GIS Analyst

Day to Day responsibilities:

Tasks under this project shall include:

  • Perform tasks using ESRI ArcGIS geodatabase, Oracle database design, Access database design and format output reports, tables, displays assigned by numerous PMs. Project is in support of the Washington Office Natural Resource Manager (NRM), National Applications, Fire and Aviation Management and GIS programs. Examples include development and modification of regional and forest spatial and tabular queries, reports and analysis products involving very complex and large datasets. This includes data in a broad range of subjects such as fire, roads, trails, wildlife, hydrography, hydrology, botany, aquatics, fisheries, range, heritage, soils and geology, vegetation, and more
  • Develop new SQL queries and/or scripts to retrieve tabular and spatial information from a large variety of complex National databases
  • Update existing SQL queries/workflows as needed
  • Requires cooperation with National Fire Center staff, developers and multiple government agencies to create, update and produce GIS products including non-fire related National Applications
  • Create, maintain, update, and organize user training materials
  • Work with staff to convert legacy workflows into an automated scripts using SQL and/or Python including but not limited to NRM and Fire Applications


  • Maintain relationships with Forest and district personnel and other technical experts as necessary
  • Requires working with Regional Subject Matter Expert(s)[SME] and business area Program Managers (PM(s)), as well as end users to resolve problems
  • Attend and participate in meetings with assigned teams and PM(s) as technical SME
  • Participate in field trips to forests as needed

If required, create a knowledge transfer plan to coordinate ongoing work with government employees or other designated parties. This includes identifying and documenting:

  • Project management processes
  • Points of contact
  • Location of technical and project management documentation
  • Status of ongoing technical initiatives
  • Key personnel
  • Identify pending actions required of the Government
  • Establish status meetings for effective communication with the appropriate Contractor/Government personnel for the period of transition

Additional project work may be assigned due to changing Regional priorities.

Knowledge and Experience required:

  • Bachelor's degree in GIS, Forestry, Ecology, Wildlife Biology, Soils, Geology, Hydrology, Geography or Earth Science. Master's degree from an accredited college or university in GIS is highly desired.
  • Five years of intensive and progressive experience in a field requiring extensive use of GIS and related tools
  • 15 years of intensive and progressive experience in a field requiring extensive use of GIS and related tools accompanied by a High School degree or equivalent.

Desired Skills:

In addition to the skills required to execute the Project tasks above, it is desirable that the proposed personnel also have the following skills:

  • Knowledge of corporate data source locations, database table structures and their appropriate use
  • Knowledge or the ability to learn developing and refining SQL queries of spatial and tabular information
  • Knowledge or the ability to learn national databases, tables, and their appropriate use
  • Experience working in Citrix and ArcGIS 10x environment supporting a Land Management agency
  • Knowledge and experience working with Oracle and complete MS Office Suite software
  • Knowledge of GIS technical subject matter
  • Experience within the USFS GIS and national database environment
  • Knowledge or the ability to implement Mobile GIS and Web GIS using Survey123, Collector, Explorer and/or Navigator. Including ArcGIS Online and/or other web based platforms

Please email your resume to to apply.

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