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Expert and motivated GIS practitioner located in Venezuela with a bachelor's degree in agronomy and a postgraduate diploma in Geomatics, I have more than 10 years of experience in processing, analyzing, and visualizing geospatial data. Skillful in spatial analysis using ArcGIS and QGIS, image analysis using ENVI and Google Earth Engine, spatial data management Geographical Data Science, and web development using CMS (Content Management System) and command-based interface. Interested in opportunities worldwide.
Abraham Coiman
posted 15th December 2020
Resident of Bangalore India. 25 years of Experience in the field of CAD GIS Mapping and Remote Sensing Technology. Currently heading Ingenious Bran as an operation head executing list of Projects as follows
  • Satellite Derived Bathymetry (Shallow water depth Remote Sensing)
  • Digitization of Map (Nautical Charts/Topo/Geology/Seismic/Contour etc...)
  • Cartography
  • Satellite derived Coastline.
  • Software exposures
  • AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Mapifo, Global Mapper, ENVI
Contact Shiva Kumar BL
posted 24th November 2020
An environmental scientist based in Rimini (Italy) working as environmental laboratory technician analysing hydrocarbons in water samples with 2 year of experience. Looking for either stimulating PhD projects or professional positions worldwide.
Field of interest: Environmental analytical chemistry, contaminated land restoration and remediation, Geographical information system analyst, contaminants of emerging concern, circular economy.
Contact Cristian Bano at Linkedin:
posted 17th November 2020
An experienced hydrologist based in the United Kingdom, with over 10 years of experience in various aspect of water engineering. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity in the areas of design of water infrastructure, flood modelling, flood mitigation, design of drainage, hydrological/hydraulic modelling and remote sensing/GIS.
Contact Lawal Tunji at
posted 2 October 2020
Structural Geology PhD student at Iowa State University studying off-fault deformation using physical models. 2017 BA in Geology and Studio Art from Carleton College followed by 2018 Watson Fellowship researching art/geology intersections around the world. Skills include physical modeling, particle tracking, Agisoft/Cloudcompare, photography, science communication, teaching (Intro, Paleobiology, Structural Geology), fieldwork, GIS, MATLAB. Interested in opportunities worldwide.
Emily Ross
posted 8 September 2020
An expert in Geospatial Data Science based in Pakistan. Able to harness potential of satellite imagery to good effect for studying variety of earth and environmental phenomenon in order to resolve complex real world challenges. Equipped with programming and analytical skills a savvy problem solver.Looking for research opportunities in application of RS/GIS in hydrology or close field.
Contact Ahsan Jamil, at, URL:
posted 2 July 2020
GIS professional with MSc, specialized in Earth Observation (Landsat/Sentinel imagery), Urban heat island research, NDVI, cartography, climate studies. Experience in systems and database administration, programming and various GIS suites such as SAGA, QGIS, ArcGIS. Searching for PhD fellowship or interesting public sector opportunity. Based in Barcelona.
Contact L Sigler, at, web profile:
posted 29th June 2020
A professional statistician/data scientist who has delivered and lead analytic teams in actionable analyses presented in a clear and concise manner. I am seeking to contribute my skills in predictive and spatial modeling fully toward environmental and conservation research after working in a variety of domains, including environmental research efforts. I am experienced with SAS, SPSS, Tableau, R, and ArcGIS.
Contact Neil Hurwitz at posted 22nd May 2020
A GIS professional based in Gandhinagar, India with 3 years of experience in geospatial analysis using varied GIS, image processing softwares and programming languages. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Remote Sensing & GIS, Geology
Contact Kunj Shethiya via email posted 31st March 2020
Climate Research Scientist based in Sheffield, UK, with experience in climate monitoring, remote sensing, satellite data, data analysis and uncertainty analysis. Looking for an environmental opportunity in the UK. Fields of interest: climate adaptation, GIS, climate monitoring, earth observation, communicating science to non-specialists.
Contact Sarah Douglas via email posted 18th March 2020
This is *Dr. Bahram Bahrambeygi* a Geologist with over 7 years of strong experiences of research, Manage and teaching and with publications in interdisciplinary branches in common points between Petrology-Mineralogy,Economic Geology, Mineral exploration, Remote sensing, and spectroscopy. I worked in Golgohar Iron Ore and Steel Research Institute as Researcher, worked in Kerman Coal company as Research Manager, worked in Image Processing Lab of Prof. Alavipanah in University of Tehran, and worked in SEM, EMPA and spectroscopy Lab by Prof. Rainer Abart in the University of Wien too. I have experience in managing and performing several succeeded independent research projects in Iron ore, Cupper ore and Coal ore deposits. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Planetary Sciences, Mineral Exploration, Remote Sensing. Contact Dr. Bahram Bahrambeygi via email posted 16 March 2020
I'm a Master graduated geology and graduated in a second level master in GIScience and remote sensing, and I live in Varese (Italy). I'm looking for opportunities mainly in Europe, but even world-wide, to develop a PhD in structural geology about Varisican and Alpine deformation. Experience in field work about ductile and brittle deformation, geological mapping, GIS, 3D modeling, drone survey and photogrammetry.
Contact: posted 17 February 2020
Doctor in volcanology with a 2 years post-doctoral experience. Principal skills include analog modelling, fieldwork, SIG, mapping, stratigraphy and some experience in optical mineralogy and EMA. Educational background in geosciences with specialization in volcanology (geophysics, sedimentology, remote sensing) and magmatology (geochemistry and petrology). Always eager to learn, strengthen my competencies and acquire new skills. Fields of interests: volcanology, natural hazards and risk management, environment, geophysics, geochemistry. Based in the SW of France but looking for exciting opportunities worldwide.
Contact Corentin Chédeville or via LinkedIn
posted 5th February 2020