Seismology / Geodesy / Earthquake Engineering Resumes

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A fresh geophysics PhD graduate based in Fort Collins, Colorado, with 6 years of experience in risk modeling and mining and over 10 years of research experience in geophysics, geodynamics, seismology, geodesy. Looking for full time positions in USA. Field of interest: Geoscience software development and support, upstream and downstream operations, research and management, geoscience big data.
Please click here to contact Sumant Jha by e-mail. posted 28 november 2016
A seismologist and earthquake engineer resident in Germany with vast experience and knowledge about different fields of engineering seismology and earthquake engineering. Looking for research and engineering positions worldwide preferably Europe and Germany. Fields of interest and expertise: probabilistic seismic hazard analysis, ground motion simulation, ground motion database compilation and processing, computer programming in the fields of seismology and earthquake, structural vulnerability assessment and structural dynamic analysis.
Please click here to contact Aida Azari Sisi by e-mail. posted 28 november 2016
A professional Engineering Geologist, currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at UNAM, Mexico. Looking for Postdoctoral Positions. Having research interest in Paleo seismology, Soil Liquefaction, Liquefaction Zonation, 3D liquefaction Potential Evaluation. Please click here to contact Sambit Naaik by e-mail, or posted 24 september 2016
An experienced seismic processing geophysicist, based in Guildford, UK, seeking a lead role in the UK. Recently a geophysical advisor to a processing department: client, R&D liaison; design of processing, testing and quality strategies for time and depth projects. Led large 3D imaging, development and commercialisation studies and troubleshooting interventions. Effective communicator with customers, processing and R&D teams to improve mutual understanding, achieve consensus and move projects forwards.
Please click here to contact Matt Aitchison by e-mail; Linkedin: posted 8 august 2016
A post-graduate (PhD) geophysicist with 5+ years experience in various field expeditions ranging from large-scale marine 3D seismic acquisitions to small-scale acoustic, EM, and heat flow studies. Looking for challenging and educational experiences worldwide. Fields of interest: seismic acquisition and processing, heat and fluid flow, gas hydrate, finite difference/element modeling, machine learning, parallel processing.
Please click here to contact Benjamin Phrampus by e-mail; web posted 24 july 2016
A professional geophysicist based in the Netherlands, with over 15 years of experience in various aspects of geophysics. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: geophysics, microseismic interpretation/processing, engineering seismology & Earthquake engineering. Please click here to contact May Zhang by e-mail. posted 26 may 2016
Geologist / geophysicist with 13 years of experience in seismic acquisition and processing (2D & 3D in different areas: desert, TZ, mountains, urban), based in Italy and currently looking for a new challenging opportunity World-wide.
Please click here to contact Gianpiero Graziano by e-mail. posted 22 may 2016
Environmental physicist based in Manchester (UK) specialized in development of optical remote sensing platforms for gas detection, 8 years experience in solving tough problems in seismic, applied optics (both hard- and software development) and project management. Love traveling and fieldwork. Looking for job that requires an outstandingly creative and broad mind. I set up mathematical models to approach problems and also have the necessary practical knowledge. Available from 12/16 in North America, UK, Germany, France or Eastern Europe, including Russia. Please click here to contact Manuel Queisser by e-mail. posted 10 april 2016
"All but dissertation" Msc with 5 field seasons in geodesy and paleoseismology looking for full-time contract or salaried employment. Highly trained in remote sensing/geospatial (ENVI/ERDAS), InSAR (GAMMA), programming (IDL, UNIX, MATLAB, C++), photogrammetry (Cosi-corr, Micmac, Photoscan), mapping and geodatabase (ArcGIS), earthquake geology/geodesy. Based in the Bay Area but willing to relocate.
Please click here to contact Jon Harrington by e-mail. Portfolio available at: posted 7 april 2016
A professional geophysicist / mathematician from Novosibirsk Russia with strong experience in seismic forward modeling looking for interesting positions world-wide. Fields of interest: Seismic modeling, multiscale media, anisotropy, sonic logging.
Please click here to contact Egor Lys by e-mail. posted 30 march 2016
Recent Msc in Marine Geophysics and engineer in Hydrography based in France looking for a first opportunity worldwide. Fields of interest: seismology, earthquake engineering, marine, geophysics, oil and gas.
Please click here to contact Achille Casellato by e-mail. posted 24 august 2015
A recent MSc graduate in Volcanology, BSc Physics, with research experience in remote sensing, based in Bristol, looking for entry-level work in the UK or abroad. Looking for a challenging opportunity (academic or industrial) in remote sensing, responsible sourcing, geo-spatial analysis and geophysics. Please click here to contact Camilla Owens by e-mail. posted 18 august 2015
A professional geoscientist based in IAU University, with over 4 years of experience in various aspects of tectonic and seismic hazard. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Seismic Hazard analysis, Tectonic, Climatology, Earthquake engineering. Please click here to contact Hadi Jarahi by e-mail: web posted 14 july 2015
I am an experienced geologist specialized in geophysics, who gained a blend of practical and technical experience within the explorations carried out in Italy, South America and Asia. Resourceful and hardworking with a positive attitude in problem solving, I have the ability to lead a team through challenging tasks, organizing people and equipment in order to hit the goal with safety and time conscious professionalism.
Additional information on my web site posted 29 december 2014
A PhD Geophysicist (University of Bologna and University of Berkeley, CA) with over 5 years experience in GPS data processing and post-processing, active tectonics, plate kinematic modeling, 3D fault modeling, natural risk management. Primarily research-oriented but looking to broaden horizons. Currently working on a landslides risk assessment project at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Looking for postdoc/job opportunities worldwide but mainly in Europe. Fields of interest: active tectonics, modeling, risk evaluation and management. For more information please check my profile on ResearchGate or click here to contact Brunella Mastrolembo by e-mail.
posted 20 september 2014
Doctor in Structural Geology and Seismic Interpretation in the University of Granada (Spain). 7 years of experience in the analysis of deformational patterns in shale tectonics, and with a large background in different geophysical techniques and surveying (reflection and refraction seismic, gravity, magnetometry, electrics, tomography, GPR). Able to work within a team, and to challenge conventional wisdom in a logical way. Looking for a geological or geophysicist opportunity world-wide.
Please click here to contact Idaira Santos Betancor by e-mail.
posted 20 september 2014
A Physics PhD based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, available to work worldwide, with over 8 years of experience in characterization of a wide range of materials (building materials, rocks, ceramics, polymers, etc). Looking for a interesting post-doc or work in the following fields of interest: materials science, rock a building materials characterization, geophysics.
Please click here to contact Victor Sánchez by e-mail.
posted 12 september 2014
PhD Geophysicist with 15+ years experience, primarily research-oriented but looking to broaden horizons. Currently in Edmonton, Alberta. Looking for interesting opportunities elsewhere. Prefer to relocate within western Canada or return to western United States. Areas of interest: seismology, signal processing, data analysis, volcano monitoring, geophysical hazards. For more information please click here to contact Joshua Jones by e-mail, or check my profile(s) on LinkedIn: and/or ResearchGate:
posted 18 august 2014
An earthquake geologist based in Rome (Italy), with 10+ years of experience providing geological input for national seismic hazard and earthquake preparedness. Looking for an enthusing research opportunity (Europe & USA). Fields of activity: Seismogenic sources. Marine geology (subsurface). Quaternary tectonics. Historical seismicity. GIS & Remote sensing. Trained as a tectonic geomorphologist, with a keen interest for fault interaction. Please click here to contact Umberto Fracassi by e-mail; web
posted 25 july 2014
Studied physics, finnishing up PhD in Geophysics. Looking for new challenges in Belgium. Fields of interest: polar sciences, climate, computer modelling.
Please click here to contact Antje Fitzner by e-mail, web
posted 8 july 2014
A professional fresh graduate Geoscientist living in Karachi, Pakistan. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Geology , Geophysics , seismology , Health safety Environment, Earthquake seismology. Please click here to contact by e-mail.
posted 6 july 2014
A PhD student based in the USA, willing to relocate, with over 6 years of scientific research and teaching experience in the field of seismology. Looking for an internship position preferably in the USA, Canada or Europe but will consider any interesting offer worldwide. Fields of interest: exploration seismology, seismic tomography, seismic wave propagation and signal processing.
Please click here to contact by e-mail.
posted 27 november 2013
I'm a graduate civil engineer based in Modena (Italy), with two years of experience in Autocad design and land surveying. I'm looking for an opportunity world-wide in the following fields of interest: Geotechnical engineering, Land surveying and Earthquake engineering. Mother language: italian, Other languages: english (fluent), german (fluent), spanish (basic). Please click here to contact Giacomo Colombari by e-mail.
posted 11 october 2013
A professional GEODESIST based in Aberdeen (UK), with 12 years of experience in various aspects of geodesy, topography and dimensional control. With a M.Sc. in Civil Engineering and a Ph.D. in Geodetic and Topographical Sciences and five years of experience in the University and seven years in the Oil & Gas industry. Co-author of 10 publications about geodesy and surveying. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide.
Please click here to contact Alessandro Bedin by e-mail .
posted 18 september 2012
Geologist/Geochemist (PhD) based in Santiago (Chile) with 12-year background in multidisciplinary geoscientific research, geological mapping, as well as fieldwork in remote and difficult to access areas. Looking for challenging and interesting opportunities in Europa, North America, Australia or New Zealand. Fields of interest: Geological mapping, magmatic arcs, geodynamics, volcanology, Gondwana break-up. Interested in a position as project geologist or researcher at a Geological Survey or similar. Please click here to contact Stefan Kraus by e-mail, web .
posted 24 august 2012
A postdoctoral research associate in Seismology at the University of Rhode Island, Narragansett, RI, USA, after finishing my doctoral degree at the University of Oregon in Geophysics and Geodesy. My research is to apply various geophysical methods to develop a high-resolution model of the Pacific Northwest, with special interests in wave simulation and inversion. I am good at seismic data processing, analyzing, imaging and wave modeling.
Please click here to contact Haiying Gao by e-mail.
posted 26 july 2012
Earthquake geologist / geospatial LiDAR research scientist based in Durham, U.K., soon to finish PhD with additional experience in geospatial consultancy for the oil & gas industry. First class degree in Geology from the University of Edinburgh. Available for industry and academic positions worldwide from 04/2012. Fields of interest: Natural hazards - response, monitoring and risk assessment, geospatial research, surveying.
Please click here to contact by e-mail.
posted 7 december 2011
German physicist (Diplom), soon finishing PhD in applied geophysics, residing in France, 5 years hands-on research experience, languages: German, English, French, Russian. I am looking for a challenging opportunity world-wide. Interests: modern optics, earth and medical imaging, including seismic, gravity, and electromagnetic, Full Waveform Inversion, geostatistics, CCS, rock physics. Key qualities: creative, pro-active, flexible, quick grasp, adventurous, persistent, intercultural competent, humor.
Please click here to contactby e-mail. CV online:
posted 13 october 2011
A geo-scientist based in India, with over 2 years of post-doctoral research experience in various aspects of earthquake seismology and tectonic geodesy. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Seismology, Tectonic/Volcano geodesy, Seismic data processing, Numerical Geodynamics etc. Contact at
posted 18 july 2011
Geophysicist (PhD, UC Berkeley, 2010), currently postdoc researcher at UC Berkeley; looking for an academic position preferably in Europe but will consider any interesting offer worldwide. Please check my website for more info : .
posted 21 march 2011
A recent MSc graduate within Geohazards based in the Midlands, UK, willing to relocate, including abroad. Looking for a varied and rewarding career within volcanology and hazard management. Have travelled extensively for fieldwork, learning new skills within BSc and MSc courses and wishing to continue with this. Field of interest: vulnerability and risk assessment of volcanic hazards
Please click here to contact Claire Lawrence by e-mail.
posted 25 november 2010
A civil engineer based in Medford, MA, who holds bachelors in civil engineering, M.S. in systems engineering, and Ph.D. in geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering, with over 5 years of experience in various aspects of civil engineering. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity in the U.S. Fields of interest: General geotechnical engineering, Earthquake engineering, GIS/Remote sensing, Stochastic modeling, and pattern recognition.
Please contact Thomas Oommen by e-mail, web:
posted 29 march 2010
A professional geoscientist with Ph.D. in geophysics (University of Karlsruhe), based in Milan, Italy, with 2 years of experience and 3.5 years of research work. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity worldwide. Experienced in seismic time and depth imaging, software development and high performance computing. Fields of interest: 3D seismic imaging, CRS, multiple prediction and removal, time and depth migration. Fluent in English, German, and Italian. Please contact Alexander Müller by e-mail.
posted 4 august 2009
A professional geoscientist based in Pergine, Italy, with over 8 years of academic experience in remote sensing, glaciology, gis and geo-informatics. And 6 years of experience in soft sediment mining and remote sensing mineral mapping. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity WORLD-WIDE. Fields of interest: General earth-science research. Remote sensing and GIS. Mining. Reinforced soils. Slope stability. Soft soils. Earthquake engineering. Please contact Antonio Zeoli by e-mail.
posted 16 june 2009
PhD geophysicist based in Canada, SK or Russia, with over 8 years of experience in various fields: magnetotellurics, potential fields, statistical factor analysis, developing algorithms, software programming, data analysis, researching. Looking for a challenging and interesting job world-wide. Please contact Nikolay (Nick) Kostrov, web
posted 9 june 2009
Researcher geodesist (MSc in Geodesy and Geoinformatics - 2008 KTH - Stockholm and Diploma in Surveying Engineering - 2006 NTUA - Athens) with 1 year experience and one publication. Specialized in regional geoid modeling. Very good knowledge in GNSS applications and geodynamics research. Based in Athens-Greece, available for work in Europe (preferring Germany), preferably in research institutes. Fields of interest: Geoid determination, gravimetry, GNSS data analysis, geodynamics. Please contact Ilias Daras by e-mail.
posted 29 may 2009
Professional geoscientist with experience in earthquake seismology, one year the oil industry and one year in construction geology. Geophysics experience includes data analysis and computation of earthquake hypocenters, quantitative interpretation, petrophysics, and velocity interpretation. Geology experience includes field and lab work in soil analysis. Interested in onshore or offshore, office or field work. Currently based in Kansas City, Missouri but willing to move. Please contact Kira Blaco by e-mail.
posted 1 december 2008
A researcher in geochemistry/petrology in one of the top Ivy League universities, with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, 5 years of experience in data collection and modeling, project and laboratory management, and fieldwork campaigns. Looking for a challenging position in a research team in the field of Geosciences, available worldwide. Specialized expertise: Matlab coding, trace element and isotopic analyses, ultra-clean laboratory procedures, mass spectrometer and laser ablation. Fields of interest: volcanology, environment, and alternative energy. Please contact by e-mail.
posted 12 november 2008
An enthusiastic geophysical hazards post-graduate from UCL, with a strong interest in climate change, seismology, volcanology, extreme weather and other natural hazards. Seeking to use this interest in a position assisting and delivering hazard mitigation protocols within diverse communities, using relevant knowledge bases and facilities potentially not readily available in such locations. Based in South East England and willing to relocate internationally. BSc Geography from University of Sussex and MSc Geophysical Hazards from UCL. Please contact Emma Binfield by e-mail.
posted 12 january 2008
A geophysicist with an expected PhD (September, 2007) in seismic hazard and risk. MRes Physics, BSc Geophysical sciences. Based in Colchester, England. Significant experience of statistics, computer modelling and GIS. Looking for academic or professional role. Available worldwide. Fields of interest: Seismic risk and urban impact scenarios, natural hazard and risk modelling, geospatial and GIS analysis. Please contact Stephen Cole by e-mail.
posted 16 august 2007
Geophysicist (PhD) based in Canada with over 20 years of well-built experience in applied geophysics for mineral exploration - in field operations, processing data, quality control, mapping, complex geology and geophysics sophisticated analysis, interpretation and inversion of geophysical (ground and airborne) data. Knowledge of geology, petrology, minerals. Background comprises Mining Geophysics Engineering, postgraduate in Geophysics and Programmer Engineering. I am fluent in a variety of computer programs and have reach practical knowledge in many programs for applied geophysics. Please contact by e-mail.
posted 13 august 2007
Graduate geologist (MSci Geology - Imperial College London and MSc Geophysical Hazards - University College London), based in London, looking for challenging and interesting work in London/SE England. Interested in research orientated roles in volcanology, natural hazards or climate change. Happy to travel as part of the role. Please contact John Sykes by e-mail.
posted 5 august 2007
A doctoral Geophysicist at school of Ocean and earth science,Tongji University,China.B.Sc in geophysics,MSc: gravity data Acquiring, processing and interpreting.One year full time job.Experience in gravity and Geophysical Exploration, Data inversion and Data analysis. An enthusiastic young, able to work under pressure. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity(in Canada) in geophysical exploration,environmental researches. My website Please Contact Henry Yang by e-mail.
posted 7 june 2007
A doctorate researcher based in France, with strong experience in fields of structural geology, field geology and analogue modelling. Fields of interest: lithospheric-scale deformation, precambrian geology, mechanical behaviour of lithospheres. Looking for a postdoc position in structural geology, tectonics in Europe, US, Australia. Contact by e-mail.
posted 24 may 2007