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Geophysics with over twenty year's acquisition experience is looking for a job as filed QC worldwide. Serving the industry as a 2D/3D Seismic Acquisition, Field Supervisor, Geophysics Consultant, Field Seismologist, Data Quality Control of the Complete Operation, Party Chief, Party Manager, 3D Pre Planning, LVL interpretation, 3D Design and Surveyor. Extensive experience in acquisition seismic data with vibrators, and explosives as well as considerable marine experience.
Please click here to contact Orlando Elia by e-mail. posted 26 February 2015
Mineral Exploration Geologist with almost 3 years' experience working in Central Asia on a greenfield porphyry copper exploration project with a major. Professional interests include ore deposit exploration and research, remote sensing, geochemistry and GIS (including data management). Native tongues include English and Russian (with understanding of technical soviet terminology). Seeking new opportunities initially based in UK, then available worldwide. UK Resident.
Please click here to contact Ana Nazarova by e-mail. posted 28 January 2015
A postgraduate geoscientist based in Hampshire, UK, with over 4 years of experience in various aspects of geological hazards and Geographic Information Systems. Looking for an opportunity to expand upon my expertise within the UK. Fields of interest: Volcanology, Seismology, GIS, Geological Mapping, Igneous Petrology.
Please click here to contact James Dalziel by e-mail; Web posted 14 January 2015
I am Mark Butcher, a highly skilled and motivated geoscience professional with experience in project and operations management, GIS consultancy, and spatial data modelling. I have 9 years experience working in the mining industry for consulting and software companies, focusing on mineral exploration. I am interested in the application of remote sensing and new technologies to increase accuracy and improve field exploration. I am based in Bristol, available to travel.
Please click here to contact Mark Butcher by e-mail. posted 12 January 2015
A fresher, currently JRF at Indian Institute of Remote Sensing from India. Bachelor in Information Technology and M.Tech in geomatics engg.(civil engineering) with first class degree each. Looking for a PhD opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Remote sensing in cryosphere/hydrosphere, hydrological and weather forecast modeling. Please click here to contact Sangita Kumari by e-mail. posted 29 december 2014
A forestry and geomatic professional based in Madrid (Spain), with over 8 years of experience. I have a Master degree in Forest Engineering from the School of Agricultural Engineering and Forestry of the University of CÓrdoba. I also have a Master's Degree in "Geomatics, Remote sensing and spatial models applied to forestry". I am experienced in the field of remote sensing (photo interpretation, processing, editing, merging, sorting and image segmentation), geographical information systems (geoprocessing and spatial analysis, spatial databases, SQL, spatial prediction models, PostGIS, GeoServer and GeoExplorer), photogrammetry, airborne and terrestrial LiDAR (acquisition, processing and classification of laser data), as well as applications of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Drones) in the agroforestry field using different sensors (multispectral RGB).
Please click here to contact Pablo Gutiérrez Benavides by e-mail. posted 5 december 2014
A professional remote sensing scientist based in Tehran Iran, with over 5 years of experience in various aspects of geotechnical engineering. Looking for a PhD or a challenging interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: GIS and Remote Sensing, Earth Observation, Image Processing, 3D Modelling. Please click here to contact Amin Abbasi Habashi by e-mail. posted 5 december 2014
Very versatile developer of geospatial software and database solutions. Deep knowledge of geomatics (surveying, geodesy, cartography, GIS) and broad experience in development (designing, coding, testing, training, documenting). Goal: Design, code, test, document, market and support top-quality geospatial applications with an agile team of software engineers, database administrators, web designers and application specialists.Currently in Vancouver, BC. Prefer Canada, UK, USA, Europe.
Visit posted 29 november 2014
A professional geoscientist based in Los Angeles, with over 2 years of experience in spatial analysis, GIS programming, mapping and spatial data analysis. I’m looking forward to build career as a young GeoProfessional. I’m open to challenging and exciting opportunities world-wide. Fields of interest: spatial analysis, data statistics, python. Please click here to contact Haley Zhao by e-mail. posted 24 november 2014
Cartographer with strong design skills gained through 4 years in mapping for environmental and civic projects, combined with 12 years’ experience in service development, community engagement, project management and training across various sectors. Experienced in GIS analysis, geospatial data management, and GIS training using proprietary and open source software for commercial applications including EIA, community mapping for local government, statistical mapping and data visualisation for charities. Glasgow based and seeking opportunities worldwide. Please click here to contact Val Marloe by e-mail. posted 20 november 2014
A professional remote sensing scientist based in Houston, Texas, with PhD degree in ecosystem science, and work experience on radar and lidar image processing. Looking for remote-sensing and GIS work in Houston, TX. Fields of interest: biomass and carbon stocks estimation, uncertainty analysis, geospatial modeling, lidar and radar data analysis, landscape ecology, spatial statistics, land-cover classification, forest economics. Please click here to contact Ligaya Leal by e-mail. posted 20 november 2014
Engineering Surveyor in Sydney Australia, with 14 years of experience in Land Surveying & GIS with government and private sectors. Quick to learn new technologies and Multi-Skilled in Surveying, GIS, and Aviation. Looking for interesting senior position in UAE & neighbouring countries. Please click here to contact George Zeaiter by e-mail. posted 20 november 2014
I am an enthusiastic BSc Geography graduate based in Reading UK, who is responsible and reliable. I am very keen to begin a career in remote sensing. I am looking for challenging and interesting entry or graduate level opportunities UK wide. Fields of interest: Climate Change. Urban Heat Mapping. Monitoring Vegetation. Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets. Environmental Monitoring.
Please click here to contact James Gillespie by e-mail. posted 13 november 2014
A professional geoscientist in Germany but Namibian origin, with over 10 years experience in various areas of GIS and Remote Sensing. Looking for a PhD or a challenging interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interests: Environmental Geography, GIS and Remote Sensing. Please click here to contact Priscilla Haindongo by e-mail. posted 10 october 2014
Ella Moseley. A graduate geographer based in Winchester, Hampshire, UK with one years experience in GIS and environmental research/laboratory work. Looking for a position in the field of geography/ecology/environmental research either in the field/office based/laboratory based. I am able to work in Hampshire, Surrey and London.
Please click here to contact Ella Moseley by e-mail, or on 07511577862. posted 6 october 2014
Talented young professional with skills in Geology and Earth Sciences based in Karachi, Pakistan with over 2 years' experience in Remote Sensing and GIS application in Geology. Highly accomplished, quick learner, with impressive hands-on knowledge base encompassing the entire spectrum of Geology with special expertise in Exploration Geochemistry as demonstrated by the outstanding academic achievements. Research oriented with outstanding technical skills and abilities to solve problems by finding alternatives. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Creative, innovative, independent, self-motivated, assertive and have the ability to perform in group as well as individually available to work Worldwide. Field of Interest: Exploration Geology, Geochemistry, Structural Geology, Remote Sensing & GIS Please click here to contact Uzair Khan by e-mail.
posted 12 september 2014
Young scientist based in Hungary, with MS in Remote Sensing (INPE, Brazil), BA in Earth Sciences (Harvard, USA) and 5 years of postgraduate research experience: satellite imagery, airborne LiDAR, fieldwork, tropical forest structure, biomass, carbon cycle, GIS. Looking for entry-level position or research opportunity in Europe. Fields of interest: remote sensing, earth observation, land surface mapping, environmental monitoring, ecology, natural resources, agriculture and forestry applications, climate change.
Please click here to contact Veronika Leitold by e-mail.
posted 27 august 2014
A professional conservation biologist based in Albany, New York, with professional and academic experience. Looking for permanent employment in New York’s Capital Region. Skills include: plant identification, vegetation surveys, research design, data management and analysis, technical writing, GIS mapping and analysis, Microsoft Office 356 and open source office suites, and habitat management. Please click here to contact Tierney Rosenstock by e-mail; web:
posted 20 august 2014
Hardworking and quick learning recent graduate geologist based in Granada, Spain looking for an exciting opportunity to work worldwide at an entry-level position or an internship. Good problem-solving skills and effective team working. Experience in research in my last year as student. My fields of interest are mining exploration, geological mapping, hydrogeology, GIS Remote Sensing and oil & gas. Please click here to contact Miguel Company by e-mail.
posted 11 august 2014
GIS specialist based in Calgary, Alberta. 4-5 years of experience in multiple GIS and geography programs. Seeking global positions that are challenging and diverse. Fields of interest: Oil and gas. Environmental. Geography of economics. Anthropological GIS. Please click here to contact Corey Hughes by e-mail.
posted 8 august 2014
A professional project manager based in Denver, CO with 19 years of experience spanning GIS, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and public safety. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity nationwide. Please click here to contact James Ross by e-mail.
posted 6 august 2014
Fresh graduate with M.Eng. in Geoinformatics based in Beijing, China. A combination of skills obtained from studies (GIS, GNSS, remote sensing), highly developed soft skills, multicultural understanding (studying at 4 universities in Czech republic, Sweden, Turkey and China), language proficiency (Slovak, Czech, English, Chinese, French) and strong IT literacy is resulting into a unique combination. Seeking various GIS-related position. Willing to relocate anywhere in the world.
Please click here to contact Michal Bodnar by e-mail.
posted 4 august 2014
MA in GIS living in Houston, Tx. Recent graduate looking for entry level positions in as analyst, technician or specialist. Prefers to work in the oil and gas field, however still interested in working in other areas. Want to gain real world experience. Looking for work within Houston,TX. Has experience with ArcGIS, RS application and others.
Please click here to contact Brandon Blackmon by e-mail.
posted 2 august 2014
Colombo based M.Sc. degree holder in GIS and RS, and currently working as GIS Technical Manager for ESRI Sole Distributor in Sri Lanka to manage technical team to provide various geographical information system supports and solutions specially in utilities and urban development sectors. Have over 13 years experience in various GIS and RS applications to provide spatial solutions and maps. Please click here to contact Nalaka by e-mail, or +94714951928..
posted 29 july 2014
Geosciences PhD student finishing December. Topics include geology, geomatics, machine perception and machine learning. Experienced in terrestrial LiDAR collection/ processing and scientific computing. Located in Ontario, seeking opportunities worldwide. Please click here to contact Graham Mills by e-mail.
posted 25 july 2014
I am a PhD student at MSU (already obtained a MSc), geography faculty, baised in Moscow, Russia. I have an 4.5 years experience working with different GIS products (ArcGIS, GeoMedia, ERDAS IMAGINE and etc.) I worked at Intergraph Corp, Ministry of Energy if Russia. Looking for a interesting and related to my experience opportunity round the world. Field of interest: GIS, Remote sensing, landcover/land use changes, modeling. Please click here to contact Elizaveta Khazieva by e-mail.
posted 21 july 2014
A post-graduate glaciologist currently based in Milton Keynes, UK (available worldwide), with 5 years' experience via a BSc in 'Geography' and MSc in 'Quaternary Science and Climate Development'. Looking to develop my skills and knowledge regarding ancient and modern ice sheets through a PhD alongside professional industry experience, with a particular focus on Antarctica and Greenland. Field of interest: Ice sheet dynamics, Quaternary Science, Luminescence Dating, Climate Change, Remote Sensing, ArcGIS.
Please click here to contact Michael Cullum by e-mail for more information and full CV.
posted 15 july 2014
PhD in Water Structures Engineering resident in Iran, with several years experience teaching undergraduate level. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Hydrology, water resources management, impact assessment of climate variability on water resources, geographical information systems, remote sensing, time-series analysis.
Please click here to contact Sheida Jalili by e-mail.
posted 26 june 2014
A MSc Geographical Information Sciences graduate (merit) from the University of Manchester, currently based in East Africa, with over 5 years of experience in GIS and Remote sensing. Seeking a challenging and exciting research based career in Environmental processes that applies GIS and Remote sensing technologies anywhere in the world.
Please click here to contact Peter Kabano by e-mail.
posted 22 june 2014
A recent BSc(Hons) Geography graduate (2:1) seeking temporary or permanent work opportunities in the UK (South-West based) Areas of expertise include GIS (Competent with ArcMap10) & Remote Sensing, Surveying and levelling. Fields if interest: Geography, Sustainability, Resource Management, Climate Change, Energy and EIA to name but a few. I am willing to try my hand at anything in order to gain experience.
Please click here to contact James Hazell by e-mail, or 07904980182.
posted 18 june 2014
A Remote Sensing & GIS professional based in India, with over 3 years of experience in various applications of RS & GIS ( Geology, Forestry, Water resources, Faculty) , looking forward for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Field of interests: Geological RS & GIS; Disaster Risk management studies; Geological Mapping; Mineral exploration mapping; Trainer & Consultant RS & GIS.
Please click here to contact Sathis Babu by e-mail, web:
posted 26 may 2014
I am a GIS Analyst with a strong background in ArcGIS & its extensions, Remote Sensing, Project Management with MS Project and Primavera, Database Management with Access and SPSS. I also have Post Graduation Degree in Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, and certificate in Sustainability and Management from Ryerson University. I have over 12 years of experience. I am open to relocation and available immediately. LinkedIn Profile:
posted 22 may 2014
Graduate geologist from Royal Holloway, University of London. Aged 21 and expected high 2:1/1st in my BSc in geology. Based in Surrey, but looking for exciting positions worldwide, and I have experience in various fields within the broad spectrum of geology, including GIS, geological mapping, seismic interpretation and processing and mineral resources (upstream and downstream).
Please click here to contact Theodore Bull by e-mail and see my CV and some work samples at:
posted 21 may 2014
May 2014 graduate with an MS from University of Houston in Geoscience. Based in Houston but willing to transfer. Industry experience: GOM exploration internship at Statoil 2013. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity to apply my technical and leadership skills. Fields of interest: structural geology, geophysics.
Please click here to contact Eileen Guthrie by e-mail; or via
posted 30 april 2014
A graduating Geology major with a focus in Hydrographic Surveying from the College of Charleston (BEAMS Program), SC, USA. Specialized skill sets in bathymetric processing, extensive proficiency in bathymetric data acquisition, and operation of different processing software; EIVA, CARIS, QPS, HyPack, ESRI ArcGis 10.1, and SIS. Looking for a full/part time position in bathymetric data processing, skills of which I've been in training for ~3 years. Available for a position worldwide. Please click here to contact Taylor Intaphan by e-mail.
posted 17 april 2014
I am a results-focused Logistical Operations Manager with extensive experience in project management in the airborne geophysical field. Skilled in all aspects of project management including, but not limited to staffing, procurement, health and safety, maintenance, client and service provider as well as government agency liaison. Vast international experience, America, Europe as well as many African countries. Available to travel at short notice and for extended periods of time.
Please click here to contact Jimmy Paterson by e-mail. UK Mobile +44(0)7885704838.
posted 24 march 2014
I am a young Italian geologist/geophysicist, just entered in the hydrogeology world and highly motivated, based in Italy with the willingness of experiences and opportunities world-wide. I have solid background in GIS data analysis, Aquifer Sedimentology and Geophysics.
Please click here to contact Niccolo Ceresa by e-mail.
posted 7 march 2014
Recent Post-Graduate from Visva- Bharati University of India in Geography specialization with Environmental Geography with 2 years working experience in India Post as a Postal Assistant . Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity primarily in Research(PhD/Job especially within the realm of earth science. I have done P.G. Diploma in Geoinformation Science & Earth Observation with specialization in Natural Hazards & Disaster Risk Management form ITC The Netherlands. I have experience with ERDAS Imagine, ARCGIS, Quantum GIS, PostGIS & PostGre, Python, as well as experience with the Google Maps. Fields of Interest: Digital Image Processing, Microwave Remote Sensing, DBMS, Environmental Study & Geology, Spatial Analysis, and Cartography particularly in the fields of RS-GIS, Geology and Earth Science. Please click here to contact Subhajit by e-mail.
posted 3 february 2014
A conservation biologist based in Quebec Canada, with over 5 years experience in various aspects of biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods development. Recently graduated with a PhD in Human Ecology, and poses an excellent blend of talents in scientific research, conservation education, GIS and remote sensing, non-invasive genetics, project management, and establishing cooperative community relationships to improve wildlife protection. I am looking for a challenging opportunity worldwide: particularly interested in research and conservation projects in tropical (Africa) countries.
Please click here to contact Denis N. Etiendem by e-mail.
posted 20 january 2014
A very experienced Project manager based in Cambridge UK, with over 20 years in Airborne Exploration in all aspects of the job. Worked in over 30 African countries, Pre country logistics, acquiring permits and clearances, crew management. Interested in a challenging opportunity world-wide in Exploration, Country Management and Logistics and always prepared to travel. Please click here to contact Jimmy Paterson by e-mail, or +447885704838.
posted 27 november 2013
I am a 28 years old computer engineer specialized in image processing (medical imaging and others). I am french and I live currently in France but I am available to work in other countries. I am a curious and dynamic person and I can be very autonomous in my work. I am used to travel and work in English. Please click here to contact Aurélie Canale by e-mail. You can check my website for more details
posted 12 november 2013
A Master of Science graduate and a professional Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing specialist based in Manila, Philippines, with over 5 years of experience - in academe and corporate sectors on the said field. Looking for research opportunities world-wide. Fields of interest: Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing, renewable energy, wind energy, environmental research, risk assessment.
Please click here to contact Loureal Camille V. Inocencio by e-mail. Linkin Account: Loureal Camille V. Inocencio.
posted 8 november 2013
I'm a graduate civil engineer based in Modena (Italy), with two years of experience in Autocad design and land surveying. I'm looking for an opportunity world-wide in the following fields of interest: Geotechnical engineering, Land surveying and Earthquake engineering. Mother language: italian, Other languages: english (fluent), german (fluent), spanish (basic). Please click here to contact Giacomo Colombari by e-mail.
posted 11 october 2013
A young, versatile geoscientist willing to relocate. Currently based in Marion, Iowa USA, with 3 years of experience in various aspects of volcanology, geology, and geophysics. Looking for exciting new opportunities to learn and grow. Fields of interest: Volcanology and Petrology. Geochemical Laboratory Work. Geosoft Oasis Montaj. ArcGIS. Hazard Mitigation. GPS surveys. Geodesy. Please click here to contact Sarah Polster by e-mail.
posted 5 october 2013
A professional Surveying Engineer based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire with 2 years working experience in topographical surveys and setting out. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity primarily in Cambridgeshire as well as in UK nationwide. Fields of interest: Topographical surveys, Setting out, Hydrology, Water Resources Management, Flood Risk Assessments. Please click here to contact Anastasios Malliaros by e-mail.
posted 19 september 2013
Canadian-based PhD-level remote sensing / photogrammetry specialist, currently undertaking a postdoc using UAV-acquired data for environmental monitoring. Over thirty years of industry experience in surveying, photogrammetry, and remote sensing, including teaching university-level geomatics courses, and developing UAV photogrammetry applications. My recent PhD used oblique photogrammetry and SAR interferometry to measure changing arctic ice flow patterns. Interested in full time or contract positions worldwide, preferably with environmentally-focused organisations. Please click here to contact Ken Whitehead by e-mail; Linkedin:
posted 6 september 2013
A recently graduated PhD in radar remote sensing based in Beijing with over 7 years' international study and work experience in various aspects of remote sensing. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Spatial data analysis, related policy and marketing study. Please click here to contact DONG Lu by e-mail.
posted 28 august 2013
A professional geoscientist based in Merritt Island,Fl with 3 years of experience in various aspects of geospatial analysis and mapping with a doctorate in Geography. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Spatial data analysis, geovisualization, spatial modeling, agent-based modeling. Please click here to contact Shelrie Houlton by e-mail.
posted 29 may 2013
Recent Graduate from University of New Mexico in Geography with an emphasis on GIS. Looking for a job in the GI science field, especially within the realm of earth science. I have experience with ERDAS Imagine, IDRISI, and ARCGIS, as well as experience with the Google Maps API. Fields of Interest: Photogrammetry, Spatial Analysis, and Cartography particularly in the fields of Geology and Earth Science.
Please click here to contact Daniel Chelist by e-mail.
posted 12 april 2013
An Oceanographer/ Geoscientist (B.Sc. Oceanography, Minor Geology from UW Seattle) based in San Francisco California, with 2 years experience in assisting with hydrographic & geophysical surveys. I am searching for a marine science field/ lab career in the greater bay area, willing to travel 25%. Interests: Hydrographic/ Geophysical Survey, Oceanography, Marine Biology, Marine Geology, Geochemistry, Fisheries, Hydrology and Water Quality.
Please click here to contact Justin Bergquist by e-mail.
posted 15 march 2013
A newly graduated PhD with a main research interest in using signals from space geodetic techniques, i.e. GPS and VLBI, in order to study geodynamic phenomena and atmospheric processes with a specific focus on variations of the water vapour content from sub-diurnal to decadal time scales. I have over 6 years working experience in data processing, simulation, modelling and statistics. Looking for an opportunity for either academic or industrial jobs.
Please click here to contact Tong Ning by e-mail.
posted 14 march 2013
Final year geoscience student based in Oxford, UK. Looking for someone who can see beyond the word student, see my potential, and kick-start my geoscience career. A fast Learner who will relocate for opportunities world-wide. From my studies, my fields of interest are Structural Geology. Tectonics. Volcanology. Geophysics. Geohazards (Volcanic Gas emissions). Slope Tectonics. Sequence Stratigraphy. Remote sensing (including Wireline well logging). Please click here to contact Andrew Townley by e-mail; LinkedIn profile at
posted 20 february 2013
I am finishing my PhD in Geophysical Sciences and Geoinformation in Portugal. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: General geographical engineering, remote sensing, research, GeoComputing, monitoring deformations of civil engineering structures, topography and geodesy, Interferometry Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR), software development, spatial analysis and modelling.
See my profile at . Please click here to contact Pedro Mateus by e-mail.
posted 12 february 2013
A Creative, problem-solving GIS Technician based in Detroit, Michigan who provides geospatial analysis and cartographic products with attention to detail, technical skill, and aesthetic touch. Two years professional experience with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the USDA Forest Service. Looking for opportunity with enviromental/conservation agency world-wide.
Please click here to contact Kendra Socks by e-mail.
posted 25 january 2013