Postdoctoral Fellowship, Research Physical Scientist
at Météo France

Method development for the implementation of a merged surface albedo product from the Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 missions

The open position is to work on the implementation of a merged surface albedo product from the Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 missions to ultimately achieve high temporal coverage (~less than 5 days repeat cycle) at high spatial resolution (30m). The goal is to achieve a seamless and consistent stream of surface albedo product (both in narrow and broadband spectral ranges) from the different sensors. Cross-calibration, atmospheric corrections, spectral and BRDF adjustments and gridding will be taken into account.

The focus will be the innovative Sentinel-2 program that includes 2 satellites S2A & S2B to ensure a global coverage every 5 days. S2A images of Level 2 A (ortho-rectified, atmospherically corrected with information on cloud screening and cloud shadows) are now being distributed by CNES. This integrates the atmospheric correction developed at CESBIO with the last version of code MACCS. A BRDF correction is operated in rugged terrain imagery. The approach will combine the inversion of a BRDF kernel-driven model associated with LUTs issued from a detailed radiative transfer model for vegetation canopies. The validation will carry on the phenology and cross-comparison with ground stations with emphasis on radiative forcing estimates. The work is achieved in the frame of the CES (Centre d'Expertise Scientifique) Albedo which is connected to the Data Center for the surface THEIA ( It will be conducted in partnership with CESBIO and INRA.

The candidate will be based at Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques (Toulouse, France). She/he should have a good knowledge of the language programming (Fortran, C, C++, PYTHON) and should have notions of graphic software (PVWave, IDL, Matlab). It is required to have a good background in remote sensing science, surface and aerosol radiative transfer.

The position is opening for post-doctoral. Researchers that intend to expand their scientific background in order to further postulate to French national competitions are encouraged to apply. A selection of the candidatures is performed as they are received.

The open position is to start by March 1st 2017. Application should be done by email by sending a resume with the list of publications, a letter of motivation, and at least two letters of reference.

The net monthly salary will vary between 2,300€ and 2,800€, depending on qualification. A one year contract is proposed, with a possible renewal on a parent project. This salary is before income tax and includes health insurance.

Contact: Jean-Louis Roujean (, CNRM / Météo-France.

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