Seismology / Geodesy / Earthquake Engineering Resumes

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A professional seismologist based in Victoria British Columbia, graduating with a PhD from the University of Victoria in May. Looking for an interesting post-doctoral research opportunity worldwide. Experience is with earthquake analysis in subduction settings, including tomography and double-difference relocation. Adept at programming in Python with experience in MATLAB, FORTRAN, and Perl. Skilled with the Antelope software suite.
Contact Jesse Hutchinson at posted 1st May 2020
A Doctoral Candidate in Petroleum Geoscience (Due to Graduate in 2021) with over 5 years’ experience in various fields including Basic Field Geology, Teaching of Geology Modules, Data collection, and entry. Looking for a challenging and Interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of Interests Include Post Doc/Research (Institute)/ Teaching roles in Submarine Mass wasting processes, Reservoir characterization, formation Evaluation, and seismic interpretation.
Contact: Amaechi Paschal at posted 17 April 2020
A senior geophysicist with 15 years of international experience in many different geoscience projects. Her strength lies in finding realistic solutions that are both scientifically and practically feasible. It motivates her to explore the needs of the customer, current market practice and innovative solutions in order to arrive at the most practical solutions. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: General exploration geophysics. Engineering earthquake, microseismic and induced earthquake.
Contact, web posted 1st April 2020
An ambitious, recent geoscience MSc. graduate(Cum Laude) from Utrecht University, the Netherlands with experience in the fields of experimental rheology, mineralogy, fieldwork, and (micro- and macro) structural and petrological geology. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity. Qualities: highly motivated, analytical problem solving, quick learner, computer-savy, and social networking.
Contact Diede Hein via email, web: posted 20th March 2020
A PhD geophysicist based in Edmonton, Canada with expertise in electromagnetic geophysical methods and previous oil and gas experience. Looking for post-doctoral research positions in Canada, the USA or the UK. Fields of interest: Volcanology, geothermal exploration, mining, software development.
Contact Darcy Cordell via email, Web: posted 21 February 2020
Doctor in volcanology with a 2 years post-doctoral experience. Principal skills include analog modelling, fieldwork, SIG, mapping, stratigraphy and some experience in optical mineralogy and EMA. Educational background in geosciences with specialization in volcanology (geophysics, sedimentology, remote sensing) and magmatology (geochemistry and petrology). Always eager to learn, strengthen my competencies and acquire new skills. Fields of interests: volcanology, natural hazards and risk management, environment, geophysics, geochemistry. Based in the SW of France but looking for exciting opportunities worldwide.
Contact Corentin Chédeville or via LinkedIn
posted 5th February 2020
A Master student based in Institute of Geology and Geophysics Chinese Academy of Sciences, with over 3 years of experience in various aspects of structural geology and tectonics. Looking for a challenging and interesting PhD opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: the relations between volcanism and global tectonics, subduction-related volcanism and magmatism, crustal evolution, how magmas and volcanoes are formed, oceanic crust evolution, greenstone belt. Contact Xueyin Bai, Research Gate homepage: posted 30 January 2020
I am based in Vancouver Canada with civil engineering degree background and work experience deals with geotechnical/geological/geographical 3D modeling, analysis and drafting. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: General geotechnical engineering. Reinforced soils. Slope stability. Soft soils. Earthquake engineering. Contact Ryan at
posted 28 November 2019
Ph.D candidate in Geophysics, Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands. Expertise in seismic imaging, processing, modeling and seismic multiples technology (using and removing). Seeking challenging research based positions worldwide in Geophysics, starting January 2020. Contact Aparajita Nath at
posted 30 October 2019
A Post-Graduate Exploration Geophysicist based in Nepal with over 1 year of experience in 2D/3D seismic processing and Pre/post-stack seismic inversion and gas hydrate research. Is Looking for a challenging and interesting PhD opportunity (or Geophysicist position) world-wide. Fields of interest: Seismic 2D/3D processing, Pre/Post-stack seismic inversion, Gas Hydrate characterization. Contact Dharma Raj Dhakal at, web : posted 3rd September 2019
Over seventeen years experience in geophysical investigations, data processing, interpretation and research work. Published more than 30 research papers in reputed journals relating to seismology and earthquake early warning. Currently working in Taiwan. Looking for a job opportunity in the field of Earthquake engineering, Seismology, and R&D sector. Contact Himanshu Mittal at posted 30 July 2019