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A marine scientist with 5 years experience as a project geologist. Exploring seafloor minerals in the form of massive sulfide in the South Pacific ring of fire. Adaptable, motivated and cooperative. Seeking new opportunities in the UK and the world. Field of interest Oceanography, Mining/ Mineral Explorations, Renewable Energy and geology in Oil & Gas. Resides in the UK with work permit.
Please click here to contact Hema by e-mail. posted 4 February 2015
Postgraduate researcher, Ecology, Biochemistry and MRes Surface Science graduate, based in Scotland UK . Willing to Relocate. Currently working on Oomycete diversity in Scottish watercourses. Several years' experience of research, administrative and ambassadorial roles in university, laboratory, field and voluntary sector. Fields of interest; Bioremediation. Freshwater and estuarine ecology. Effects of renewable energy and pollution on the marine environment. Would like to be considered for environmental roles in the Oil and Gas industry. Please click here to contact Michelle Stamp by e-mail. posted 23 January 2015
I am a qualified Marine Biologist with a 1st class BSc(Hons) in Coastal Marine Biology based in Sheffield, England. I am looking for a new entry level position anywhere in the world, preferably in the USA or UK, which will stretch me and help me to gain experience. I love statistics and data handling. I am experienced in statistics and I am competent in using R, MiniTab and Primer programs. Please click here to contact Rebekah Stanton by e-mail. posted 16 January 2015
Michael Yates, a graduate marine biologist based currently in London. Completed Msc in Marine Ecology and Environmental Management, and a Bsc Hons in Biology. Both completed at Queen Mary University of London. Previous work experience in hospitality, landscaping, public engagement, retail and pharmaceutical industries, laboratory experience and full clean driving licence. Looking for interesting and challenging opportunities. Please click here to contact Mike Yates by e-mail. posted 12 January 2015
A current Environmental Scientist for REPSG, Inc based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reliable understanding in field sampling process and sampling regulations. Recently graduated West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a B.S in Geoscience: Earth Systems. Looking for a position that will give me an opportunity to see different parts of the country and call upon my extensive educational background. Interests in geomorphology, sedimentology, meteorology, planetary geology, and oceanography.
Please click here to contact Jared Christian by e-mail. posted 06 January 2015
Marine biologist with over three years of experience as a research assitant, based in Winchester (Southern England) Strongly focused and interested in all marine science issues, specially those concerning populations, biological communities, dynamical processes and their relationship with the oceanographic physicochemical phenomenona that control them. Looking for challenging opportunities worldwide. Fields of interest: Marine biology, oceanography, ecology/conservation biology.
Please click here to contact Jorge Silva by e-mail. posted 3 january 2015
Entry-level environmental scientist/oceanographer with extensive field work experience in temperate coastal ecosystems (New England) and tropical rainforests (Costa Rica). Familiar with various lab and field equipment (i.e. water and soil sampling techniques, field surveys, data entry and management, etc...). Currently based in RI, USA, but searching for work worldwide. Please click here to contact Erin Markham by e-mail. posted 9 december 2014
A physical geographer based in the Netherlands, with about 5 years experience in coastal research and water-related civil engineering. Looking for new opportunities world-wide. Fields of interest: coastal processes (erosion, waves, sediment), flood protection (coasts and rivers), marine conservation.
Please click here to contact P. de Ruiter by e-mail, or https://www.linkedin.com/pub/peter-de-ruiter/8/41b/28b.
posted 20 october 2014
A recent M.Sc Climate Change graduate looking to advance into an academic career through a PhD. I am based in Ireland and so can work anywhere in the EU but also open to any exciting opportunities worldwide. Fields of interest; palaeoclimatology, palaeoenvironmental change, examining controlling factors of benthic foraminiferal distributions, carbon sequestration in saltmarshes, measuring ecosystem responses to climate change. Please click here to contact Shane Curran by e-mail.
posted 26 september 2014
After finishing a BSc in Biology and Geology (Bristol University, First-Class Honours), completed a sponsored internship with Save The Elephants (Samburu National Park, Kenya). Subsequently employed by the Palaeontology Dept. of the Natural History Museum, London. PhD focused on the "nature and application of coral skeleton" (Bristol University, 2013) and was interdisciplinary, integrating aspects of biology, chemistry and geology. Fields of interest: environmental, conservation, science media. Based in Bristol
Please click here to contact Dr. Peter Tomiak by e-mail.
posted 12 september 2014
A soon to be Oberlin College graduate with a Bachelors in Geology and Biochemistry. Has had experience in lab researches involving the biogeochemistry of carbonate rocks and shells. Looking for a job opportunity world-wide. Currently based in Oberlin, Ohio but resident of Myanmar (Burma). Fields of interest: oceanography, hydrocarbons, biogeochemistry.
Please click here to contact Eint Kyi by e-mail .
posted 15 july 2014
Recently graduated MSc in Marine Science and BSc in Biology, currently based in Bilbao, Spain, seeks world-wide research opportunities. Experienced in land and sea field work focused on ecology and conservation, using statistical analysis R software and marine acoustic techniques. Fields of interest: Marine ecology, Pelagic ecosystems, Marine resources management, Modelling ecosystems, Fisheries science. Please click here to contact Beatriz by e-mail.
posted 9 july 2014
A graduating Geology major with a focus in Hydrographic Surveying from the College of Charleston (BEAMS Program), SC, USA. Specialized skill sets in bathymetric processing, extensive proficiency in bathymetric data acquisition, and operation of different processing software; EIVA, CARIS, QPS, HyPack, ESRI ArcGis 10.1, and SIS. Looking for a full/part time position in bathymetric data processing, skills of which I've been in training for ~3 years. Available for a position worldwide. Please click here to contact Taylor Intaphan by e-mail.
posted 17 april 2014
My name is Dr. Robert Laich and I am a professional Marine Chemical Ecologist with additional qualifications as a professional diver based in Munich, Germany. I have up to 5 years experience in the field of drug discovery and the isolation of novel secondary metabolites, additionally I have 3 years experience in sales and marketing. Preferably I am looking for a challenging position world wide in the field of marine science with emphasis on analytical chemistry. Please click here to contact Robert Laich by e-mail, and for further information, full CV and certificates.
posted 6 march 2014
Recently graduated MSc in Marine Science and BSc in Biology, currently based in Barcelona, Spain, seeks world-wide research opportunities. Experienced in laboratory and field work focused on ecology and bioenergetics of fish, energy density and lipid classes of fish, statistical analysis with R software. Fields of interest: Marine ecology. Pelagic ecosystems. Marine resources management. Modelling ecosystems. Fisheries science. Please click here to contact Sonia Sánchez by e-mail.
posted 24 january 2014
An Oceanographer/ Geoscientist (B.Sc. Oceanography, Minor Geology from UW Seattle) based in San Francisco California, with 2 years experience in assisting with hydrographic & geophysical surveys. I am searching for a marine science field/ lab career in the greater bay area, willing to travel 25%. Interests: Hydrographic/ Geophysical Survey, Oceanography, Marine Biology, Marine Geology, Geochemistry, Fisheries, Hydrology and Water Quality.
Please click here to contact Justin Bergquist by e-mail.
posted 15 march 2013
A professional atmospheric and climate dynamics scientist based in Princeton, New Jersey, with over 10 years of experience in observational and modeling studies. Master in Physics and Ph.D. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science. Currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at GFDL/NOAA, looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: global modeling and observational analysis of regional climate change and variability, atmosphere and climate dynamics, ocean-atmosphere and land-atmosphere interactions, cloud-precipitation-aerosol interactions. Please click here to contact Massimo Bollasina by e-mail.
posted 30 november 2012
A MSc and bachelor in Meteorology based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with research based on air-sea interaction, numerical methods and turbulence. I also have a long career as software developer, working with web systems for over 14yrs. I'm looking for professional or academic offers worldwide. Fields of interest: Numerical Methods, computer science, Data analysis, turbulence. air-sea interaction.
Please click here to contact Fabio Fonseca by e-mail.
posted 24 april 2012
Physical Oceanographer, currently based in Miami, FL seeks world-wide research opportunities. Ph.D., Applied Marine Physics, with focus on interdisciplinary approaches to oceanic engineering and coastal oceanography issues. Experienced in field and laboratory research, acoustic signal interpretation and analysis, turbulence, boundary layer dynamics and data presentation.
Please click here to contact by e-mail.
posted 29 january 2012
Numerate marine ecologist – I am a published marine ecologist based in the UK who is just coming towards the end of his PhD (available end of October). I am an expert user of PRIMER who is researching climate change related variations in estuarine fish and zooplankton communities. I also have a good understanding of estuarine benthic ecology. I am looking for a challenging role in either research or consultancy and am available worldwide.
Please click here to contact Shaun Plenty by e-mail.
posted 22 august 2011
Environmental consultant by training with over three years of experience in environmental impact assessment of infrastructures and town planning. Recently graduated with an MSc degree in Applied Marine and Fisheries Ecology at the University of Aberdeen (United Kingdom). Looking for a challenging opportunity worldwide. Particularly interested in: fisheries science, fisheries and aquaculture product certification, ecolabelling, environmental impact assessment, ecology and conservation of marine ecosystems. Please click here to contact Carlos de Castro by e-mail.
posted 29 march 2011
Portuguese marine scientist working in Pacific Grove CA, USA. Experienced in statistical modelling (spatial and temporal data analysis), climate variability/change research, high performance computing (Fortran, MPI, OpenMP, LAPACK), teaching. BSc in marine biology, MSc in maths&stats, PhD (2010) in hierarchical Bayesian methods applied to marine science. Interested in ecosystem modelling, ecology, sustainable fisheries. Available worldwide.
Please click here to contact Ricardo Lemos by e-mail, webpage and CV: http://rtl.com.sapo.pt.
posted 21 march 2011
Marine Biologist currently living in Bechtelsville, PA with over 10 years living and working on tropical islands worldwide seeking challenging and interesting opportunity in tropics worldwide. Experience in marine biology, aquaculture, field work, electronics, conservation, remote sensing, boating, scuba.
Please click here to contact Ron Sjoken by e-mail.
posted 2 march 2011
Master of Applied Science (Coastal Management) with 3 years+ experience, GIS and climate change adaptation policy in the coastal zone. Based in London, UK (UK Citizen) - willing to work globally and in remote locations. Experience of working in Madagascar, Fiji and Australia. Interests include: storm surge/climate change modelling and policy development, coastal and marine resource management policy and integrated coastal management initiatives. Fluent English with basic French language ability.
Please Click Here to contact by e-mail
posted 16 october 2010
Atmospheric scientist (modeler) based in Los Angeles, CA with more than 5 years of experience in modeling (climate, chemistry-dynamical, inverse etc), data analysis and observations. Looking for positions available in USA. Interest: Chemistry-Ocean-Climate, air-quality modeling, Ozone source and sink studies, data analysis, Observations (balloon sonde, satellite, ground-based).
Please contact Om Tripathi by e-mail
posted 19 april 2010
Research scientist based in San Diego with over 10 years experience. Knowledgeable in a range of analytical techniques, field and laboratory research, management, high-level data analysis, and data presentation. Specialized experience: HPLC, IC, Mass Spectrometry/GC, Total Carbon Analyzer, Nutrient Analyzer and Spectrofluorometer, microscopy, algal culturing, phytoplankton identification, and bacterial productivity.
Please contact Michelle Donlonn by e-mail.
posted 7 april 2010
Fluid dynamicist, soon to be Ph.D., Mathematics Dept, University of Cambridge with experience in model building, parameterization and scientific computing seeks opportunity in oceanography, atmospheric, climate or geoscience fields in the U.S. or Europe (dual nationality U.S./U.K.). Published academic research record; successful grant writer; interdisciplinary experience; project, people and media management skills.
Please contact Mark Rosin by e-mail; or see links to CV at http://www.damtp.cam.ac.uk/user/msr35/index.html.
posted 9 march 2010
I am a Consulting Geologist with over ten years of full-time industry experience with offshore / onshore geotechnical and geophysical investigations for, typically, construction design, geohazard, and shallow obstruction studies. Interested in temporary or contract work ranging from field-tech to project management. BS Geology, MS Geological Oceanography, registered Professional Geologist in California. Based in Oxnard, California, available worldwide.
Please contact by e-mail.
posted 28 january 2010
A postgraduate student due to graduate in September 2010, based at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK. Some experience of working on boats and extensive laboratory experience in the field of marine biology. Looking for graduate programs and research/job opportunities worldwide to start after I graduate. Fields of interest: Marine biology. Marine/terrestrial/coastal ecology. Conservation. Oceanography.
Please contact Jason Argent by e-mail.
posted 13 january 2010
A professional Marine Biogeochemist (Research Scientist) based in Groton, Connecticut, USA. PhD in Chemical Oceanography, over 4 years of scientific research experience (as a Postdoctoral Researcher in USA). Looking for a challenging and interesting research opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: aquatic chemistry ,trace metal distribution and speciation, biogeochemical interactions, redox tracers, cycling of mercury and speciation, planktonic metal composition and trophic transfer in various environments.
Please contact Oguz Yigiterhan by e-mail, web: http://www.marinesciences.uconn.edu/people/people.php?type=postdoc&users=ogy06001 .
posted 25 november 2009
An enthusiastic biogeologist (MSc) based in Raamsdonksveer, the Netherlands, with experience in various aspects of paleo-climatology, micropaleontology and paleoecology. Looking for a challenging (PhD) opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: ecology (flora & fauna), foraminiferal work, conservation biology, (paleo)-climatology and oceanography.
Please contact Wouter Feldmeijer by e-mail.
posted 8 september 2009
A recently graduated, enthusiastic, inquisitive, Coastal Geoscientist (MSc from Kiel University) based in GKSS research center Hamburg, Germany, with experience in Ocean Remote Sensing and automatic continuous in situ measurements along ship transacts, Ecological mapping using GIS & RS, Hydrodynamic modeling, Integrated coastal zone management and adaptive management. Interested in work/PhD position in Marine geosciences/operational physical oceanography/ocean remote sensing world-wide.
Please contact by e-mail.
posted 3 september 2009
Postdoctoral Researcher based at Institute for Coastal Research at GKSS Research Centre (near Hamburg) in Germany is seeking new research opportunities world-wide. Main research interests: recent and future regional sea-level variability and its impact. Over 6 years of experience in statistical analysis of observational data, climate reconstructions and model data output on regional to global scales. Also, strong interest in coastal engineering issues (e.g. beach erosion) and coastal zone management. Please contact , web: http://coast.gkss.de/staff/huenicke
posted 22 July 2009
A project manager with a technical background in physical oceanography, based in Oxfordshire, England. 8 years experience in marine survey industry running projects worldwide. Chartered Marine Scientist status. Looking for an interesting opportunity specifically in South West England. Would consider a technical role utilising marine science expertise or a project manager role in other sectors.
Please contact Richard Gaches by e-mail.
posted 9 june 2009
Physical oceanographer based in Ireland and France, with over 20 years of experience in dynamical physical oceanography. Will consider work anywhere. Fields of interest: coastal modelling, tides, surges, data analysis, lake dynamics, air sea interaction. Please contact Peter Bowyer by e-mail, website www.seamodeoceanographic.com.
posted 20 may 2009
Recently graduated with a Ph.D. from an interdisciplinary program in coastal resource management with a specialization in tropical climatology, I have two years teaching experience at the undergraduate university level in a geography department atmospheric science program. Research and teaching interests include: weather and climate, water planet, intro geography, global climate change, ENSO, and MJO. Particularly interested in postdoc research opportunities and teaching in the US and am a US Resident. Please contact Salahuddin by e-mail. Detailed CV is available for download.
posted 13 may 2009
Spanish oceanographer with a MSc in Ocean Remote Sensing based in Tenerife (Spain). Fluent in english and spanish. Work experience in different aspects of oceanographic surveys and familiar with geophysical surveys. Interested in a challenging and stimulating work/PhD position in operational physical oceanography/ocean remote sensing world-wide. Please contact Ignacio Pagnola Schiavon by e-mail.
posted 6 february 2009
A recently graduated, enthusiastic, inquisitive, Biogeologist (Msc) based in Utrecht, the Netherlands , with experience in various aspects of paleo-climatology, micropaleontology and paleoecology. Looking for a challenging and interesting Phd- opportunity world-wide. I have a strong interest in (Paleo)-climatology, -ecology and oceanography with a focus on abrupt climate change and phenomena as for example ENSO and the monsoon.
Please contact Marie-Louise Goudeau by e-mail.
posted 12 january 2009
Recently graduated Marine Biologist (Hons) based in Hampshire, UK looking for challenging and interesting entry level research or technician opportunities worldwide. Am also looking for work experience / scientific internship roles. Fields of interest include: Marine mammal behaviour, fisheries biology and aquaculture research. Please contact John Woodcock by e-mail.
posted 31 october 2008
French, just obtained an MSc in "Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation", want to multiply experiences to start my career. Based in Laval, France, looking for worldwide opportunities. Fluent in english and french. No job experience but internships (17 months total) in Cement factory, Chemical plant, Research Lab, Museum analytical departement. Skills in XRD, XRF, NMR, IR, Raman, GC, LC, MS, UV-Vis. SDS-Page. Interests : Analytical methods developement, troubleshooting, field missions - Oil and Gaz, Mining, Waste treatment, Environement, Expeditions, Extrem conditions. Please contact Fabien Pottier by e-mail.
posted 16 september 2008
A Masters student in Ontario finishing in May looking for PhD or work opportunity worldwide. Have field experience including Arctic research. Fields of interest: fisheries management and conservation, ecological modeling/statistics, chemical tracers. Please contact Susan Dennard by e-mail.
posted 2 september 2008
A recent college graduate based in Phoenix Arizona, available worldwide. Over 2 years experience working (volunteer & internships) with aquatic and land animals and doing research. Interested in an opportunity to help preserve and protect our oceans. Fields of interest: Oceanography & Marine Science, Environmental Sciences, Water and Ecology & Conservation Biology. Please contact Danielle Kish by e-mail, web: www.mystikaldolphin.com.
posted 15 may 2008
A graduate student with a Master of Science based in Lajas, Puerto Rico, USA, with over 3 years of experience in various aspects of coral reef ecology. Looking for a challenging and interesting PhD opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Ecology. Population dynamics. Life history. Population models. Benthic ecology. Please contact Alex E. Mercado-Molina by e-mail.
posted 8 april 2008
Recent PhD graduate (PhD, december 2007, Sedimentary pigment as biomarkers of variations in Arctic pelagic-benthic coupling, University of Connecticut, U.S.A.) searching for a challenging and interesting postdoctoral position. Field of interest includes: Polar ecosystems, Carbon fluxes, sympagic- and pelagic-benthic coupling, Sea ice algae, Biomarkers... French and Canadian nationality, fluent in French, English and Spanish, currently in Canada but can relocate worldwide. Please contact Nathalie Morata by e-mail; web: www.nathaliemorata.com/oceanography.htm.
posted 23 december 2007
A professional geoscientist based in Chennai India, with 1 year of experience in various aspects of marine geophysical survey methods and geophysical interpretation. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Processing and interpretation, Seismic acquisition. Please contact Manas Halder by e-mail.
posted 4 december 2007
A professional Marine and coastal scientist based in Bangkok, Thailand, graduated with excellence academic background of " Master of Science in Marine Resource Management" from College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA. Looking for a challenging and interesting international opportunity. Career objective is marine and coastal resource conservation and management focusing on ecosystem- and community-based management. Contact Angkana Rawichutiwan.
posted 17 september 2007