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A Chartered Engineer based in Lucknow, India with bachlor degree in civil engineering and master degree in applied geology with four years of working experience in Geotechnical Engineering in design, execution and research. Willing to move anywhere in the world for a better opportunity.
Contact me, Shubham Srivastava, at posted 22 June 2020
An environmental scientist with over 8 years of research experience in various aspects of remediation technologies of polluted sites, waste management and its treatment, nutrient recovery, and biogas production. Seeking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide to continue my career and obtaining a development position and to put my knowledge and skills with focusing on academic and professional experiences.
Contact me,Arezoo Dadrasnia, at, web: posted 29th May 2020
A petroleum engineering postgraduate based in England with a degree in physics looking for opportunities in the job market or research around the world. Fields of interest include reservoir engineering, petrophysics, production engineering, hydrogen economy, or any other fields where I can apply my skills. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills developed from my academic studies and work experience as a data migration analyst and banking advisor.
For any opportunities, contact Winnie Margaret at posted 5th May 2020
I am a professional ecologist based in Johannesburg, South Africa with over four years of experience in consulting, with a BSc, BSc Honours, and MSc in various aspects of ecology, biodiversity, and biology. Driven, skilled, and highly motivated scientist who has experience in conducting ecological surveys of protected habitats, classifying species, environmental monitoring, and writing scientific reports. I have always been passionate about ecology, and I possess an in-depth knowledge of ecosystems and specialize in terrestrial ecology.
Lusanda Patrick Matee (Cand.Sci.Nat) - email posted 24th April 2020
A recent environmental engineer graduate based in Budapest, Hungary with 3 years of experience in well services engineering and EHS. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Contaminated site remediation, soil and groundwater treatment. Wastewater treatment. Environmental geotechnics.
Contact VictorGerald Nzewuji via email, Web: posted 10th March 2020
A PhD geophysicist based in Edmonton, Canada with expertise in electromagnetic geophysical methods and previous oil and gas experience. Looking for post-doctoral research positions in Canada, the USA or the UK. Fields of interest: Volcanology, geothermal exploration, mining, software development.
Contact Darcy Cordell via email, Web: posted 21 February 2020
Engineering Geologist from Indonesia with a demonstrated history of working in the tertiary education industry for 2 years, focused in statistic, geological structure and mineralisation. Looking for new challenging world-wide opportunity in geothermal and mineral exploration.
Please click here to contact Licia Audina by e-mail posted 17 February 2020
I completed my Master degree geology in 2017 and I have 2 years experience in open cast mining, as an underground mining exploration geologist, mining geologist, and mining safety measures inspector. I work in Hutti Gold Mines India. I'm experienced in open cast and under ground mining development and exploration work process; underground drive mapping and channel face mapping, cross section and vertical section mapping; estimation of ore body, value, tonnage of ore deposits and drive direction, cross cut development process, level to level winse and rise development; diamond drilling point locating and core samples analysis; stope planning and identifying the ore body width, underground safety measures inspections. Contact R.Karthick Geologist
posted 5th February 2020
Doctor in volcanology with a 2 years post-doctoral experience. Principal skills include analog modelling, fieldwork, SIG, mapping, stratigraphy and some experience in optical mineralogy and EMA. Educational background in geosciences with specialization in volcanology (geophysics, sedimentology, remote sensing) and magmatology (geochemistry and petrology). Always eager to learn, strengthen my competencies and acquire new skills. Fields of interests: volcanology, natural hazards and risk management, environment, geophysics, geochemistry. Based in the SW of France but looking for exciting opportunities worldwide.
Contact Corentin Chédeville or via LinkedIn
posted 5th February 2020
I am an enthusiastic and motivated Applied Geologist with more than 30 years experience in academia and based in Cape Town, South Africa. Seeking an opportunity in a general geology or geosciences environment (environmental, research or lectureship) preferably in North America or Australia. Fields of interest: Structural Geology, Hydrogeology, Petroleum Geology and Environmental Geology. Contact Reginald Domoney posted 10th January 2020
I am based in Vancouver Canada with civil engineering degree background and work experience deals with geotechnical/geological/geographical 3D modeling, analysis and drafting. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: General geotechnical engineering. Reinforced soils. Slope stability. Soft soils. Earthquake engineering. Contact Ryan at
posted 28 November 2019
Hardworking geologist based in Fairbanks Alaska, with 5 years of experience in drilling/logging operations (RC, field geotech logging, core logging). In search of exciting opportunities with room to grow and learn more skills. Available worldwide for work on a rotation schedule. Interests include wall stability, geotech engineering, and mining in general. Contact Vsevolod Seletskiy at
posted 12 November 2019
I am Ashvin K A ,recently post graduated in marine Geophysics from India. Holds a bachelor's in Physics with strong mathematical background. I have experience in bathymetric, marine and land magnetic surveys, seismic refraction surveys with strong knowledge in various Geophysical exploration techniques. Field of interest : Oil and gas (offshore and onshore), mining, construction Contact : Ashvin K A,
posted 25 October 2019
A Professional Researcher based in INDIA, with 4 years & 7 months of Research Experience in Water Resources, Civil Engineering. Seeking a knowledgeable and interesting opportunity in a challenging environment. Research Interest: Geospatial/Geoinformatics, Remote Sensing & GIS, Numerical Modelling (MIKE 21-HD/SW). Software skills: ArcGIS, ENVI, MIKE 21 (HD/SW), Global Mapper, Minitab, MS Office. Programming Language: Basics of C, C++, Arcpy. Contact: MANGALASURYA SS at posted 8th October 2019
An MSc. Applied Geology Candidate based in Cape Town, South Africa, with 3 months' vacation work experience as a G.I.T and 3 years laboratory experience (wet & dry Geochemistry). Looking for an entry level opportunity as a mine/ environmental/ consulting Geologist (world wide – preferably visa sponsorship). Fields of interest: Geochemistry, Geochronology, 2D/3D Geo-modelling. Contact: Matthew Misrole at E: , LinkedIn: posted 27 September 2019
A prospective Geoscientist-in-Training based in Waterloo Ontario, with academic and laboratory experience in hydrogeology. 2 years of Administrative, Data Analysis, Technical Writing and Marketing experience. Looking for a challenging and engaging opportunity locally in Waterloo-Wellington. Fields of interest: Geoscience Research, Hydrology / Hydrogeography / Water , GIS, Renewable Energy, Science Admin & Management, Policy & Advocacy, Oil & Gas Commercial / Sales / Marketing. Contact Yale Wang at, web posted 24 September 2019
I am a professional mining engineer specializing in geomechanics in mining industry based in Jakarta, Indonesia. 4 years experience in Geotechnical Assessment with interest in numerical modeling, slope stability, underground opening stability analysis, rock and soil mechanics. Looking forward for challenging opportunity in the industry and academic field world-wide. Further information check my linkedIn profile at posted 06 August 2019
A professional Academician based in Suva, Fiji with over 6 years of experience in Industry (3) and Teaching (3+) of Environmental engineering. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Research, PhD, Projects related to Environmental, Sustainability, Climate change. Click here to contact Swetha Priya by email posted 1 August 2019
Over seventeen years experience in geophysical investigations, data processing, interpretation and research work. Published more than 30 research papers in reputed journals relating to seismology and earthquake early warning. Currently working in Taiwan. Looking for a job opportunity in the field of Earthquake engineering, Seismology, and R&D sector. Contact Himanshu Mittal at posted 30 July 2019