Geospatial Analyst

Location: Vallejo, CA

The Lynker has the need for technical and analytical support for developing and streamlining workflows to prepare and process spatially-explicit datasets to support National Forest plan revision, regional vegetation/fuels projects, One Region/One Program of Work, and other geospatial analytical support projects in support of the USDA Forest Service.

Required Skills and Knowledge:
  • Programming in multiple languages including Python, and R.
  • Advanced knowledge of the following software packages applications: ArcGIS, MS Access, MS Project and MS Excel.
  • Coursework and work-related experience pertaining to natural resource management, as well as analytical techniques for modeling and assessing dynamic ecological communities.
  • Knowledge and ability to work within the ArcGIS on-line environment.
Tasks under this project shall include:
  • Python programming to compile datasets for natural resource data and pull corporate data from EDW
  • Automation, using python, of multi-scale (i.e. ecoregion subsection, forest and bioregional scale) analysis of bioclimatic, vegetation, wildlife and other natural resource data. In addition, multi-scale summarization of socio-economic data shall also be required.
  • The development of raster surfaces and lists from supplemental data shall be required to produce inputs for modeling ecosystem dynamics, disturbance regimes and other vegetation analytics.
  • Develop cartographic products and perform live on-screen presentations to show FS personnel and the public how data sets were created, how to interpret the resultant outputs and present preliminary summary statistics.
  • Maintain project information in tracking spreadsheets
  • Import and maintain projects in MS Project
  • Develop validation data sets to evaluate the accuracy of mapped vegetation attributes
  • Generate map products that are legible, consistent, and compliant with 508 policy
  • Create internal ArcGIS Online web maps and story maps as well as public facing interactive web maps in coordination with data contributions from each forest
  • Attend meetings and provide supporting map products and explanations to assist with decision making and data exploration
  • Conduct quality control and implement geospatial data management best practices
  • Design and implement mobile GIS technology and applications using Survey123, Collector, Explorer and/or Navigator.
  • Develop data, map products, and workflows for ArcGIS Pro
  • Oral and written communication with FS staff regarding how datasets were generated or what underlying assumptions are implicit in hypothesis tests
  • Create a knowledge transfer plan to coordinate ongoing work with government employees or other designated parties
To apply, please contact Dr. Graeme Aggett by email ( and include a cover letter and resume.

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