Petrel software suite. Clear understanding of the integration of engineering, geophysics, geology, and petrophysics data. Develops lasting relationships within a multidisciplinary team. Experienced with reserves as well as executing the drilling of exploration and horizontal production wells.
Please click here to contact Natasha Freedman by e-mail. posted 30 march 2016
A Bsc(Hons)Software Engineering with Multi Media graduate from Limkokwing University of Creativity and Technology, currently based in South Africa Johannesburg Turfontein, with no hands on experience of Software Engineering . Looking for a company to help me grow and become the Software Engineer I have the potentially to be given the chance. Fields of interest: General software engineering. android development. java developer.cyber security.3D Animation and Modeling.
Please click here to contact Bakang Nkala by e-mail. posted 14 march 2016
A statistician residing in India with 1.7 years of experience in predictive modelling and forecasting with an IT company. Looking for opportunities in Earth and atmospheric science domain, climate and rainfall prediction.
Please contact click here to contact Zeba Ansari by e-mail. posted 12 february 2016
A professional Social/Geo-Scientist in Munich, Germany, with 20 years general work experience, 10 years in various project- data- and information management. Looking for a challenging, interesting opportunity world-wide. Field of interest: Geo Science, NatCat, Vulnerability, Emergency Disaster, Humanitarian Relief, Int.Development, possibly also PhD (promovendus). Please contact click here to contact Christoph Sebald by e-mail. posted 12 january 2016