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A professional Australian geologist based in Germany, with over 25 years’ experience in mineral exploration. Worked in numerous countries and on a wide variety of ore deposit types. Interested in challenging and interesting opportunities worldwide.
Field of interests: mapping, core logging, data compilation and analysis, project generation and evaluation, exploration programme design and management.
Contact Steve Hunns at; web
posted 02 March 2021
A geologist(M.Tech in Exploration Geosciences, IIT Kharagpur; Experience-2.5 years) worked in Coal and bauxite exploration based in Calcutta,India under United Exploration India Pvt Limited. There I was in resource and mine planning team. Then I worked in L&T Technology Services as Consultant in hydrocarbon based project. I am searching an opportunity to work in the field of mineral exploration and mining, oil & gas extraction world wide.
Contact Sandipan Mitra at
posted 22nd December 2020
A structural geologist in Los Angeles, California expected to graduate with an MS degree in May 2021. Thesis consisted of microstructural EBSD analysis on samples from a transpressional, ductile shear zone. Academic experience with remote fieldwork, petrology, and mineral physics; professional experience in geotechnical testing and GIS mapping. Looking for a PhD program in structural geology, petrology, or economic geology. Available worldwide with specific interest in the EU.
Contact Matt Dietel at
posted 9th November 2020
Professional geologist and geoscientist based in Brasília (Brazil), with more than 7 years of experience in the exploration of various types of mineral deposits. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Interests: Mineral deposits, research, petrology, structural geology, geophysics and geological mapping for exploration.
Contact Davi Saldanha at, web
posted 13th October 2020
A Professional Geoscientist based in Ireland, with 10 years of experience in mineral exploration (Au, Ni, Cu, diamond; Europe, Australia, Africa), PhD recently submitted in orogenic gold systems research at the deposit, target and regional scale. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Exploration geology and geochemistry, ore genesis; data integration, modelling and visualisation; science communications.
Contact James Stratford at,
posted 24th July 2020
A mining engineer based in Iran, with a Ph.D. in Mineral Exploration from Tehran Polytechnic University and more than ten years of background in coal mining, and professional in geoscientific programming. Looking for a postdoc or research position in the field of Geoscience and Geo- programming worldwide, ready to relocate. Fields of interest: Geoscience, Mineral Exploration, Geostatistical modeling, Geo-software development, and related disciplines.
Contact Amir Yusefi at, website posted 12th May 2020
Motivated and highly experienced C-level professional seeking new challenges in the mineral exploration and resources sector as COO or Director in private or listed companies.
  • I focus on the creation, management and development of mineral exploration projects in a variety of commodities, to evaluation phase, in developing and developed countries.
  • Looking to get involved at the very early stages of corporate establishment, corporate fundraisings, roadshows and supporting the path to IPO.
  • Successfully worked in the precious, base metal, iron ore, diamond and gemstone sectors in Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe, India and Australia.
  • UK qualified Geologist with Honours and 29 years' international experience with UK and Australian Citizenship with significant expatriate experience.
  • Contact Nigel Chapman posted 17th April 2020
    An Applied Earth Scientist/Exploration Geologist based in London, UK with over 14 years of experience in various fields of geology, applied geosciences and technical support. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity in academia, research or industry world-wide with a preferred focus in Europe. Fields of interest: Applied geosciences, exploration geology and mining, geochemistry, isotope chemistry and geoforensics.
    Contact Dr Andreas Hahn at, Linkedin: posted 6th April 2020
    A senior geophysicist with 15 years of international experience in many different geoscience projects. Her strength lies in finding realistic solutions that are both scientifically and practically feasible. It motivates her to explore the needs of the customer, current market practice and innovative solutions in order to arrive at the most practical solutions. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: General exploration geophysics. Engineering earthquake, microseismic and induced earthquake.
    Contact, web posted 1st April 2020
    An ambitious, recent geoscience MSc. graduate(Cum Laude) from Utrecht University, the Netherlands with experience in the fields of experimental rheology, mineralogy, fieldwork, and (micro- and macro) structural and petrological geology. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity. Qualities: highly motivated, analytical problem solving, quick learner, computer-savy, and social networking.
    Contact Diede Hein via email, web: posted 20th March 2020
    This is *Dr. Bahram Bahrambeygi* a Geologist with over 7 years of strong experiences of research, Manage and teaching and with publications in interdisciplinary branches in common points between Petrology-Mineralogy,Economic Geology, Mineral exploration, Remote sensing, and spectroscopy. I worked in Golgohar Iron Ore and Steel Research Institute as Researcher, worked in Kerman Coal company as Research Manager, worked in Image Processing Lab of Prof. Alavipanah in University of Tehran, and worked in SEM, EMPA and spectroscopy Lab by Prof. Rainer Abart in the University of Wien too. I have experience in managing and performing several succeeded independent research projects in Iron ore, Cupper ore and Coal ore deposits. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Planetary Sciences, Mineral Exploration, Remote Sensing. Contact Dr. Bahram Bahrambeygi via email posted 16 March 2020
    A PhD geophysicist based in Edmonton, Canada with expertise in electromagnetic geophysical methods and previous oil and gas experience. Looking for post-doctoral research positions in Canada, the USA or the UK. Fields of interest: Volcanology, geothermal exploration, mining, software development.
    Contact Darcy Cordell via email, Web: posted 21 February 2020
    Engineering Geologist from Indonesia with a demonstrated history of working in the tertiary education industry for 2 years, focused in statistic, geological structure and mineralisation. Looking for new challenging world-wide opportunity in geothermal and mineral exploration.
    Please click here to contact Licia Audina by e-mail posted 17 February 2020
    I completed my Master degree geology in 2017 and I have 2 years experience in open cast mining, as an underground mining exploration geologist, mining geologist, and mining safety measures inspector. I work in Hutti Gold Mines India. I'm experienced in open cast and under ground mining development and exploration work process; underground drive mapping and channel face mapping, cross section and vertical section mapping; estimation of ore body, value, tonnage of ore deposits and drive direction, cross cut development process, level to level winse and rise development; diamond drilling point locating and core samples analysis; stope planning and identifying the ore body width, underground safety measures inspections. Contact R.Karthick Geologist
    posted 5th February 2020