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A business consultant based in London, with strong background in geosciences with over 13 years' experience in project management, B2B sales and technical analysis within the oil and gas industry. Seeking opportunities to transit into business and leadership development. Field of interest include strategy and innovation management, employee motivation and leadership training. Recent MBA graduate from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.
Please click here to contact Clement Otor by e-mail; web posted 2 november 2017
A South African environmental science MPhil graduate, with first level experience in research and communications. Searching for a challenging and professional opportunity world-wide to achieve goals of travel and real-time experience in the environmental sector. Fields of interest: sustainable development, science communication, and stakeholder engagement.
Please click here to contact Monique Classen by e-mail. posted 22 july 2017
A professional project manager based in the UK, with over 8 years of experience in scientific research in academia and in a micro-business. Looking for Project Management opportunities in the UK in analytical chemistry, environmental sciences, biogeochemistry, water quality and biotechnology. BSc chemistry, MSc environmental science, PhD organic geochemistry. Very strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Please click here to contact Jonathan Williams by e-mail: LinkedIn: posted 12 february 2017
A seasoned humanitarian and development assistance practitioner based in the UK and in Nigeria but looking for interesting opportunities in Anglophone or Francophone speaking Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, EU or the Americas. I'm passionate for social inclusion and resilience building. Experienced in Program Management leadership and Organizational Development, with over 20 years' expertise in adaptive social protection, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning, Community resilience management, Risk Management, Agriculture, Food Security and Livelihoods
Please click here to contact Kene Onukwube by e-mail; web ing. posted 6 january 2017
Demonstrated leadership abilities in the government, private, and entrepreneurial sectors with a particular specialty in designing and leading change. Extremely strong business acumen specifically engineered for business growth and continuous improvement. Known and respected for the ability to generate buy-in across a diverse set of stakeholders despite ambiguity in strategic outcomes. Competently leads multiple initiatives while maintaining focus on the mission, vision, and values of the organization.USA-Northwest.
Please click here to contact Ed by e-mail. posted 4 october 2016
Published early career South African researcher with three years experience in project management, science communication and fundraising. Looking for international PhD post in fields of interest or exciting employment opportunity. Fields of interest include: Climate vulnerability and adaptation, ocean governance, sustainable harvesting practices, human and marine ecology interactions, and science communication. Please click here to contact Willem Malherbe by e-mail; Web posted 29 september 2016
Professional archaeologist with over 20 years UK experience, including senior management/CEO roles. Seeking new challenges worldwide: professional or academic or a combination of the two. Specialisms include medieval, historical and industrial archaeology, community engagement, heritage management, consultancy and buildings archaeology. BSc, MA, PhD, FSA, MCIfA, good publication record. Please click here to contact Paul Belford by e-mail, or see my website. posted 24 august 2016
A PhD geoscientist from South Carolina, USA, currently in Islamabad, Pakistan, with 35+ years of progressive experience, accomplishments, motivation administration, leadership and unparalleled financial management in academics (i.e. university level) and industry (i.e. resource consultant services), related to Mineral and Water Resources, GIS and RS technologies, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Climate Change Analysis, Natural Hazard and Disaster Management and Mitigation, Petrology and Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Eco-Hydrologic Modeling, having a strong publication record (>120), looking for a challenging opportunity world-wide.
Please click here to contact Omar Khattak by e-mailfor detailed resume. posted 7 june 2016
A professional satellite Earth observation specialist based in the UK Southeast with over 20 years' experience. Currently finishing PhD in satellite radar applications (have taken time out of paid employment to complete). Last employment: Head of EO at the UK Satellite Applications Catapult. Looking for senior opportunity UK-nationally. Fields of interest: general EO, satellite radar interferometry, disaster and hazard applications, EO politics.
Please click here to contact Ren Capes by e-mail. posted 5 may 2016
I am an educated environmental project manager with experience in multiple sectors who is interested in solar projects. I am a goal-oriented leader and manager capable of wearing many hats. I'm willing to put in long hours and learn new skills to see a project succeed. I'm passionate about environmental and social issues, and understanding the connection between the two. Please click here to contact David Bell by e-mail. Web: . posted 15 march 2016
A development professional with over 9 years experience. 5 years for UN and other international development agencies (IFAD, UNDP, GEF, SIWI) of which over 3 years of field experience in Tanzania, Mali, Kenya, Palestine and Sudan. 4 years in private sector in England. Based in Rome, Italy. Available worldwide. Sustainable Natural Resource Management, Green Technologies, Environmental Governance, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Team Leader, Project Management, Project Evaluation, Project Proposals. Please contact click here to contact Mr)Wietse Michiels by e-mail, web: posted 20 january 2016
A professional Social/Geo-Scientist in Munich, Germany, with 20 years general work experience, 10 years in various project- data- and information management. Looking for a challenging, interesting opportunity world-wide. Field of interest: Geo Science, NatCat, Vulnerability, Emergency Disaster, Humanitarian Relief, Int.Development, possibly also PhD (promovendus). Please contact click here to contact Christoph Sebald by e-mail. posted 12 january 2016
A resourceful and motivated security professional with proven and extensive managerial, operational and training expertise in demanding international environments. Commercially aware, delivering complex and high risk contracts through an innovative and effective leadership style. Successively delivered multifaceted operational solutions, working successfully with clients, subcontractors and other stakeholders to produce effective outcomes. Managing teams of over 200 personnel involved in a broad spectrum of activities. A proficient problem solver who is both loyal and discreet. Please contact click here to contact Malcolm McNally by e-mail. posted 2 january 2016
An enthusiastic recent graduate in International Management based in Rome, with a genuine interest in green economy and sustainable development. I graduated with a Master's Thesis on green growth as mean for economic development in Albania and currently performing a stage in an Italian ESCO. I am actively looking for an early career opportunity in London in environmental-related fields, international cooperation and sustainable development.
Please click here to contact Livia Giacomini by e-mail. My LinkedIn Profile is : . posted 11 december 2015
Portuguese MSc in Marine Ecology with a profound knowledge on sharks (volunteered at the Sharklab in Bimini) but working as an administrative assistant (for 5 years) experienced in: management, public speaking, writing. PADI Divemaster and basic knowledge on boat handling. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide, possibly a scholarship for a MSc or PhD. Various interests like: teaching, diving, taxonomy, fisheries, etc.
Please click here to contact Helga Rodrigues by e-mail, or posted 27 august 2015
An entry level dedicated research assistant based in North Carolina with three years administrative experience and predominately academic research and advocacy experience. Looking for global or national opportunities in general renewable energies, biodiversity and sustainability. Please click here to contact Anna Mendenhall by e-mail, or posted 21 june 2015
A climate change researcher based in Enschede, The Netherlands, with 10 years of experience in various fields of Geo-informatics. Looking for challenging and interesting opportunity world-wide. Fields of interest: Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change. Climate Change policy and plans. Climate Change Services. Qualitative and Quantitative Research and Analysis. Land Administration. Land Policy. Socio-Technological Innovative Concepts for the Geo-information Management. Geospatial Data Products and Applications. Please click here to contact Adish Khezri by e-mail. posted 17 june 2015
A French project manager, based in New Caledonia, effective in leading marine spatial planning and resources management projects. More than 15 years of progressive management experience in France and developing ACP countries Repeated success in developing project initiatives, achieving environmental negotiating (creation of the sixth French natural marine park) with a talent for participating and prospective methods. Looking for a challenging opportunity world-wide. Interested by capacity building and vocational trainer tasks. Please click here to contact Anne Littaye by e-mail. posted 9 june 2015
Researcher based in Southern California, with over 5 years of experience in aquatic microbial ecology, from biology to chemistry, expert in environmental flow cytometry and cell sorting. Looking for a challenging opportunity world-wide, in academic or applied research, program management, conservancy, or science-policy.
Please click here to contact Agathe Talarmin by e-mail.
posted 15 april 2014
PhD-qualified geoscientist. Over 15 years of experience in energy business development, sales, establishing companies in the Asian market, workflow analysis, delivering training and managing training programs. Previous roles include Country Manager and Training Team Leader. Currently undertaking a course in advanced and energy-related business Japanese in Tokyo. Looking for challenging role world-wide. No visa required for work in the EU or Australia.
Please click here to contact Ben McNeill by e-mail.
posted 16 february 2013
A professional agricultural advisor and soil erosion control specialist with over 30 years of experience, seeking international assignments. Based in Napa, California. Most recent experience as USDA Agricultural Advisor in Afghanistan, 2011. Special skills/experience include soil science, agronomy, agricultural engineering, trainer, range management, land restoration, water management. I also have extensive experience in technical writing and as advisor for foreign and domestic land use policy. Detailed resume available upon request. Please click here to contact Phillip Blake by e-mail.
posted 24 january 2013
A professional geoscientist (Swedish and Russian citizen), based in Cambridge, UK, with over 30 years of experience in regional geology and stratigraphy of East Siberia, the Russian Arctic, the Former Soviet Union and European countries, as well as in project management and generating reports for oil and gas industry is looking for a job. CV available upon request.
Please click here to contact by e-mail.
posted 6 march 2012
PhD in Environmental Policy with 9 years of experience. Spanish, currently based in Barcelona. Participated in various large European reserach projects in the fields of water policy, environmental governance, sustainable development and environmental communication. Organised, coordinated and moderated round tables, meetings and group discussions with government and business representatives, NGOs, experts and citizens. Looking for international opportunities. Particular interest in the field of environmental communication.
Please click here to contact by e-mail.
posted 6 february 2012
A very recent graduate from a bachelor's honours biology program based in Toronto, Canada. Looking for an entry-level position in an environmental firm that will help me to gain experience in the environmental field. Specifically looking for a challenging position that makes full use of my interest in environmental management, my area of future study study in graduate-level education.
Please click here to contact Karan Prakash by e-mail.
posted 2 august 2011
Ph. D., based in Geneva-Switzerland, nationality Canadian: Specialist: “International Diplomacy of the Environment”, socially responsible investments, renewable energy and industrial ecology. Editor and publisher: Worldwatch Institute publications in French, 2002-2007. Held various positions linked to sustainable development: ecotourism in South America, assistant in Geneva University, presently teaching “Sustainable Development” and “Global Environmental Issues” at International University in Geneva Business School. Fluent: French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Please contact Benoit Lambert by e-mail. Web:
posted 28 february 2008
Researcher, journalist and award-winning science communicator seeking a new challenge. Just completed a PhD in Domestic Energy Efficiency, using a postal questionnaire and annual energy consumption data to analyse factors influencing consumption. Write on environmental impact of technology and e-waste policy (WEEE, RoHS, EuP, China-RoHS, etc) for an electronics industry newsletter. Volunteer work promoting science in schools. UK-based but willing to travel. For further information contact Keith by e-mail.
posted 16 april 2007
Highly motivated Professional Geologist based at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Dorset , with 14 years experience in scientific coordination and project management. Skills include,teaching, field geology, sedimentology, General environmental science. Looking for scientific/project management, administration, or teaching post. Contact Neville Hollingworth by e-mail
posted 13 march 2007
A professional scientific manager/researcher based in Hull, United Kingdom with over 15 years international scientific experience. Competence has been demonstrated through guiding complex multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, scientific projects from inception through to conclusion. Looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity worldwide. Fields of interest: General scientific management and dissemination; EUV/UV astronomy; Microwave and hyperspectral remote sensing; Remote detection of sub-surface moisture/buried objects; Climate change and sustainability; visualisation of scientific data; Systems.
Contact Julian Daniels at
posted 24 january 2007