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A professional goal oriented Agricultural Engineer, based in Klosterneuburg, Austria, with more than 10 years of experience in various aspects of Agricultural Engineering and research, Irrigation Scheduling, Irrigation Systems and Business Program Management, looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Agricultural Operations, Soil and Water, Irrigation and environment. Please click here to contact Hemin Shwan by e-mail posted 28 January 2019
Recent University of Dayton graduate seeking full-time employment in the field of geology, based in Dayton, Ohio. International student hoping to expand skill set and experience. Looking for an entry level position in the United States. Field of interest: waste water management, soil, and environmental. Contact Mahmood Al-Jahwari at, posted 25 January 2019
A qualified chemist (Ph.D Marine Chemistry) based in Kochi, India. Looking for challenging research/lab technician opportunities world wide. Field of knowledge and interest: Humic material chemistry/Water,soil and sediment quality monitoring/ Remediation/Biomarkers/Mass spectroscopy.
Please click here to contact Prashob Peter K J by e-mail. posted 15 august 2017
An ecologist based in Assam, India, with over 5 years of experience in various aspects of ecology. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Biodiversity conservation. Agroforestry. Agrobiodiversity. Soil fertility. Remote sensing and GIS in agrobiodiversity management and conservation. Please click here to contact Dr. Tapasi Das by e-mail; Blogn posted 20 april 2017
Over Six years experience in Physics and Chemistry of Soils, Climate Change, ENSO, Crop Modeling, Sustainable agriculture, tillage, nutrient-crop residue-irrigation management; searching Scientist, Assistant Professor (Research based) position mainly in USA.
Please click here to contact Reshmi Sarkar by e-mail; Linkedin posted 20 april 2017
A professional Engineering Geologist, currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at UNAM, Mexico. Looking for Postdoctoral Positions. Having research interest in Paleo seismology, Soil Liquefaction, Liquefaction Zonation, 3D liquefaction Potential Evaluation. Please click here to contact Sambit Naaik by e-mail, or posted 24 september 2016
A plant/soil scientist, Ph.D., based in Arizona, with national/international faculty experience. Multicultural research/teaching/outreach experience with strong publication record and excellent communication skills. Looking for challenging and interesting opportunities world-wide. Expertise: urban and agricultural water conservation, irrigation systems design/management, and water quality. Please contact click here to contact Kenneth Marcum by e-mail; web posted 26 june 2016
Soil geochemist (PhD completion in May 2016 at UC Berkeley) looking for research job opportunities in the greater San Diego area (Southern California). I have research experience in environmental biogeochemistry applying field measurements, laboratory experiments on soil mesocosms, and data analysis on spatial and temporal scales. My career interests include: soil biogeochemistry, water chemistry, estuarine science, water resources, geoscience research.
Please contact click here to contact Chandra Richards by e-mail, Linkedin:, Website: posted 29 january 2016
A physical geography graduate based in England, having applicable knowledge in certain geographic and environmental fields. Possessing a proven ability in having a clear, logical an analytical mindset with a rational approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. Available to work in most regions of England. Fields of Interest: Soil Science, Hydrology, Renewable Energy, GIS, Environmental Sciences and Atmospheric Sciences.
Please contact click here to contact Carl Whyte by e-mail. posted 8 january 2016
Soils data analyst with experience creating suitability analyses for water resource conservation and management. I have an M.S. in Soils and Biogeochemistry from University of California, Davis and a B.S. in Geology. Interested in any type of water resources, soils analysis, or environmental consulting work in the western U.S (but would travel anywhere). My skills include data algorithm and GUI development in R, PostgreSQL, and ArcGIS, as well as land characterization and suitability analysis.
Please click here to contact Matt Saal by e-mail: Website: posted 14 july 2015
A recent Master's of science (MSc) graduate in Geography and Geoinformatics based in Estonia. Work experience as student research assistant at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and field work assistant in Disko, Greenland. Fields of interests: biogeochemistry, soil science, climate change environmental science, geoscience research. Looking for aditional experience and challenging opportunities world-wide. Will happily travel and work in remote areas!
Please click here to contact Imre Banyasz by e-mail; LinkedIn: posted 7 june 2015
Geophysicist (PhD defense in June) based in Bremen Germany, with experience in various geophysical techniques (electrical impedance tomography, electrical resistivity tomography, induced polarisation) and groundwater modelling (preferential flow processes in unsaturated zone). Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: soil sciences, Geophysical Tomography and Inversion Techniques, Vadose Zone Hydrogeophysics, electrical resistivity anisotropy. Please click here to contact Sadam Al-Hazaimay by e-mail; web posted 7 may 2015
I hold a Ph.D in Environmental Science with about 5 years of international research experience in environmental geochemistry and soil science applying experimental laboratory and field observations, data analysis and modeling. I am passionate towards solving methodological/technical problems. My career interests are climate change, CCS, nuclear and fossil energy, methane hydrates, instrument development, soil irrigation, contaminated land, indoor environment. I am primary available in London, Brussels or Amsterdam. Please click here to contact Zsuzsanna by e-mail; webó/30/24/640. posted 23 April 2015
A professional soil scientist with global expertise and over 30 years of experience in agribusiness. Looking for a challenging opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: International development. Viticulture. Soil science. GIS. Climate change. Agronomy.
Please click here to contact James Fisher by e-mail; web posted 27 February 2015
A graduate geohydrologist with almost a years experience, based in South-Africa close to Johannesburg. Looking for a opportunity anywhere in the world that can gain me valuable experience. I have a strong geology and soil science under-graduate background, with post-graduate studies in hydrology. Have experience in geophysics, groundwater siting ,water management.
Please click here to contact Tiaan Snyman by e-mail. posted 3 February 2015
My name is Frank, I'm very hardworking, enthusiastic and have a lot of drive. I have completed a University degree in Environmental Sciences and I've also achieved a Master's degree in Hydrology and Water Resources Management, which involved a Thesis Project related with Biodegradation of Herbicides. Looking for a new opportunity within Greater London, prefereble. Field of interest: Ecosystem restoration, water resources management, air, soil, remediation, asbestos, etcetera.
Please click here to contact Frank Cerrato by e-mail. posted 12 January 2015
I am getting a master degree in environmental engineering @ Politecnico of Milan, with a thesis about contaminants of emerging concern in cultivated soils (December 19th, 2014). It deals with the analysis of the contaminants' migration from a polluted soil to edible vegetables. I'm looking for a job oportunity in soils' remediation. It would be the dream of my life to work in such a versatile and entertaining job. I have no problem in changing city, country, continents, even for long periods of time, because I really want to work in something I am truly passionate about. Please click here to contact Michele Corti by e-mail; 0039-3491825770. posted 2 december 2014
A researcher in soil science from India based in South Korea. Presently pursuing Ph.D in soil biogeochemistry. Looking for interesting relevant post-doctoral research level opportunity worldwide. My interest is in soil GHG flux under climatic and environmental changes. I employ techniques like gas chromatography, TOC analysis, microbial biomass analysis to examine soil GHG fluxes and the factors associated. Fields of interest: Soil respiration, soil greenhouse gas emission, soil organic carbon, soil microbiology.
Please click here to contact Mohammad Moonis by e-mail.
posted 12 march 2014
Diligent scientist, based in Northern Ireland, currently in S.E. Wales to 21st of February. Degree in environmental science and a Pg. Diploma in management, innovation and change. Many years of geology related experience in the oil industry. Experienced in working in multi-disciplinary teams, with analytical, numerical and problem-solving skills. Currently looking for short term projects outdoors & glasshouse work, raising plants very early without heat, using "hotbeds" etc. in S.E. Wales. Expertise in nitrification, soils, composting and horticulture. Knowledge of environmental & sustainable development matters.
Please click here to contact Robert Taylor by e-mail.
posted 2 february 2014
Soil scientist, ecologist based in Moscow, Russia, with 5 years of experience in Environmental Science. I would like to find PhD work in Germany. Fields of interest: Soil Science. Soil ecology. Microbiology. Wastes.
Please click here to contact Zukhra Gaynullina by e-mail.
posted 16 may 2013
Experienced chemist, environmental consultant, health and safety and emergency response professional (Certified Hazardous Materials Manager). Looking for a challenging position and a useful role with regards to environmental issues, water and soil quality, and pollution control / mitigation. Currently based in the southeast United States - available after June 1st 2013 for contract and volunteer opportunities world wide.
Please click here to contact John Soltes by e-mail.
posted 10 april 2013
A professional agricultural advisor and soil erosion control specialist with over 30 years of experience, seeking international assignments. Based in Napa, California. Most recent experience as USDA Agricultural Advisor in Afghanistan, 2011. Special skills/experience include soil science, agronomy, agricultural engineering, trainer, range management, land restoration, water management. I also have extensive experience in technical writing and as advisor for foreign and domestic land use policy. Detailed resume available upon request. Please click here to contact Phillip Blake by e-mail.
posted 24 january 2013
An agricultural specialist with expertise in fertiliser management, soil and water conservation, agricultural and environmental policy. An excellent communicator and good team player with a particular passion for sustainable farm management. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity in East Anglia or London, focussing on sustainable agriculture and/or soil management. UK citizen.
Please click here to contact Alex Dinsdale by e-mail; -
posted 24 may 2012
I have a master in Geology and a PhD in soil science from Cranfield University (UK), focused on geostatistics and machine learning. I am open to a career in research and in the private sector. My interests are in environmental and social topics. I am available to work in Europe, Canada and Australia. For more info please look at my website: or contact me:
posted 23 may 2012
A MSc Geologist, specialized in Structural Geology and Petrology. Graduated from Solapur University in 2010. Looking for a challenging PhD-position or job in research; willing to move world-wide for a great opportunity. Fields of interest: Petrology, Geomorphology, Geochemistry, Hydrology, Soil Science and Environmental Studies.
Please click here to contact by e-mail.
posted 9 december 2011
A MSc Physical Geographer, specialized in Quaternary Geology and Climate Change. Graduated from Utrecht University in 2011. Looking for a challenging PhD-position or job in research; willing to move world-wide for a great opportunity. Fields of interest: Palaeoclimate, Palynology, Tephra-studies, Geomorphology, Land surface processes and hydrology, Soil science, Earth sustainability and Environmental studies.
Please click here to contact Judith van Dijk by e-mail.
posted 28 november 2011
Master of Science in Geology (University of Salamanca, 2007) and MsC. in Natural Hazards (University of León, 2010). Based in Spain (E.U.) Quaternary geologist looking for interesting opportunities worldwide (PhD or jobs). Fields of interest: geomorphology, floods, erosion, pollution, soils. Please click here to contact by e-mail, Web
posted 11 november 2010
Ecologist based in Brisbane, Australia with post-graduate qualifications and field experience. Looking for any ecology work within Australia, NZ or the UK. Experienced in a wide range of ecology including populations, communities, aquatic, soil sciences, water resources. Please contact Tim Carroll by e-mail
posted 1 june 2010
Senior scientist, German, tenured, soil and environmental research, with 10 years post-PhD academic and project management experience in Europe looks for 1-year appointment in North America, medium-term. My focus is on soils and climate (experimental, model application). I am looking for an inspiring research group at a renowned institute to learn and share knowledge. Hold a habilitation degree, teach, and have published > 40 peer-reviewed articles.
Please contact me by e-mail.
posted 11 december 2009
Professional geoscientist/palaeobotanist based in the UK with three years experience in hydrocarbon research including literature reviews, report writing, presentations and field work. Looking for a change of direction and willing to retrain. Fields of interest: Archaeology, Plant Science/Botany and Soil Science. Available to work in the West Midlands area, UK. CV available on request. Please contact by e-mail.
posted 14 october 2008
Phd student in Environmental soil science (expected Aug 2008), Strong background in Remote sensing, GIS and Statistics. Research interests are interdisciplinary in nature, related with soil conservation, Change detection of landscape degradation and crop&watershed modeling. Research experience in multi/hyperspectral remote sensing, Near and Mid infrared spectroscopy, Geostatistical modeling of ecological changes such as erosion and landuse changes. Looking forward to research opportunity worldwide. Please contact by e-mail.
posted 3 april 2008
Physical Geographer (PhD) specialized in Ecology and Soil Science. Doctoral thesis: Investigations on soil salinity in the Altiplano (causes, characteristics, effects), substantial field and laboratory work. Teaching experience. Working experience in Remote Sensing and GIS. Experienced in writing EU project proposals and coordination of the application processes. Native German, fluent in English, good Spanish language skills. Based in Germany, looking for a position in science or industry world-wide. Please contact by e-mail.
posted 21 january 2008
A professional (Ph.D) soil scientist based in Trinidad and Tobago, with over 4 years teaching and research experience in various aspects of soil and water management and 3 years managerial experience in environmental testing (ISO 17025). Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: General soil and water management. Environmental monitoring. Sports turf management. Composting. Contact Gaius Eudoxie by e-mail
posted 8 june 2007
Having good practical experience in field of Ecology, environmental issues; soil fertility and land management for over 5 years of experience. Currently working in University of Bayreuth, Germany in CARBOEUROPE project investigating on CO2 flux from different grassland ecosystem.Looking for suitable position in field of environmental science, Ecology and Agricultural development. Fields of interest: Natural Resources Management; Environmental issues; Vegetation Ecology; soil fertility and land management. Contact Zaman Hussain
posted 27 december 2006
Enthusiastic Ph.D. candidate in geosciences (scheduled March 2007) based in Tsukuba Japan, with over 3 years of experience in various aspects of geological engineering Looking for challenging opportunities world-wide (postdoctoral position, applied research, tenure-track, or company). Fields of interests: General geological engineering. Soil and rock mechanics. Slope stability. Risk hazard assessments. Numerical modeling by FEM Multi-lingual. Willing to relocate. Contact Jules.
posted 17 july 2006
An Agricultural-soil scientist entry level based in Namibia from Zimbabwe.Searching for employment in pedology, soil fertility, soil chemistry and any other environmental work in relation to the soil. Cane work in crop production and horticulture anywhere in the world but preferably Australia or New Zealand. Contact Farai for full CV.
posted 11 july 2006