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A recent Sedimentary, Reservoir and Environmental MSc post-graduate from University of Geneva and Lausanne, Switerland (2019). French based in the French Alps. Experience of one year in oil and gas industry at the scientific and technical center of TOTAL based in Pau (FR). Specialized in biostratigraphy with foraminifera, multivariate statistics analysis, sedimentary laboratory techniques, mud logging and more generally in sedimentary/reservoir geology; and looking for opportunities in these domains. Fluent in English and French. Intermediate in Spanish and basics in Russian.
Contact: Adrien Montillier at
posted 03 March 2021
An experimental particle physicist with over 15 years of practice in data science and computing. Looking to change careers in the direction of applications to help in the fight against climate change.
Fields of interest : Renewable energy, energy management, smart grids, data science,machine learning.
Based in : Vermont, USA - Available in : Physically in region of Northeastern USA. Virtual work worldwide. Willing to travel.
Contact : Samuel Meehan at and at
posted 02 February 2021
Hydraulic and Coastal Modeller with strong analytical and communication skills. Based in Madrid, Spain and interested in remote working jobs worldwide. Practical experience in the validation, understanding and use of numerical and predictive models leveraging on ten years of consultancy experience. Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian. Intermediate level of French. Specializations: Coastal Modelling, Maritime Engineering, Hydraulics, Numerical Modelling, CFD modelling, Metocean Data Analysis, Forecasting and Predictive Modelling, Programming.
Contact: Giovanni Frigau -
posted 12th January 2021
Expert and motivated GIS practitioner located in Venezuela with a bachelor's degree in agronomy and a postgraduate diploma in Geomatics, I have more than 10 years of experience in processing, analyzing, and visualizing geospatial data. Skillful in spatial analysis using ArcGIS and QGIS, image analysis using ENVI and Google Earth Engine, spatial data management Geographical Data Science, and web development using CMS (Content Management System) and command-based interface. Interested in opportunities worldwide.
Abraham Coiman
posted 15th December 2020