Cryogenic and Vacuum Engineer/Experimental Scientist

  • Design and develop cryocooler-based cryogenic instruments and high vacuum systems for advanced sensors/detectors
  • Apply knowledge of vacuum systems to a range of research projects
  • Work with world leading scientists and engineers on cutting edge projects

The role of Research Projects staff in CSIRO is to collaborate in scientific activities with other research staff by assisting with planning, undertaking or assisting with experimental and observational work, and in carrying out the more practical aspects of the work. CSIRO's Manufacturing team at Lindfield, NSW is seeking a Research Projects Officer to work across the areas of Superconductivity/Applied Physics/Industrial Innovation, and Nanostructured Thin Film Materials/Design Surfaces and Functionality/High Performance Metal Industries.

The Superconductivity team has developed world-leading scientific capability in high-temperature superconducting (HTS) electronic devices, circuits and application systems. These include HTS SQUIDs and associated magnetic field sensor systems, terahertz (THz) detectors, THz imaging and spectroscopy, superconducting wireless communication receivers and more recently Josephson junction arrays for RF detection.

The team requires a cryogenic vacuum engineer/scientist to develop cryocooler based detectors operating in a low noise, low vibration environment at cryogenic temperatures. The Nanostructured Thin Films team has ongoing requirements for a vacuum engineer to direct the design, construction and maintenance of UHV systems used in thin film growth.

Understanding and developing thermodynamic models for cryocooler/vacuum systems will be an important initial step. One focus will be on deploying existing cryocooler technology and develop this further to integrate a robust solution for superconducting RF electronics.

In this role, you will:

  • Design and develop cryocooler-based cryogenic instruments and high vacuum systems for advanced sensors/detectors.
  • Use thermodynamic principles, including heat transfer modelling and thermal properties of materials.
  • Contribute to commercial goals of developing Josephson Junction-based detector technologies.
  • Support other senior scientists by providing specialist advice to assist superconducting electronic device characterization using cryocoolers for the projects listed above.
  • Design and test high precision rotating components.
  • Apply knowledge of vacuum systems (including small sealed vacuum systems, thin film deposition, UHV) to a range of projects on the Lindfield site.
  • Contribute to design and construction of parts such as fixturing used in high vacuum systems.
  • Perform tasks related to the performance, testing and trouble-shooting of high vacuum systems.

Location: Lindfield, Sydney, NSW
Term: 3 years
Salary: $78k - $88k plus up to 15.4% super. Candidates will be considered at a higher salary level if their skills and experience are more relevant to the higher level.
Reference Number: 26462

To be successful, you will have:

  • Relevant Bachelors/Masters Degree in BSc, BEng or MSc majoring in Physics, Applied Physics, or Mechanical Engineering.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, including the ability to anticipate the interests and knowledge level of an audience and present information and feedback accordingly.
  • Hands on experience in using and developing cryogenic instruments, cryocoolers and high vacuum systems.
  • Expertise in vacuum processing including intimate knowledge of high vacuum tools and procedures.
  • Experience with standard vacuum maintenance and troubleshooting techniques such as high temperature bake-outs and leak testing.
  • Intimate knowledge of standard test equipment used in a typical vacuum and electronics laboratory.
  • Systems design with some mechanical background.
  • Design skills using some CAD-based package e.g. Inverter.
  • Ability to work in a team environment, deliver results and complete tasks on time and to specification.
  • Some solid-state electronic device processing experience is desirable, as is experience with FEM based software such as COMSOL, Solidworks or others.
  • Ideally have experience with magnetic sensors and RF electronics, and experience with magnetic and EMF shielding techniques/materials.

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How to Apply: Please provide enough information relevant to this position to enable the selection panel to determine your suitability, and upload one document containing your CV/resume and cover letter.

Applications Close: 11:59pm AEST, 26 October 2016

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