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A Jr. Basin Geologist, PhD, based in Dijon, France, specialized in multiscale integrated studies of sedimentary basins using spatialized data through a multidisciplinary spectrum. I propose to bring my skills and methods to exciting exploratory works in oil and gas industry (sedimentary basins characterization), or in planetary geology; domestically (western Europe), or worldwide (North America and Middle East prefered). Please click here to contact Gwénaël Caravaca by e-mail; on Linked In: and Research Gate: posted 22 july 2017
Based from Boulder, Colorado and Galway, Ireland. Professional writer, editor and researcher experienced in academic, online and educational writing in the topics of biology and geology (specialized in astrobiology/micropaleontology). 5+ years of full-time freelance experience, currently looking for long-term clients as well as short-term projects.
Please click here to contact Heather Sickels by e-mail. posted 6 may 2017
An atmospheric remote sensing researcher based in the Netherlands looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity. Fields of interest: Physical modeling such as the rain drop inertia effect. Retrieval techniques such as optimal estimation. Radiative transfer modeling and turbulence (/ EDR). Satellite trace gas retrieval techniques such as DOAS. Currently I am finalizing my PhD research and I am interested in postdoctoral research. I am also interested in setting up my own research, which can be performed with a grant.
Please click here to contact Albert Oude Nijhuis by e-mail. posted 26 april 2017
Motivated researcher in planetary sciences (cosmic dust, female, 4 years after PhD) searches for a position in space science or related fields. Experience in computer simulations, laboratory calibrations and data analysis. Background in aerospace engineering: astrodynamics and satellite systems. Steady publication record, dynamic presenter, and an active type of person. Currently based in Bern, Switzerland. Please click here to contact Veerle Sterken by e-mail; Web: posted 24 october 2016
An early career Earth Observation scientist/data analyst with a first class Masters in Maths and Astrophysics. Looking for a challenging opportunity within Europe with learning potential. Work history: trainee scientist at the European Space Agency analysing satellite data quality from a statistical retrieval method and improving the algorithm (one year), self-employed English teacher (one year). Currently in the UK.
Please click here to contact Sarah Douglas by e-mail. posted 20 june 2016
A professional satellite Earth observation specialist based in the UK Southeast with over 20 years' experience. Currently finishing PhD in satellite radar applications (have taken time out of paid employment to complete). Last employment: Head of EO at the UK Satellite Applications Catapult. Looking for senior opportunity UK-nationally. Fields of interest: general EO, satellite radar interferometry, disaster and hazard applications, EO politics.
Please click here to contact Ren Capes by e-mail. posted 5 may 2016
A professional geophysicist (MS) / physicist (BS) currently based in Budapest, Hungary but available world-wide, with over 5 years of experience in various aspects of data analysis, modeling/simulation, visualization, hardware engineering, elecronics design and embedded software development. Looking for a challenging opportunity (academic or industrial) mainly in Europe. Fields of interest: GIS & Remote Sensing, modeling, data analysis, geophysics, instrumentation, algorithm development, environmental science or space sciences. Please click here to contact Gabor Szeifert by e-mail. posted 14 july 2015
A scientific data analysis researcher based in the Washington DC metro area with 3+ years experience programming in languages IDL and FORTRAN 77/FORTRAN 90. Experience with optical and infrared CCD imaging. Proficient in use of Windows and Unix/Linux based platforms. Looking for research analysis full time position or internship in Astronomy/Physics/Space Science/defense fields. Country of residence: USA. Please click here to contact Lauren Brewer by e-mail. posted 14 july 2015
A finishing Ph.D. student at Columbia University, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory is looking for a postdoc / assistant professor research position starting September. Expertise includes stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry, stratigraphy, and trace elements. I am looking for a position that will include research in paleoclimate or astrobiology.
Please click here to contact Anastasia Yanchilina ( for a full resume by e-mail. posted 16 march 2015
A professional Remote Sensing Scientist based in Normandy France, with over 15 years of experience in various aspects of Land and Water related Remote Sensing. Looking for an academic/project opportunity within 2000Kms from home base. Fields of interest: Water on Earth/Planets/Moons. Planetary sciences. River discharge from space. Energy-balance modelling.
Please click here to contact Yann Chemin by e-mail.
posted 2 august 2012
Fluid dynamicist, soon to be Ph.D., Mathematics Dept, University of Cambridge with experience in model building, parameterization and scientific computing seeks opportunity in oceanography, atmospheric, climate or geoscience fields in the U.S. or Europe (dual nationality U.S./U.K.). Published academic research record; successful grant writer; interdisciplinary experience; project, people and media management skills.
Please contact Mark Rosin by e-mail; or see links to CV at
posted 9 march 2010
A highly qualified geoscientist based in Milan Italy; master degree (Italy) and Ph.D. (ETH Zurich) in Earth sciences. High experience in image analyses and ample knowledge of rheology of geo-materials (especially partially molten systems). Looking for a research or laboratory position. Available to move to USA, Canada, Australia and European countries. Fields of interest: General petrology and mineralogy. Planets formation and evolution. Study and characterization of technical ceramics. Metal casting and incorporation of volatiles. Electrical conductivity measurement of composite materials.
Please contact Dr. Giulio Solferino by e-mail; Link Ph.D. thesis:
posted 20 march 2009
Professional astronomer with strong background in physics and geophysic, located in the Netherlands, is looking for an interesting new job in Europe. Expertise: Knowledge of celestial mechanics; skilled in Fortran/C/IDL programming, modelling/simulation, data/image processing and analysis. Profile: Experience in project work, analytical mind, fast learner.
Please contact Jens Rodmann by e-mail.
posted 21 november 2008