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A professional geologist , with over 4 years of experience in planning and execution of geotechnical investigating studies, highly skilled in data geo-data acquisition and processing. Expert level caliber in soil identification, classification and rock mass rating works. Expert level in preparing, analyzing geological data using computer applications. Highly adaptive in handling large scale projects involving numerous data processing and efficient team builder and player.. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: General geotechnical engineering. Mining. Slope stability. Soft soils. Earthquake engineering.
Contact Mohamad Safa at
posted 8th October 2021
A licensed Geologist in Training based in Spring City, Pennsylvania, with a Masters Degree in Geoscience. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Mineralogy. Petrology. Geophysics.
Contact Brian Ammon at
posted 9th August 2021
Geologist with three-year experience in environmental projects and relevant experience of environmental investigation, remedial, development and regulatory compliance activities in mining area, private and public properties. Geology expert with 7 years of experience in preparing large scale maps, geological investigation, sampling and testing. Experience with proven performance in sample analysis, report writing and documentation. Skilled GIS Drafter with 7+ years' experience working with speed and accuracy on environmental and geology projects.
Contact: Pouria Salami at, web
posted 21st May 2021
I have recently completed my BSc Honours degree majoring in Geology with Univetrsity of the Free State. I am currently seeking for graduate training where I can be afforded the opportunity to showcase my capabilities as a graduate, as well as learning more in the Mining industry.
I am a goal orientated being who is ready for challenges and have great willingness to learn. I believe that the skills and experiences that I acquire will as a student enable me to tackle any challenge that will contribute into building me into a successful Geologist of the 21st century
Contact Thembani Percy
posted 14th May 2021
PhD in Geosciences specialized in the bioavailability of trace metals at microbial interphases, and Water and Environemental Engineer (5 years experience in engineering office). Looking for postdoctoral position in applied and transdisciplinary research in the environmental field. Fields of interest: Study of polluted environment/water pollution. Bioremediation. Heavy Metals. Nanoparticles. Colloids. Speak French, English and German. Based in Strasbourg, France. Available in North America, Europe, Australia and New-Zealand.
Contact Romain Present at, web
posted 23rd April 2021
Enthusiastic, skilled and hardworking Graduate Mining Engineer located in Izmir, Turkey. Interested and with an extensive knowledge in Mining, Geology and their respective sub disciplines. Looking for a challenging and interesting job opportunity Fields of Interest: Mining, Oil and Gas, Geology, Geotechnical industries world-wide.
Contact: Sandra Mujombi:
posted 23rd March 2021
A professional Australian geologist based in Germany, with over 25 years' experience in mineral exploration. Worked in numerous countries and on a wide variety of ore deposit types. Interested in challenging and interesting opportunities worldwide.
Field of interests: mapping, core logging, data compilation and analysis, project generation and evaluation, exploration programme design and management.
Contact Steve Hunns at; web
posted 02 March 2021
A geologist(M.Tech in Exploration Geosciences, IIT Kharagpur; Experience-2.5 years) worked in Coal and bauxite exploration based in Calcutta,India under United Exploration India Pvt Limited. There I was in resource and mine planning team. Then I worked in L&T Technology Services as Consultant in hydrocarbon based project. I am searching an opportunity to work in the field of mineral exploration and mining, oil & gas extraction world wide.
Contact Sandipan Mitra at
posted 22nd December 2020
A structural geologist in Los Angeles, California expected to graduate with an MS degree in May 2021. Thesis consisted of microstructural EBSD analysis on samples from a transpressional, ductile shear zone. Academic experience with remote fieldwork, petrology, and mineral physics; professional experience in geotechnical testing and GIS mapping. Looking for a PhD program in structural geology, petrology, or economic geology. Available worldwide with specific interest in the EU.
Contact Matt Dietel at
posted 9th November 2020