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A remote sensing & GIS data analyst, based in Ghana, with a strong passion for unlocking value of geospatial data from several imagery sources (Satellite, UAV, Aerial, Terrestial, Scanned Maps) and capacity building. I have more than 3 years working experience in digital image processing, infrastructure & natural resource mapping & monitoring, teaching and research. I have expertise in using ArcGIS, ENVI, ERDAS, SPSS and some knowledge in R, Q-GIS. Looking for an interesting opportunity.
Please view link and contact posted 16 august 2017
A professional geomatics engineer based in Portugal, with over 24 years of experience in various aspects of geomatics. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity in Europe or Canada. Fields of interest: Cartography, Remote Sensing, Geodesy, Topography, Laser Scanning, CAD and GIS. Please click here to contact João Gaspar by e-mail: Linkedin:ão-gaspar. posted 15 may 2017
First class BSc Oceanography graduate specialising in mathematical modelling and data analysis. 18 months' work experience in the defence industry in a technical role with project management and team leading experience. Looking for a technical role with customer facing and team working opportunities. Currently living in Bath, UK and willing to travel throughout the UK and Europe, starting as soon as required.
Please click here to contact Jennifer Cocks by e-mail. posted 2 may 2017
Disaster management specialist based in India, with over 5 years of experience in Coastal Disaster Management. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Coastal Disaster Management, Coastal Ecosystems, Eco-DRR and Urban DRR.
Please click here to contact Yuvaraj by e-mail. posted 24 april 2017
A recent MESci Geology and Physical Geography graduate based in Liverpool, UK. Ability to conduct fieldwork in remote locations; work effectively as part of a team and independently. Willing to travel worldwide in order to pursue a career in geoscience. Areas of interest: sedimentology, core logging, seismic interpretation, geodynamics, volcanology, geohazards. Please click here to contact Michael Kimber by e-mail. posted 12 march 2017
Computer Science PhD graduate based on Mexico City with over 7 years experience in automatic spatial data processing. Looking for a mapping-related job world-wide. Fields of interest: spatial analysis, generalization, spatial similarity.
Please click here to contact Sergio Solano by e-mail. posted 16 february 2017
A seasoned humanitarian and development assistance practitioner based in the UK and in Nigeria but looking for interesting opportunities in Anglophone or Francophone speaking Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, EU or the Americas. I'm passionate for social inclusion and resilience building. Experienced in Program Management leadership and Organizational Development, with over 20 years' expertise in adaptive social protection, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning, Community resilience management, Risk Management, Agriculture, Food Security and Livelihoods
Please click here to contact Kene Onukwube by e-mail; web ing. posted 6 january 2017
Ph.D. in Geoscience and Environmental Science with a post doctorate at UFRGS & UNIBO on the construction of a coastal evolutionary model, for integrated coastal zone management applications, with 6 years of experience. Looking for an opportunity in academic field or in companies worldwide. My research has focused on Integrated Coastal Zone Management, developing local master plans and coastal field survey using new geotechnologies.
Please click here to contact Frederico Scarelli by e-mail. posted 13 december 2016
Multilingual master's graduate in Hydroinformatics and water management based in Potsdam, Germany, with 6 months experience seeking exciting and challenging opportunities in the Civil/Water engineering discipline world-wide. Interested particularly in coastal management, ground water and urban water management. Also interested in PhD opportunities. Please click here to contact Djoumana Alem by e-mail. posted 10 november 2016
Dedicated, enthusiastic and skilled BSc. Geography and MA Town & Regional Planning graduate. In a work capacity I have developed skills and experience in the Urban Planning and the Renewable Energy sectors. The former has developed my knowledge of urban planning and regeneration projects which focused my consolidation on scheme evaluation reports preparation, presentation delivery and research. Have 4 years of experience in GIS related to projects looking at Green Infrastructure and Ecological Corridor creation. Based: UK (Europe) Key Interests: Urban, Environmental and Spatial Planning, Environmental and Woodland Management, GIS and AUTO CAD
Please click here to contact Thomas Lambert by e-mail. posted 17 october 2016
Geospatial Scientist based in Wellington, New Zealand with over 7 years experience in GIS, Geomorphology and Geology. My skills include, geomorphic and geospatial interpretation of landforms for hazard and risk analysis, processing, modelling and administration of geospatial data, and production of high quality reports, maps and figures for print and web publication. Looking for opportunities in Austria or Germany.
Please click here to contact William Ries by e-mail; Linkedin posted 6 october 2016
A recent MSc graduate, with multiple publications. Projects on the paleo-climatic reconstruction of the Eocene of Jamaica, as well as the biogeography of Gondwana, and its function as a land bridge up to the Miocene. Published in the Swiss journal of Palaeontology, PALAIOS, and Ichnos. I am looking for junior research or PhD positions worldwide. Fields of interest: Paleontology. Paleoclimatology. Biogeography. Molecular phylogenetics.
Please click here to contact Conrad van den Ende by e-mail. posted 14 september 2016
A geographer based in Caracas Venezuela, with over 9 years of experience in several aspects such as GIS, work with communities, cadastre, human geography, field work and environmental issues. Post Graduate Diploma in environmental management and an unfinished Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering. Skills in environmental laws, waste management, atmospheric contamination, between others. Looking for opportunities world-wide.
Please click here to contact Henry Martínez by e-mail. posted 14 september 2016
I am a MSc student in Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health at the University of Edinburgh, specializing in the urban environment, and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. My background is in journalism, my conservation experience mostly comes from volunteer work in Kenya, Indonesia and Amsterdam. I am currently looking for work in nature conservation and/or restoration, preferably in an urban setting. posted 14 september 2016
A Remote Sensing & GIS data analyst, based in India, have more than 3 years of experience in Dyna-CLUE LULC modeling, Forest resilience and Hyperspectral data analysis. Also have experience in VIC Hydrological Modeling and GHGs study using GOSAT data. I'm an expert in ArcGIS, ERDAS and ENVI with some knowledge in Q-GIS, SPSS & Matlab. Looking for a job based on any kind Remote Sensing & GIS based data analysis and modeling. Please click here to contact Pulakesh Das by e-mail. posted 22 august 2016
A recent PhD graduate with interests in Environmental change and conservation biology, currently based in Belfast, Northern Ireland but looking to relocate anywhere in the world. Looking for teaching/education experience within a broad interest in Physical Geography, with experience in skilled in laboratory techniques (including DNA analysis), sedimentary analysis and various short and long-term teaching positions. Please click here to contact Kate Johnson by e-mail; or on twitter: @thepalaeoenviro. posted 19 august 2016
A professional hydrologist based in Ontario Canada, with over 5 years of experience in various aspects of geotechnical water resource engineering. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Hydro-climatic Extremes: Drought Monitoring and Analysis; Land Use Impacts on Energy and Water Balances; Hydrology remote sensing; Hydrology modelling; Ensemble flooding forecast; Water resource management; Global warming impacts. Please click here to contact Chi-Han Cheng by e-mail. posted 5 august 2016
Recent PhD (volcanology/geophysics), currently UK-based, environmental monitoring and geotechnical industry experience, looking for academic teaching or postdoctoral research position in geology/earth science/volcanology/physical geography. Expertise in Icelandic rift volcanism, gravity surveying, Venusian geology, and GPS/Total Station surveying techniques. Proficient in ArcGIS, LSS, and gravity modelling software. Several years experience as writer and tutor of MOOCs. Please click here to contact Sion Hughes by e-mail. posted 30 july 2016
A South African M.Sc graduate in Environmental & Geographical Sciences, specialising in palaeoclimatology, with a focus on marine environments (B.Sc Hons in Oceanography). Looking for exciting PhD opportunities in palaeoclimatology/ palaeoceanography, or work experience/internships in the fields of natural sciences and popular science writing. Please click here to contact Robyn Granger by e-mail; web posted 27 july 2016
A Ph.D research student based in Cheshire, UK, with experience in various aspects of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing image processing techniques. Experience in ArcMap, ENVI, Beam, R, and Matlab. Fields of interest: phenological remote sensing, land use change, big data analysis, climate change, renewable energy mapping.
Please click here to contact Gill Mountford by e-mail; web posted 15 july 2016
Geoscientist (Geomorphologist), with a PhD. Based in Brisbane, Australia. 4.5 years of industry experience as a geoscientist and environmental consultant. Very capable field scientist with strong publication record. Looking for opportunities world-wide. Fields of interest: Geomorphology, Quaternary Science, Forestry and environmental management, Geohazards, Geological mapping, GIS, Process climatology. Please click here to contact Adrian Slee by e-mail. LinkedIn: . posted 14 march 2016
A dedicated researcher with a M.Tech in Remote Sensing and GIS along with a post graduation in geography from India. Looking for more challenging environment across the world and wish to research and discover new approaches in the field of Remote sensing and Geography. I have Knowledge of Arc GIS and Erdas Imagine software's along with the knowledge of C language and MATLAB. Also have skills of Survey and surveying with practical knowledge and field experience. Interested in image processing as well as GIS and Global Navigation Satellite System.
Please click here to contact Shashank Yadubhushanam by e-mail. posted 29 february 2016
An enthusiast junior researcher with a joint PhD degree in physical geography/engineering and over 3 years professional experience looking for opportunities river (hydrological, hydraulic, and geomorphological) assessment and restoration projects. Background: river science and management, sediment transport. Skills efficient data manager, with sufficient skills in statistical, mathematical, analytical approaches, GIS, Matlab, LaTex, Word, Excel, Fortran. I live in France and very mobile for any European-based position. Please click here to contact Prima Sekarsari by e-mail. Web . posted 25 february 2016
A recent MSc graduate and GIS Technician/Analyst seeking fulfilling entry-level GIS work in the UK or abroad. Particularly interested in the utilization of mapping technologies for development and emergency relief. Consequently interested in web GIS, open source GIS, participatory GIS and qualitative GIS.
Please click here to contact Paul Stewart by e-mail. posted 22 february 2016
A motivated Geography with Oceanography graduate and Category A Hydrographic Surveyor looking for a change in career. Keen interest in the applications of geospatial data, particularly Remote Sensing and GIS. Looking for a challenging role, in which I can develop my skills and become a valuable asset to any employer. Proven track record of problem solving with excellent communication and analytical skills. Currently based in London, but willing to relocate worldwide.
Please click here to contact Alistair Hall by e-mail. posted 18 february 2016
I am cartographer from Lithuania. At this moment I'm working in Lithuania Cultural Heritage Center (KPC) cartographer. My work consist of daily AutoCad use, data processing, outdoors measurements using GPS and territorial plans plotting. Now I look for other job in Cartography/ Gis/ AutoCad sphere. Remote position preferred, but anyway I can work worldwide. I can work with: AutoCad, Adobe Illiustrator, Adobe InDesign, ArcGis, Qgis, Multispec, ArcMap, LANDSAT data, GPS, MapInfo, Ms Access. Education: Masters degree in Cartography, Vilnius University. Please click here to contact Kristina Šeškauskaite by e-mail. posted 12 februaruy 2016
A development professional with over 9 years experience. 5 years for UN and other international development agencies (IFAD, UNDP, GEF, SIWI) of which over 3 years of field experience in Tanzania, Mali, Kenya, Palestine and Sudan. 4 years in private sector in England. Based in Rome, Italy. Available worldwide. Sustainable Natural Resource Management, Green Technologies, Environmental Governance, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Team Leader, Project Management, Project Evaluation, Project Proposals. Please click here to contact Mr)Wietse Michiels by e-mail, web: posted 20 january 2016
A professional Social/Geo-Scientist in Munich, Germany, with 20 years general work experience, 10 years in various project- data- and information management. Looking for a challenging, interesting opportunity world-wide. Field of interest: Geo Science, NatCat, Vulnerability, Emergency Disaster, Humanitarian Relief, Int.Development, possibly also PhD (promovendus). Please click here to contact Christoph Sebald by e-mail. posted 12 january 2016
A physical geography graduate based in England, having applicable knowledge in certain geographic and environmental fields. Possessing a proven ability in having a clear, logical an analytical mindset with a rational approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. Available to work in most regions of England. Fields of Interest: Soil Science, Hydrology, Renewable Energy, GIS, Environmental Sciences and Atmospheric Sciences.
Please click here to contact Carl Whyte by e-mail. posted 8 january 2016
A PhD in the field of Geoinformatics with 5 years experience in remote sensing of vegetation, use of synthetic aperture radar data (SAR), ground truth collection, open source tools like Postgres/PostGIS. Looking for a post doctoral position world wide in the fields of: climate change, environmental modelling, polar ice studies, land use land cover analysis, oceanographic sciences.
Please click here to contact Dr. Varunika Jain by e-mail. posted 14 december 2015
A recent, determined and skilled MSc graduate seeking fulfilling entry-level GIS work which will compliment ongoing studies and kick-start career. Particularly interested in the utilisation of mapping technologies in (post-) conflict/disaster scenarios. More than willing to relocate. Please click here to contact Paul Stewart by e-mail. posted 26 october 2015
I am a Civil Engineering with a PhD in Forest Ecology. Professional based in Malta, with over 6-year background in the data analysis and spatial environmental planning. Field of interest: Geospatial technologies. Manipulating and processing large spatial dataset. Ecological/biogeochemical modeling and their applications in geography and environmental science. Role of BVOC in the carbon cycle at country level. GIS methodology for the study of land cover changes after fires. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Please click here to contact Claudia Kemper Pacheco by e-mail, or at Research Gate: posted 9 october 2015
A recent MSc graduate and GIS Technician/Analyst seeking fulfilling entry-level GIS work in the UK or abroad. Particularly interested in the utilization of mapping technologies for international development and in (post-) conflict/disaster scenarios. Consequently interested in web GIS, open source GIS, participatory GIS and qualitative GIS. Country of residence: Denmark. Willing to work anywhere.
Please click here to contact Paul Stewart by e-mail. posted 2 october 2015
A Geographer based in Caracas, Venezuela with master degree in Remote Sensing & GIS. 13 years of experience in GIS, Digital Cartography, Remote Sensing, Field Survey and Environmental Studies. Looking for job opportunities in Europe, Canada, USA & Latin America. European Union Citizen (Spain). Available worldwide. Some experience in Open Source Software and Web-Based GIS.
Please click here to contact Efrain Porto Tapiquen by e-mailor find me on Linkedin at posted 25 september 2015
I am Ph.D with +20 years freelance experience (ARCGIS and open software, ERDAS Imagin, Geomorphology, Sedimentology and Seismic analysis of Mesozoic and Cenozoic) look for work in areas such as Remote Sensing, Cartography, Oil & Gas industry and GIS application. Please click here to contact Antonio Herrero by e-mail. posted 14 september 2015
A hydrologist based in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada, with over 10 years of experience in water sector. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide, Fields of interest: General hydrology and land surface modeling, water resources planning and management, river basin and watershed management. Please click here to contact Moges Mamo by e-mail. posted 9 september 2015
Recent Environmental science graduate (studied part time alongside full time job) with 10 years' experience of supervisory/managerial roles within libraries/book trade, looking to move into the environmental sector with a particular interest in GIS & Remote Sensing, areas in which I achieved excellent marks at degree level. London based, I am looking for challenging international opportunities that would suit a fast learner willing to progress quickly.
Please click here to contact Jack Collins by e-mail. posted 26 august 2015
A geography graduate based in Devon, United Kingdom. Looking for any exciting and interesting opportunities including work experience. Fields of interest: G.I.S., wildlife conservation, agriculture and sustainable development.
Please click here to contact Annie Bukowczan by e-mail. posted 24 august 2015
A geoscientist based in São Vicente, Brazil, with experience in long-term landscape evolution using low temperature thermochronology. Looking for a posdoctoral position world-wide. I have interest in any area of geosciences. Please click here to contact Carolina Doranti by e-mail. posted 21 august 2015
I am a recent graduate in BSc Mathematics (First Class, University of Exeter), looking for an exciting permanent job or internship in the areas of Meteorology, Climatology or Climate Change. Experience in application of Mathematics of Climate Change, and research of climate processes. Currently located in Bristol, UK, but available to work in rest of UK and EU. Please click here to contact Isabella Capel-Timms by e-mail. posted 25 june 2015
A climate change researcher based in Enschede, The Netherlands, with 10 years of experience in various fields of Geo-informatics. Looking for challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change. Climate Change policy and plans. Climate Change Services. Qualitative and Quantitative Research and Analysis. Land Administration. Land Policy. Socio-Technological Innovative Concepts for the Geo-information Management. Geospatial Data Products and Applications. Please click here to contact Adish Khezri by e-mail. posted 17 june 2015
A recent Master's of science (MSc) graduate in Geography and Geoinformatics based in Estonia. Work experience as student research assistant at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and field work assistant in Disko, Greenland. Fields of interests: biogeochemistry, soil science, climate change environmental science, geoscience research. Looking for aditional experience and challenging opportunities world-wide. Will happily travel and work in remote areas!
Please click here to contact Imre Banyasz by e-mail; LinkedIn: posted 7 june 2015
Multilingual, flexible Cartographer (B.Sc.), based in Stuttgart/Germany with enormous background in regional sciences (focus Thailand and South East Asia), GIS, remote sensing and experience in flood management looks for challenge in geo-related job opportunities worldwide. Fields of interest: Remote Sensing/GIS. Geography. Sustainable Development. Geoscience Research. Transport/Engineering/Planning. Environmental Science. Corporate Social Responsibilities.
Please click here to contact Sven Burkart by e-mail. posted 15 april 2015
Cartographer with strong design skills gained through 4 years in mapping for environmental and civic projects, combined with 12 years' experience in service development, community engagement, project management and training across various sectors. Experienced in GIS analysis, geospatial data management, and GIS training using proprietary and open source software for commercial applications including EIA, community mapping for local government, statistical mapping and data visualisation for charities. Glasgow based and seeking opportunities worldwide. Please click here to contact Val Marloe by e-mail. posted 20 november 2014
A professional remote sensing scientist based in Houston, Texas, with PhD degree in ecosystem science, and work experience on radar and lidar image processing. Looking for remote-sensing and GIS work in Houston, TX. Fields of interest: biomass and carbon stocks estimation, uncertainty analysis, geospatial modeling, lidar and radar data analysis, landscape ecology, spatial statistics, land-cover classification, forest economics. Please click here to contact Ligaya Leal by e-mail. posted 20 november 2014
I am an enthusiastic BSc Geography graduate based in Reading UK, who is responsible and reliable. I am very keen to begin a career in remote sensing. I am looking for challenging and interesting entry or graduate level opportunities UK wide. Fields of interest: Climate Change. Urban Heat Mapping. Monitoring Vegetation. Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets. Environmental Monitoring.
Please click here to contact James Gillespie by e-mail. posted 13 november 2014
Water Resource Specialist (M.S.) based in Denver, CO with a passion for skill development and a drive to contribute to a more sustainable society. Areas I am interested in working with include water supply planning, hydrologic data analysis, water rights evaluations, hydrologic modeling, and field investigations within Colorado. Wealth of GIS experience and field work. Broad knowledge base; Deeply analytical; Great technical writer.
Please click here to contact Patrick O'Brien by e-mail. posted 3 november 2014
A physical geographer based in the Netherlands, with about 5 years experience in coastal research and water-related civil engineering. Looking for new opportunities world-wide. Fields of interest: coastal processes (erosion, waves, sediment), flood protection (coasts and rivers), marine conservation.
Please click here to contact P. de Ruiter by e-mail, or
posted 20 october 2014
An enthusiastic Geomorphologist based in London and Amsterdam, specialized in coupling of Earth Surface Processes and Landscape Dynamics with strong background in Glaciofluvial Systems, Tectonic Geomorphology, Quaternary Geochronology, Sedimentary Basins, and Palaeo-climate Research. Looking for an interesting and challenging Post-doc opportunity or University Lecturer position (preferably) in the UK and Europe. Please click here to contact Kurt Martin Stange by e-mail, web posted 13 october 2014
A professional geoscientist in Germany but Namibian origin, with over 10 years experience in various areas of GIS and Remote Sensing. Looking for a PhD or a challenging interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interests: Environmental Geography, GIS and Remote Sensing. Please click here to contact Priscilla Haindongo by e-mail. posted 10 october 2014
Ella Moseley. A graduate geographer based in Winchester, Hampshire, UK with one years experience in GIS and environmental research/laboratory work. Looking for a position in the field of geography/ecology/environmental research either in the field/office based/laboratory based. I am able to work in Hampshire, Surrey and London.
Please click here to contact Ella Moseley by e-mail, or on 07511577862. posted 6 october 2014
GIS specialist based in Calgary, Alberta. 4-5 years of experience in multiple GIS and geography programs. Seeking global positions that are challenging and diverse. Fields of interest: Oil and gas. Environmental. Geography of economics. Anthropological GIS. Please click here to contact Corey Hughes by e-mail.
posted 8 august 2014
Fresh graduate with M.Eng. in Geoinformatics based in Beijing, China. A combination of skills obtained from studies (GIS, GNSS, remote sensing), highly developed soft skills, multicultural understanding (studying at 4 universities in Czech republic, Sweden, Turkey and China), language proficiency (Slovak, Czech, English, Chinese, French) and strong IT literacy is resulting into a unique combination. Seeking various GIS-related position. Willing to relocate anywhere in the world.
Please click here to contact Michal Bodnar by e-mail.
posted 4 august 2014
MA in GIS living in Houston, Tx. Recent graduate looking for entry level positions in as analyst, technician or specialist. Prefers to work in the oil and gas field, however still interested in working in other areas. Want to gain real world experience. Looking for work within Houston,TX. Has experience with ArcGIS, RS application and others.
Please click here to contact Brandon Blackmon by e-mail.
posted 2 august 2014
Colombo based M.Sc. degree holder in GIS and RS, and currently working as GIS Technical Manager for ESRI Sole Distributor in Sri Lanka to manage technical team to provide various geographical information system supports and solutions specially in utilities and urban development sectors. Have over 13 years experience in various GIS and RS applications to provide spatial solutions and maps. Please click here to contact Nalaka by e-mail, or +94714951928..
posted 29 july 2014
A recent graduate in Geography based in Phoenix, AZ is looking for full-time employment. I have 1.5 years experience in the oil and gas field doing coring and core analysis. I would love to broaden my horizons doing anything environmentally related. Please click here to contact Adam Steinmann by e-mail.
posted 25 july 2014
I am a PhD student at MSU (already obtained a MSc), geography faculty, baised in Moscow, Russia. I have an 4.5 years experience working with different GIS products (ArcGIS, GeoMedia, ERDAS IMAGINE and etc.) I worked at Intergraph Corp, Ministry of Energy if Russia. Looking for a interesting and related to my experience opportunity round the world. Field of interest: GIS, Remote sensing, landcover/land use changes, modeling. Please click here to contact Elizaveta Khazieva by e-mail.
posted 21 july 2014
A post-graduate glaciologist currently based in Milton Keynes, UK (available worldwide), with 5 years' experience via a BSc in 'Geography' and MSc in 'Quaternary Science and Climate Development'. Looking to develop my skills and knowledge regarding ancient and modern ice sheets through a PhD alongside professional industry experience, with a particular focus on Antarctica and Greenland. Field of interest: Ice sheet dynamics, Quaternary Science, Luminescence Dating, Climate Change, Remote Sensing, ArcGIS.
Please click here to contact Michael Cullum by e-mail for more information and full CV.
posted 15 july 2014
A MSc Geographical Information Sciences graduate (merit) from the University of Manchester, currently based in East Africa, with over 5 years of experience in GIS and Remote sensing. Seeking a challenging and exciting research based career in Environmental processes that applies GIS and Remote sensing technologies anywhere in the world.
Please click here to contact Peter Kabano by e-mail.
posted 22 june 2014
A recent BSc(Hons) Geography graduate (2:1) seeking temporary or permanent work opportunities in the UK (South-West based) Areas of expertise include GIS (Competent with ArcMap10) & Remote Sensing, Surveying and levelling. Fields if interest: Geography, Sustainability, Resource Management, Climate Change, Energy and EIA to name but a few. I am willing to try my hand at anything in order to gain experience.
Please click here to contact James Hazell by e-mail, or 07904980182.
posted 18 june 2014
Recent Post-Graduate from Visva- Bharati University of India in Geography specialization with Environmental Geography with 2 years working experience in India Post as a Postal Assistant . Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity primarily in Research(PhD/Job especially within the realm of earth science. I have done P.G. Diploma in Geoinformation Science & Earth Observation with specialization in Natural Hazards & Disaster Risk Management form ITC The Netherlands. I have experience with ERDAS Imagine, ARCGIS, Quantum GIS, PostGIS & PostGre, Python, as well as experience with the Google Maps. Fields of Interest: Digital Image Processing, Microwave Remote Sensing, DBMS, Environmental Study & Geology, Spatial Analysis, and Cartography particularly in the fields of RS-GIS, Geology and Earth Science. Please click here to contact Subhajit by e-mail.
posted 3 february 2014
A professional Surveying Engineer based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire with 2 years working experience in topographical surveys and setting out. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity primarily in Cambridgeshire as well as in UK nationwide. Fields of interest: Topographical surveys, Setting out, Hydrology, Water Resources Management, Flood Risk Assessments. Please click here to contact Anastasios Malliaros by e-mail.
posted 19 september 2013
Canadian-based PhD-level remote sensing / photogrammetry specialist, currently undertaking a postdoc using UAV-acquired data for environmental monitoring. Over thirty years of industry experience in surveying, photogrammetry, and remote sensing, including teaching university-level geomatics courses, and developing UAV photogrammetry applications. My recent PhD used oblique photogrammetry and SAR interferometry to measure changing arctic ice flow patterns. Interested in full time or contract positions worldwide, preferably with environmentally-focused organisations. Please click here to contact Ken Whitehead by e-mail; Linkedin:
posted 6 september 2013
A professional geoscientist based in Merritt Island,Fl with 3 years of experience in various aspects of geospatial analysis and mapping with a doctorate in Geography. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Spatial data analysis, geovisualization, spatial modeling, agent-based modeling. Please click here to contact Shelrie Houlton by e-mail.
posted 29 may 2013
Recent Graduate from University of New Mexico in Geography with an emphasis on GIS. Looking for a job in the GI science field, especially within the realm of earth science. I have experience with ERDAS Imagine, IDRISI, and ARCGIS, as well as experience with the Google Maps API. Fields of Interest: Photogrammetry, Spatial Analysis, and Cartography particularly in the fields of Geology and Earth Science.
Please click here to contact Daniel Chelist by e-mail.
posted 12 april 2013