Plant Science & Botany Resumes

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Recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Natural Resource Management and Conservation. Based out of California. Looking to work abroad, anywhere in the world. Fields of interest in: sustainability, ecology, renewable energy, conservation, climate change adaptation or mitigation, wildlife conservation, or similar.
Please click here to contact Rebecca Standridge by e-mail; web posted 29 december 2016
Professional forester with strong skills in silvicultural methods and applications, with over 10 years developing quantitative tools to support forest management decisions. Key expertise areas include: quantitative silviculture research, timber cruising and forest management planning and implementation.
Please click here to contact Santiago W. Bueno L. by e-mail. posted 14 september 2016
A plant breeding scientist, Ph.D., based in Bangladesh, with national/international research experience with strong publication record and excellent communication skills. Looking for challenging and interesting opportunities world-wide. Expertise: variety development of rice, Biotic and abiotic stress and submergence tolerance.
Please click here to contact Fahim Ahmed by e-mail. posted 25 august 2016
A plant/soil scientist, Ph.D., based in Arizona, with national/international faculty experience. Multicultural research/teaching/outreach experience with strong publication record and excellent communication skills. Looking for challenging and interesting opportunities world-wide. Expertise: urban and agricultural water conservation, irrigation systems design/management, and water quality. Please contact click here to contact Kenneth Marcum by e-mail; web posted 26 june 2016
A Master of Horticulture in Iran, Over 2 Years of Experience in Various Aspects of Horticulture. Looking For a PhD or Horticulturist Opportunity World-Wide. Fields of Interest: Horticulture. Fruit Science. Plant Physiology. Plant Propagation. Plant Tissue Culture. Please contact click here to contact Abdollah Hosseinpour by e-mail. posted 19 april 2016
A master student in meteorology based in Beijing China, with over 7 years of experience in various aspects of atmospheric study and research. Looking for a challenging and interesting PhD position world-wide in 2016. Fields of interest: Land-surface Processes. Agrometeorology. Plant Ecology. Natural Hazards. Please contact click here to contact Minzheng Wang by e-mail. posted 6 february 2016
A professional conservation ecologist and wildlife biologist currently based in South Africa with over 15 years experience in field studies, vegetation surveys, landscape level montane biodiversity, relict habitat and climate change. Additional environmental impact studies and risk assessments for plant, animal, habitat and environmental factors. Fields of interest; endemism, soil carbon sequestration, grassland, wetlands, floral and insect studies, virus born ecology. Looking for world-wide challenging and interesting opportunities in academic research or industry. Please click here to contact Robert Brand Ph.D. by e-mail. posted 24 june 2015
An enthusiastic ecologist based in the UK with a PhD and two years' experience in sustainable agriculture, ecosystem services and biodiversity. Looking for the opportunity to have a tangible, positive impact on both people and their environment, world-wide. Fields of interest: Sustainable agriculture, food security, ecosystem services, biodiversity, conservation, restoration of ecosystems, ethnobiology. Please click here to contact Georgina Key by e-mail. posted 28 may 2015
An Environmental Scientist based in Loughborough near Leicester and Nottingham, with over 10 years experience in trace metal contamination research. Human Health Risk Assessment. Glass house and field experimentation, sampling, preparation and laboratory analysis. ICPMS. Soils, plants, water and air. Isotopic Ratios. Predictive Modelling. Please click here to contact Grace Nabulo (PhD) by e-mail. posted 12 march 2015
Ecologist and Conservationist with experience in Africa, Europe and Oceania. PhD in ecology (2013). Looking worldwide. Previously worked for governmental departments, universities and private industry in research and endemic/introduced species management capacity. Published research in peer reviewed journals. Extensive surveying and monitoring techniques, mapping & modelling experience, knowledge of data-basing and statistics, invasive species management, people management and teaching skills. I thrive in field work conditions and have chainsaw, firearm, motorcycle, 4WD, construction, Senior First Aid, etc. Please click here to contact Paul Dutton by e-mail. posted 21 december 2014
A professional conservation biologist based in Albany, New York, with professional and academic experience. Looking for permanent employment in New York’s Capital Region. Skills include: plant identification, vegetation surveys, research design, data management and analysis, technical writing, GIS mapping and analysis, Microsoft Office 356 and open source office suites, and habitat management. Please click here to contact Tierney Rosenstock by e-mail; web:
posted 20 august 2014
Diligent scientist, based in Northern Ireland, currently in S.E. Wales to 21st of February. Degree in environmental science and a Pg. Diploma in management, innovation and change. Many years of geology related experience in the oil industry. Experienced in working in multi-disciplinary teams, with analytical, numerical and problem-solving skills. Currently looking for short term projects outdoors & glasshouse work, raising plants very early without heat, using "hotbeds" etc. in S.E. Wales. Expertise in nitrification, soils, composting and horticulture. Knowledge of environmental & sustainable development matters.
Please click here to contact Robert Taylor by e-mail.
posted 2 february 2014
A recently graduated MS student in molecular ecology, with background in bacteria, viruses, insects and their diseases. Have also experience catching and anaesthetizing freshwater fish. Hard worker in the field and in laboratory settings. Can work worldwide. Previous fields of interest: environmental conservation, bee diseases, evolution of symbiosis. PCR. DNA sequencing. DNA Bar-coding. 4Peaks. MacClade. JMP.
Please click here to contact Dan Erickson by e-mail.
posted 3 june 2013
A quantitative silviculture professional based in Santiago, Dominican Republic, with over 5 years of experience in various aspects of silviculture research. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Forest Biometrics, Quantitative Silviculture Research, Growth and Yield Modeling, Statistical Data Analysis for Forest Growth and Yield Modeling, Silviculture Practices and Modeling, Forest Inventory Design and Compilation. Please contact Santiago W Bueno by e-mail.
posted 18 february 2011
Ecologist based in Brisbane, Australia with post-graduate qualifications and field experience. Looking for any ecology work within Australia, NZ or the UK. Experienced in a wide range of ecology including populations, communities, aquatic, soil sciences, water resources. Please contact Tim Carroll by e-mail
posted 1 june 2010
A UK based ecology graduate beginning a career and aiming to build professional experience in ecological consultancy and environmental protection. Academic achievements are underpinned by work place experience of project management and a successful track record in client relations and customer service combined with voluntary experience and practical skills gained through the Wildlife Trust. Seeking experience in Northamptonshire, and surrounding counties. Please contact Cameron Yuill by e-mail
posted 30 april 2010
Professional geoscientist/palaeobotanist based in the UK with three years experience in hydrocarbon research including literature reviews, report writing, presentations and field work. Looking for a change of direction and willing to retrain. Fields of interest: Archaeology, Plant Science/Botany and Soil Science. Available to work in the West Midlands area, UK. CV available on request. Please contact by e-mail.
posted 14 october 2008
An ecologist with 3 years postgraduate research experience (MScF) in environmental forestry/plant science in Fredericton, Canada. Interested in technical or Scientific position. Field of interest include: botany, forestry, conservation, environmental plant physiology, environment management and GIS, and statistical analysis. Good written and oral communication skills. Looking for challenging opportunity worldwide.
Please contact Takamitsu Mamashita by e-mail for a full CV.
posted 5 september 2008
A horticultural plant biologist based in Phoenix, Arizona with 15 years faculty experience. Expertise in urban landscape water conservation, water quality, urban effluent reuse, and modern irrigation systems design. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity in research, government policy/public service, or teaching. Available world-wide. U.S. citizen. Please contact Kenneth Marcum by e-mail; web resume
posted 30 june 2008
Extensive background in ecology with focus on wetlands, invasive plants, and climate change effects on biodiversity. Strong quantitative skills. Excellent oral and written communication skills in teaching, manuscript preparation and grant and proposal writing in various academic settings. I am a PhD graduate (August 2008) seeking a challenging post-doctoral or research position, ideally in an international setting. I am based in Brookings, SD (USA). Fluent in Spanish, working knowledge of French. Please contact Mirela Tulbure by e-mail.
posted 15 april 2008
A recent PhD graduate (Agricultural Science/Plant Science, University of Tasmania, Australia) searching for a postdoctoral or research assistant position. Interests include forestry, plant breeding, climate change, carbon cycling, environmental management and GIS. Strong IT, statistical analysis and written and oral communication skills with a good publication record. Available worldwide. Please contact Shaun Suitor by e-mail, for a full CV.
posted 1 february 2008
Professional agricultural and plant scientist based in Dublin, Ireland with 15 years international experience in academia, research and project management. Expertise in sustainable agriculture, agrobiodiversity, crop improvement and pest management. Team Leader of two international development cooperation projects for past seven years. Looking for challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: General agricultural science; integrated pest management; plant genetic resources; general rural development and project management. Please contact Dan Hunter by e-mail, website
posted 21 january 2008
With a 2i BSc honours Applied Environmental and Resources Science degree currently based in Manchester, UK but available worldwide looking to begin my career in the ecology field. Fifteen months experience in ecological consultancy/management: ecological survey/project planning, delivery and reporting. Specifically, habitat surveys and trapping studies. Skills in flora surveys viz. habitat surveys, identification, vegetation structural analysis and fauna habitat requirements. Skills also in proposal and report writing. Please contact Mr. Graham V Wragg by e-mail.
posted 18 january 2008
An ecologist with more than 10 years experience in natural areas planning in the Canary Islands, SPAIN. Strong experience in hunting planning and management and plant and zoology applied studies for conservation: also M. Sc. in USA, would like to change work to a management job in bioregional conservation worldwide. Contact Francisco Cabrera.
posted 9 september 2007
Ecologist, resident in Germany, 5 years experience organising and conducting field research in Germany, Botswana, Brazil. Looking forward to challenging work in a cheerful enthusiastic team worldwide from January 2008 onwards (after completion of PhD). Fields of experience e.g. botany, plant sociology, wetland restoration/management, forest-grassland dynamics, population ecology. Fields of interest e.g. restoration ecology, ecology of invasive species, both basic and applied research. English excellent, Portuguese spoken fluently. Contact Julia Hermann, web
posted 7 september 2007
An environmental scientist based near London with 3 years postgraduate research experience (MSc and professional) in environmental forestry/plant sciences. Looking to move into the field of GIS/remote sensing. Interested in technical or scientific position. Fields of interest: air pollution, environmental plant physiology, mycorrhizas, crop science, botany, forestry, conservation, and environmental protection. Available worldwide. Contact Chris Peachey by e-mail
posted 14 june 2007