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A professional RS & GIS expert based in Waterloo, Ontario, with over 7 years of experience in various aspects. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: SAR, InSAR, crop monitoring, soil moisture, Land-Use Land over Change.
Please click here to contact Moeen Zohary by e-mail.
posted 11 June 2018
Actively seeking entry-level geology job. I received bachelors of science in geology/geophysics and environmental studies with concentrations in environmental geology and water resources/management. I also participated in a 6-week intensive field course in the Wasatch-Uinta Ranges of Utah and was a research and lab assistant for University study on the sedimentation history of the Mississippi River. I am interested in a job in hydrogeology or Quaternary geology (including soil science and geomorphology). Please click here to contact Gaby Sasseville by e-mail. posted 15 May 2018
A qualified chemist (Ph.D Marine Chemistry) based in Kochi, India. Looking for challenging research/lab technician opportunities world wide. Field of knowledge and interest: Humic material chemistry/Water,soil and sediment quality monitoring/ Remediation/Biomarkers/Mass spectroscopy.
Please click here to contact Prashob Peter K J by e-mail. posted 15 august 2017
An ecologist based in Assam, India, with over 5 years of experience in various aspects of ecology. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Biodiversity conservation. Agroforestry. Agrobiodiversity. Soil fertility. Remote sensing and GIS in agrobiodiversity management and conservation. Please click here to contact Dr. Tapasi Das by e-mail; Blogn posted 20 april 2017
Over Six years experience in Physics and Chemistry of Soils, Climate Change, ENSO, Crop Modeling, Sustainable agriculture, tillage, nutrient-crop residue-irrigation management; searching Scientist, Assistant Professor (Research based) position mainly in USA.
Please click here to contact Reshmi Sarkar by e-mail; Linkedin posted 20 april 2017
A professional Engineering Geologist, currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at UNAM, Mexico. Looking for Postdoctoral Positions. Having research interest in Paleo seismology, Soil Liquefaction, Liquefaction Zonation, 3D liquefaction Potential Evaluation. Please click here to contact Sambit Naaik by e-mail, or posted 24 september 2016
A plant/soil scientist, Ph.D., based in Arizona, with national/international faculty experience. Multicultural research/teaching/outreach experience with strong publication record and excellent communication skills. Looking for challenging and interesting opportunities world-wide. Expertise: urban and agricultural water conservation, irrigation systems design/management, and water quality. Please contact click here to contact Kenneth Marcum by e-mail; web posted 26 june 2016
Soil geochemist (PhD completion in May 2016 at UC Berkeley) looking for research job opportunities in the greater San Diego area (Southern California). I have research experience in environmental biogeochemistry applying field measurements, laboratory experiments on soil mesocosms, and data analysis on spatial and temporal scales. My career interests include: soil biogeochemistry, water chemistry, estuarine science, water resources, geoscience research.
Please contact click here to contact Chandra Richards by e-mail, Linkedin:, Website: posted 29 january 2016
A physical geography graduate based in England, having applicable knowledge in certain geographic and environmental fields. Possessing a proven ability in having a clear, logical an analytical mindset with a rational approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. Available to work in most regions of England. Fields of Interest: Soil Science, Hydrology, Renewable Energy, GIS, Environmental Sciences and Atmospheric Sciences.
Please contact click here to contact Carl Whyte by e-mail. posted 8 january 2016