Seismology / Geodesy / Earthquake Engineering Resumes

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A Post-Graduate Exploration Geophysicist based in Nepal with over 1 year of experience in 2D/3D seismic processing and Pre/post-stack seismic inversion and gas hydrate research. Is Looking for a challenging and interesting PhD opportunity (or Geophysicist position) world-wide. Fields of interest: Seismic 2D/3D processing, Pre/Post-stack seismic inversion, Gas Hydrate characterization. Contact Dharma Raj Dhakal at, web : posted 3rd September 2019
Over seventeen years experience in geophysical investigations, data processing, interpretation and research work. Published more than 30 research papers in reputed journals relating to seismology and earthquake early warning. Currently working in Taiwan. Looking for a job opportunity in the field of Earthquake engineering, Seismology, and R&D sector. Contact Himanshu Mittal at posted 30 July 2019
Research student having master degree in Applied Geology and Geoinformatics, and three years research experience in the field of Seismo-tectonics, and Seismic Microzonation studies. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Area of interest: Seismotectonic active fault studies, Seismology. Click here to contact Tamilarasan K by email posted 20 June 2019
A professional geoscientist based in Cairo, Egypt, with over 18 years of experience in various aspects of geoscience work in expat positions in internatinal companies in Indonesia, Kuwait and New Zealand. Looking for a challenging opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: seismic interpretation, seismic inversion, forward modelling, prospect evaluation, seismic sequence stratigraphy, velocity modelling and depth conversion. Contact Adel Shaker at posted 14 June 2019
A highly motivated MSc. in Applied Geophysics and Seismology student.Looking for positions world-wide. Experience: Seismic data acquisition, archiving and processing; Resistivity Methods Applied to Hydrogeology Theory and Data Processing ; Basin delineation and modelling; Reservoir Geomechanics; GIS Analysis; Data acquisition using mobile based platforms; Mineral Exploration.Strong ability in learning to use new processing applications. Windows and Linux operating systems.English and Kiswahili. Click here to contact Maggie Wanyaga by email posted 7 June 2019
A professional geoscientist based in Islamabad Pakistan, with a fresh PhD degree in Geophysics around 1 years of experience in various aspects of geophysics. Looking for a challenging and exciting opportunity world-wide, available to relocate. Fields of interest: Seismic inversion, Rock physics, seismic interpretation, AVO inversion. Saiq Shakeel Abbasi or Twitter Saiq303 posted 31 May 2019
Highly motivated PhD graduate in Earth Geophysics and Geotechnologies. Experience: Seismic processing of 3D marine data; Seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation of 2D high and very high resolution land seismic data acquired using both impact and vibratory sources; Re-processing of ENI-AGIP seismic profiles aimed to better image the shallowest portion; VibroSeis operator/driver; Acquisition, processing and interpretation of Sub Bottom Profiler, Multi Beam and Side Scan Sonar data; Aerial photogrammetric data processing; Seismic tomography. Strong learning ability using new acquisition and processing applications. Bash programming. Windows, OSx and Linux expert. Multi-lingual - Italian, English, Spanish Dario De Rosa posted 21 May 2019
PA professional geoscientist based in Nagpur India, with experience in various aspects of geotechnical engineering research. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: General geotechnical engineering. Reinforced soils. Slope stability. Soft soils. Earthquake engineering. Contact Click Here to Contact Deepak Kumar Tiwari via e-mail: posted 15 May 2019
Postdoctoral fellow in geophysics at the University of Alberta in Edmonton,Canada. I have a wide variety of geophysical experience from international field campaigns, to EM methods, to global seismology. Currently studying anthropomorphic seismic events in Oklahoma with noise interferometry. Looking for a interesting academic or industrial opportunities world-wide, especially in Canada or the UK. Fields of interest: Seismology, data analysis, 3D inversion, interferometry, environmental applications. Contact: Mitch Liddell at , web: , posted 18 March 2019
Experienced geospatial professional located in Presov, Slovakia with master's degree and 12 years of technical and management experience in various areas of geospatial industry (Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Geodesy, Cartography, GIS, 3D modeling, Visualization). Looking for a challenging and interesting freelance/remote work. Fields of interest: Remote Sensing, GIS, Photogrammetry, CAD. Contact Michal Girmala at , posted 25 January 2019
Earth scientist-cum-data visualisation specialist based in England, with unique dual expertise in seismic hazard (maximum magnitude earthquakes and ground motion) modelling and interactive/animated content design (using HTML5/CSS3, D3), favouring creation of bespoke standalone storytelling style visuals. Looking for challenging and interesting freelance work of substantive job opportunities that can combine these two skill sets. Can work remotely/WFH. Fields of interest: seismic hazard modelling, data visualisation. Contact James Bayliss, via LinkedIn or DM on Twitter. posted 2 december 2018