Research Scientist - Remote Sensing and Analysis of Ice Sheet & Ice Shelf Processes

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory invites applications for a Scientist who will bring expertise in remote sensing and analysis of massive data archives to derive geophysical understanding of ice sheet and ice shelf processes. The successful candidate will produce and lead high-profile, science that derives improved process understanding of ice shelf-ocean-glacier interactions from large volumes of remotely sensed (airborne and satellite) datasets. Specifically, the candidate will develop novel methods for retrieving large scale and continuous geophysical records relevant to ice shelf and glacier research from homogenous, discontinuous and low signal observations.


  • PhD or equivalent in Glaciology, Geophysics or a related technical discipline
  • Advanced knowledge of ice sheet and ice shelf science as demonstrated through publications
  • Advanced experience in large-scale remote sensing of the cryosphere (frozen earth)
  • Strong programming skills in Python, Matlab, and/or Julia

The following qualifications are preferred:

  • Advanced expertise in remote sensing of ice shelf processes will be given preference over general cryosphere expertise.
  • Two or more years of related post-graduate experience.
  • Strong knowledge of satellite radar and laser altimetry.
  • Experience developing altimetry retrieval algorithms.
  • Experience in handling large datasets.
  • Knowledge of machine learning techniques relevant to the analysis of large volumes of satellite data.
  • Knowledge of cloud computing infrastructure, of high-end computing, and parallel programing.
  • Experience generating science datasets for public distribution.
  • Experience being a principle investigator on grant proposals, preferably submitted to NASA funding calls.

Complete applications will include a cover letter describing the applicant's vision for their role at JPL as a leader and contributor in the area of remote sensing and cryospheric science, a curriculum vita including a bibliography of refereed and other work, a statement on research experience and research objectives, and contact information for at least three professional references

Applications are due by May 23, 2020 or until filled and should be submitted at:

posted: 24 April 2020     Please mention EARTHWORKS when responding to this advertisement.